Sweet Wedding Anniversary Wishes For Wife

Being able to celebrate a wedding anniversary is a blessing to be grateful for as it has never been easy for a couple to keep their marriage last forever.

Therefore when a couple has got the chance to celebrate their wedding anniversary, they will cherish it.

One of many ways to celebrate it is by sending a sweet wedding anniversary wish to their other half. It may sound simple, but the power of the wish written is beyond words. Not only will it add the romance but it can also show how sincere and deep the love felt for their significant other.

Below is the list of wishes that you can choose and pick to send to your beloved wife.

Sweet Wedding Anniversary Wishes For Wife

  • Happy anniversary my dear. I wish our love grow higher than the mountain, wider than the sky, brighter than the moon and warmer than the sun.
  • My dear, you don’t need to worry about how hard life is, because I will always be by your side to go through it. Happy anniversary, my love.
  • I will never forget the vow that I took on our wedding day. “i will always take care of you and be by your side for good and bad till death do us part weighs more important than my life”. Happy Anniversary, my dear.
  • Honey, please remember. Everything I do is always for you and our children. Love you so much. Happy anniversary, my sweetheart.
  • Whenever you are sad, come to me, baby. I may not be able to get rid of your problems at once, but I will always be able to wipe your tears and give you a warm hug.
  • The day we took our wedding vows was the beginning of our journey to a wonderland. Hold my hand always my dear, promise me not to let go. Happy wedding anniversary.

Wedding anniversary wishes for wife

  • My darling, life may be tough. We may quarrel and fight over small and big problems. But you need to remember, I will never leave you as I love you very much.
  • Happy anniversary to the woman of my life! Every moment that we have been through during our married life, whether they are annoying ones or beautiful ones, I will always cherish them because I love you.
  • On this very special day, I want to once again take my vow in front of you. I love you my dear. I will always be by your side until death do us part. Trust me. I will guarantee you that this promise is well kept. Happy wedding anniversary.
  • No days have been as important as the day we wed. No one has been as important as you in my heart. No one has been as precious as our kids. I wish this little family of ours will last in happiness forever.
  • For some men, they tend to regret their decision to get married. But for me, the day I decided to wed you, has never been my regret. Not even yesterday, now or in the future. I love you, my sunshine. Happy wedding anniversary.
  • My rose. The life we have now is the one I have always longed for. Taking you as my wife is my biggest, most important decision I have ever made in my life that brings me no regrets. Love you always!
  • You have always been my pride, my sunshine , (name). Not because you are beautiful and skillful. But it’s because you are always there for me for good and bad. I wish our marriage will last forever!
  • The first time you held my hand, I have had a promise within me that I will be the one and only to hold your hand always. On this our wedding anniversary day, I pray for our marriage to last forever so that we can walk hand in hand till death parts us.
  • Honey, it doesn’t matter how many hardships I have been through. As long as you are by my side, I can manage it. Happy anniversary my dear, promise me to be always by my side.
  • “I can’t live without you”. It may sound absurd. But it is maybe because I love you too much. I wish our marriage can last forever. Happy anniversary, my darling!
  • Your love has been my strength through difficult times. Your care has always been my spirit to live our lives to the fullest. Your tears are my motivation to make you happier every single day. Having you by my side forever is my only wish on this special moment.
  • If there is another life, I will be more than willing to take a vow as your husband again. I really wish to spend my life with you and our lovely kids. I wish to celebrate many wedding anniversaries together!
  • Opening my eyes in the morning and seeing you sleeping by my side have been the most precious moments that I wish to last forever. I never want this to end.
  • Loving you dearly makes me a man. Bearing a responsibility for you and our kids makes me a good husband and father. For me, those will always be my main goal in life. I wish this family will last forever!
  • My darling. Happiness is beyond words. I have understood this once I got married to you. You have always been my reason to live. Therefore I want to grant you happiness in your life with me by your side forever on this very special day.
  • Tears, smiles, laughter, sadness, happiness, fights will always add spice to our married life. It is complete because of those. It is meaningful because you are there by my side.
  • People say getting married is not as easy as dating a person. For me, they are the same. Both of them are the same meaningful, precious, fun and romantic as long as you are always with me. I wish our love last forever not only in this life but also in another life!

You arethe mostprecious thingin my life Happy Anniversary