50 Sweet Wedding Anniversary Wishes For Your Spouse

After many years of marriage, you may forget the date your wedding took place! But here comes the Wedding Anniversary to remind you of that date! Celebrating an anniversary is a great thing, so why not make the occasion even more joyous by sending one another sweet anniversary wishes? Below you will find unique and sweet Wedding Anniversary Wishes For Your Spouse that will help you make this special day even better!

Wedding Anniversary Wishes for Her

Soft, loving, supportive, beautiful, caring, trustworthy, loyal: these are just a few of the many words that could perfectly describe your wife. She rocks your world and she completes you! Husbands, don’t forget to celebrate your joyous anniversary by sweeping your wife off her feet with these heartwarming and loving wishes:

  • On this special day, now seemingly so many years away. Happy anniversary!
  • With you my heart found a missing component, my love for you is stringer with each passing moment.
  • This day marks the point in my life that I truly began to live, I love you and hope to see many more anniversaries to come. Happy anniversary!
  • Thank you for making this one day every year so special, this day I remember us, the day we vowed to spend forever together, this was our beginning to which there is no ending.
  • For the days we walked together and for the moments you stand by me, I offer you my eternally love and appreciation! Happy anniversary!
  • Love for some lasts forever, Love for some happens never. We are the lucky ones! May we always be happy!
  • The beauty in your eyes is one of the things that keep me strong to carry on! I love you and I wish I never miss you!
  • Love for a few is always far away, Love for us is here to stay. Happy anniversary!
  • Today is our day to remember the promises we made to each other. All year our lives rush by, and we forget the love that is always there. Today is the day we slow down and cherish each other and how our love is never ending.

You are my partner,
You are my lover,
You are my constant,
You are my conscience,
You are my life,
You are my Wife!

Happy anniversary!

Loyal, Sexy, Trustworthy
That’s what you are to me!
I hope our love never dies, but instead prospers!
May we continue to stay together forever!
Happy Anniversary Baby!

You rock my world
You complete my life
You understand my soul
Thank you for supporting me,
And being with me throughout all years!
I love you!
Happy Anniversary!

That’s what you are to me
But words will never be able to capture what you really are to me!
Happy Anniversary sweetheart…

No one will and could ever replace you my love.
From today till eternity,
Our love will prosper,
For we are inseparable.
Happy Anniversary babe!

When I wake up I see your beautiful face
Before I fall asleep I see your gorgeous smile
When I talk to you I hear your soothing voice
I hope that for the rest of my life I continue to learn and love more of you!
Happy Anniversary!

Wedding Anniversary Wishes for Him

Hard working, passionate, a good leader, dependable, strong: all these words can be used to describe a wonderful husband. A husband leads for his wife. A husband protects his wife. A husband pleases his wife. Don’t forget about all the things your husband has done for you ladies! Let him know that you appreciate his love with these romantic anniversary wishes:

  • So many years ago, on this day, I was a princess and you were my prince. Today is my reminder that our fairy tale is never ending. I love you!
  • Life is the biggest roller coaster ride there ever was, we go up and down and then back up again, but today we celebrate our love and the way we vowed to persevere through the downs and relish in the ups, forever. Happy anniversary!
  • The day we said “I DO” felt like a dream, the kind of dream you never want to wake up from, and just like that first day this dream started, I still don’t want our dream to ever end. Thank you for the best dream ever for another year.
  • I wish for your ultimate happiness every day, but today marks another year since you made my ultimate happiness a reality. Happy anniversary!
  • Father, breadwinner, defender, comedian, healer, friend, brother, son, the hats you are able to wear amazes me but the one that makes my heart skip a beat is husband, Happy anniversary to my Husband!

You have loved me unconditionally
And you have supported me unconditionally
Thank you for being my Prince Charming, Honey
Happy Anniversary!

My everlasting lover…
My sweet and sugary honey…
My all and everything…
May our love last forever!
Happy Anniversary Baby!

We’ve had our ups,
And we’ve had our downs,
But we have never gone about and around.
Thank you for being loyal and staying with me honey!
Happy Anniversary!

I’ve nagged
I’ve whined
I’ve complained
I’ve yelled
But I have never stopped loving you through all these years
And I don’t plan to stop anytime soon!
Happy Anniversary!

Since I met you, my life has never been the same.
You’ve changed me for the better.
And you’ve shown me the unconditional love you have for me,
And I will continue to do the same forever.
Happy Anniversary…

Sincere Wedding Anniversary Wishes For Your Spouse

  • We wish you guys a day of happiness and many more years of joy and love on your anniversary. Happy anniversary!
  • If there ever was a couple that deserved a long happy marriage, it is you two, I hope your marriage is filled with love for the next 100 years.
  • Blessings and happiness for both of you on this very special day, there has never been a couple more perfect for each other than you.
  • A unique day for my unique friends! May your marriage keep strong and your love will last forever! Happy anniversary!
  • At your wedding day I thought that this is a love for the ages, and once again this year you guys prove me right.
  • It seems like just yesterday that you two walked down the isle, although years have passed, I see the love you have for each other has passed the test of time. I wish you many more happy years together. Happy Wedding Anniversary!
  • This day is to remind you how lucky you are to have each other. Have a wonderful wedding anniversary day!
  • It’s a special day for you both! Keep in mind that you should continue work hard on your relationship, to have many more happy days together! Happy anniversary!
  • Life is full of ups and downs, and your marriage has rode the ride through the years with strength and perseverance, I wish you many more ups than downs in the coming years, congratulations.
  • I envy the love you two found at your wedding. Happy anniversary!
  • I enjoy being a part of your blessings. Happy anniversary!
  • May this anniversary day be a bright new start for you. Leave the bad moments back and start constructing a happy future!
  • The truth is no one deserves this happiness more than you. Happy anniversary!
  • There is never an obstacle you two cannot tackle. Happy anniversary!
  • I have hope in the love you two have found. Happy anniversary!

May your bond of marriage grow greatly,
And your love for each other be unbreakable,
Through the many years ahead of you.

It’s a blessing that you two were made for each other,
And it was a blessing to see you two become one.
Now may you two bless each other in the years ahead.

Day after day your love grows stronger,
And year after year your bond grows thicker.
May you two grow together,
And continue to love each other deeply.

Laughter, Joy, Trust, Hope,
You two have felt it all
May you both continue to feel the love grow as the years pass by

Another Year, Another Wish
May God bless you two,
And your relationship.
Happy Anniversary!

Wedding Anniversary Wishes
Wedding Anniversary Wishes