Wedding Wishes for Sister ~ Congratulations Sis!

Seeing your sister get married is a bittersweet experience. You are happy for her and wish her well, yet there can be a feeling of sadness as well. After all, the next chapter of her life may have you only as a minor character.

Following are some ways to express those key emotions as your sister gets ready to say, “I Do!”.

30 Wedding Wishes for Sister

  • Dear Sister, I can still remember when you took your first baby steps and now you are about to take steps down the aisle. Congrats to you and your husband as you step into marriage!
  • Congrats to my sister on her wedding day! I can’t imagine a prettier and more loving bride than you. May you and your husband find much happiness!
  • This day has filled me with tears; I am losing my childhood sister, but I am so proud of the woman you have become. Best wishes on your wedding!
  • As kids, we talked and dreamed of our future, and now it’s here. Congratulations on your marriage! You deserve a future filled with happiness!
  • With your wedding day approaching, I have just one wish for you Sis: complete happiness. I hope you have truly found you’re happily ever after!

Happy Married Life Sister - Wedding Wishes for Sister

  • I cannot believe that my favorite sis is getting married! Hope your hubby-to-be knows how lucky he is. Otherwise, I’ll just have to be the one to remind him!
  • Sis, I think I helped prepare you to be terrific wife. As we grew up you learned how to put up with me, so now you can put up with anybody. So for that, you’re welcome… and congrats!
  • The idea of watching you walk down the aisle and exchange vows makes me so happy for my sister. I am so proud of you and congrats to you and your new husband!
  • You’ve learned to drive, graduated from school, and now you are getting married. Where has the time gone? Wishing you a love-filled future!
  • What can I say to the best sister in the world who is getting married? Words can’t even express how much I care about you. I love you and hope you have found a lifetime of love!
  • The champagne will soon be consumed and your wedding cake devoured. However, I hope you and your husband share an endless supply of love. Congratulations on your wedding!
  • A wedding is just a single day, but I wish you and your husband are able to cherish many years’ worth of happy tomorrows!
  • Wedding gifts are definitely exciting. However, instead of fancy dishware or sparkling glasses, I wish you the gift of ever-lasting love. May you continue to open this gift each day!

May you open the gift of lovr rveryday in your life sister - Wedding wishes for sister

  • For your wedding present, I wish I could wrap up the words, “compromise” and “appreciation.” May your marriage be filled with these two things whenever you need it. Congrats, Sis!
  • While I hope you celebrate big on your wedding, I also hope you enjoy the little things with your husband. Inside jokes, smiles, and enjoying togetherness can make a big difference in a marriage!
  • Congrats on your upcoming wedding! On your special day, I hope you create several wonderful memories to last you and your husband a lifetime! Best wishes!
  • Sis, with regard to your wedding day I have one just thing to say: let’s get this celebration going already! Congrats to you and your new hubby!
  • Cheers to the new bride and groom! Sis, I am so happy you and your special mate have found each other. Congrats on your wedding!
  • Sister, I hope your wedding cake is sweet, your champagne is bubbly, and your honeymoon is heavenly. But above all, I wish you love and happiness. Congratulations!
  • As far as sisters go, you are the best. Therefore, it only makes sense for you to get the best husband. Wishing you two nothing but the best for the future!
  • Sis, I can still remember when you wore your first white diaper, and now you are about to wear a white wedding dress. Try not to soil it up on your special day! Love ya!
  • Sis, you know I’ll always be there for you, even on your wedding day. I’ll be there to eat your wedding cake, drink your champagne, and anything else that requires celebrating!
  • I feel blessed to have you as my sister. I hope you and your husband feel blessed to now have each other. May your future be filled with countless blessings!
  • It’s hard to predict what the future will hold. May you and your husband find strength in each other and boldly face the challenges hand in hand!
  • I know you’ve been waiting for this day for awhile, Sis. May your wedding day be a wonderful celebration that you ‘ll be able to reflect on and smile!
  • Sis, we both know that you’re not perfect; and your husband isn’t perfect either. However, I definitely think that you two make the perfect match. Congratulations!
  • Did you hear the latest breaking news, Sis? You and your fiancee are about to be the cutest, married couple! Best wishes to you both!
  • Sis, with your wedding I hope you find enjoyment – I hope you enjoy your special day, yet I also hope you and your husband continue to find enjoyment in each other as time goes on.

wedding wishes for sister