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1st Year Wedding Anniversary Wishes to Friends

In every kind of relationship the first year is the hardest. Especially the first year of a marriage is maybe the most crucial! So, you should never forget your friends who manage to celebrate their first wedding anniversary and be a part of it, by sending a special 1st year Wedding Anniversary Wish to them!

First Year Wedding Anniversary Wishes to Friends

  • We witnessed your union on day 1 and are so happy to see your life blossoming on day 365. Have a fantastic first anniversary!
  • The first anniversary is traditionally a paper gift, so here is a card for you to know how much we love you and want to wish you a happy anniversary!
  • The year has flown by, we are sure, and you have grown closer and even deeper in love. Happy anniversary!
  • You two make such a great couple and we cannot wait to see what the future holds for you now that you’ve got the hang of this ‘married thing’. Happy 1st anniversary!
  • Congratulations on your first anniversary together- times may not always be the easiest but you have made it this far and you are doing pretty good!
  • Happy anniversary is just a simple way to say it- enjoy your special day together!
  • You two make it look easy to do- happy anniversary to a couple who are a shining example of what love truly is.
  • Happy anniversary, you two. You’ve come a long way and we are so happy to see how you’ve grown and progressed.
  • You are more in love than you were at day one- that’s an amazing way to live your life together. Happy anniversary!
  • We know it had its moments and it was not always easy, but you’ve made it through year one. Congrats and enjoy your special day together!
  • Happy anniversary to the couple that I aspire to be like. The love that you share inspires me in life and points me to what I want in the future. Thank you for being that example and enjoy your day!
  • 365 days go by so fast, so here’s to the next 36 years- happy anniversary!
  • Can I count the ways to say happy anniversary to you, my friends? There’s too many to number- at least one for each day you’ve been together, so here’s to 365 ways I want to say Happy Anniversary!
  • Get the cake out of the freezer and thaw it out- it is time to celebrate!
  • Break out the champagne and light the candles- it’s your 1st anniversary!
  • This day only comes around once in a lifetime, so enjoy your first anniversary together!
  • Happy anniversary to a lovely couple. Make memories and treat yourself on your special day together!
  • Remember the good times, do not dwell on the bad and make even more memories in all the years to come.
  • It is a joy to watch you two grow, learn and love- here’s to many more years to come!
  • Keep on keepin’ on and living the life of love- happy anniversary!
  • Create a record of where you are right now and make sure to tuck it away in your memory- you’ll only go further and further from where you are right now- and that’s the point of it all. Happy anniversary!
  • They say the first year is the hardest and you’ve made it! Happy anniversary to one great couple!
  • It might not always be so easy, but you’ve made it this far. The future may not always be the easiest either, but you’ve got a pretty good record on your side.
  • The nights may be dark, the days may be long but you have each other and after a year together, the special meaning of that can only grow and grow. Happy anniversary!
  • The stars aligned and the moon shined extra bright when you two met and they are still shining on for you two- happy anniversary!
  • The writing is on the wall- you two are a great fit and we are so happy to wish you a happy anniversary!
  • You two fit like a glove and are getting better with time- happy anniversary!
  • Happy anniversary and here’s to many more years, experiences and “I love you” as you travel down the road!
  • May you grow together, grow individually and grow as a couple on your first anniversary and beyond.
  • You all inspire me, inspire us and inspire the world around you to love and love well. Happy anniversary!
  • Life may not always be like the movies, but the love you two share shines like it is on the big screen. Happy anniversary!
  • Life is not always fair but knowing there is a love so strong that you share, it makes every day an adventure in which anything can be handled. Happy anniversary, life explorers.
  • The happiness that was in your eyes and heart one year ago is still there today, only it has grown and gotten greater- happy anniversary and let that happiness keep growing.
  • Break out the photo albums and relive the day it happened- happy anniversary to a perfect couple.
  • Your heart may be done growing in size, but the love it lets in and puts out is forever. Carry this with you as you go further into your adventure. Happy one year anniversary!
  • You might have changed over the past year but it has certainly been due to each other. Keep building each other up and making the days sweeter and sweeter as you live and love, day by day.
  • The candles, cake, champagne and chaos is not what matters in the end- the time you spend together is what really matters on your anniversary. Enjoy it!
  • The rings may not be as shiny as they were on the special day, but the time is what can make the love grow. Here’s to growing more and more on your anniversary!
  • Happy anniversary to a sweet couple who mean more to the world around them than they know. Thank you for showing your love to not only each other but those around you, too.
  • Do you know what’s best about your first anniversary? The fact there is so many more ahead of you! Enjoy your special first day!

1st year wedding anniversary wishes to friends