Unique Wedding wishes, wedding anniversary wishes and helpful tips for Wedding invitations, how to compose your wedding vow and many more. Learn how to write a wedding greeting messages for your friendly couple getting married and many helpful tips for everything you may need for your own wedding.

50th wedding anniversary wishes

Heartfelt 50th Wedding Anniversary Wishes

A committed marriage and lasting love is something worth celebrating, and 50 years is a remarkable accomplishment that deserves just the right heartfelt sentiment. As you head down memory lane to reminisce and find the perfect 50th wedding anniversary…
May you open the gift of lovr rveryday in your life sister - Wedding wishes for sister

Wedding Wishes for Sister ~ Congratulations Sis!

Seeing your sister get married is a bittersweet experience. You are happy for her and wish her well, yet there can be a feeling of sadness as well. After all, the next chapter of her life may have you only as a minor character. Following are…
Wedding Wishes For Brother

Wedding Wishes For Brother ~ Congratulations Bro!

While weddings can certainly be stressful for spouses-to-be, it is not unheard of for their surrounding family to stress out. We understand the anxiety of public speaking and have provided dozens of well "Wedding Wishes For Brother" for any…
Wedding wishe for friends and congratulation messages

Wedding Wishes for Friends and Congratulations Messages

Your best friend’s wedding day is probably nearly as important as your own. That being said, you want to find the right words to wish a happy married life and congratulate them on the couple's special day; something that is original and heartfelt…
Wedding anniversary wishes for friends

Wedding Anniversary Wishes For Friends

Wedding anniversaries are a special occasion for couples to celebrate their lifetime commitment and love for one another. It’s a celebration of love and joy. Love gives meaning to life and marriage is a living commitment to the demonstration…
Happy first wedding anniversary

1st Year Wedding Anniversary Wishes to Friends

In every kind of relationship the first year is the hardest. Especially the first year of a marriage is maybe the most crucial! So, you should never forget your friends who manage to celebrate their first wedding anniversary and be a part of…
You arethe mostprecious thingin my life Happy Anniversary

Sweet Wedding Anniversary Wishes For Wife

Being able to celebrate a wedding anniversary is a blessing to be grateful for as it has never been easy for a couple to keep their marriage last forever. Therefore when a couple has got the chance to celebrate their wedding anniversary, they…
25th wedding anniversary wishes

25th Wedding Anniversary Wishes

The 25th wedding anniversary is also known as the silver anniversary or the Silver Jubilee, because according to the tradition in many countries, you should offer gifts, to the couple, made from silver. Keep on reading and find wonderful 25th…
Wedding Anniversary Wishes for your Parents

Wedding Anniversary Wishes for Parents

The relationships are difficult and after many years of marriage, the couple may face many problems. Your parents are no exception. The most valuable gift for them, that will help them overcome any obstacle, is you - their child or children.…
Engagement Wishes and Congratulation Messages

Engagement Wishes and Congratulation Messages

Are you invited in an engagement ceremony/party? You have already found a unique gift, but you have problems to find the right wish for the couple? We all know that common engagement wishes and congratulations are a bit boring and actually they…
Wedding Anniversary Wishes for Husband

Wedding Anniversary Wishes for Husband

After many years of marriage a little refresh in your relationship is always welcome. In your wedding anniversary you have a great opportunity to do it. Pick a nice gift, write a cute wish for your husband and you have the most important ingredients…
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Wedding Thank You Greetings and Messages

After your Wedding send your thank you messages to your close friends and family for being a special part of that celebration. Share your feelings with them by writing a card. If you can't easily find the words to express your happiness,…