Cool Birthday Wishes

25 Cool Birthday Wishes For Close Friends

Birthdays. They come around, every year and every year, you're stumped for something cool, to say. "Happy Birthday", alone, just seems dull compared to sharing a birthday wish that will be celebrated, by the...
too young to be 60 - happy 60th birthday wishes

Happy 60th Birthday Wishes – Too Young To Be 60

For the baby boomer generation, the 60th birthday is a landmark day, in other words turning 60 is a BIG DEAL. It is not only a day to celebrate over a half a century...
Happy Birthday Brother Wishes

75 Happy Birthday Wishes For Brother

You are between the lucky people who have a brother, shared common experiences and memories from your young age. You are lucky because you will have a person in your life, who will be...
21st Birthday Wishes feautered image

Happy 21st Birthday Wishes

21st birthdays are not the same comparing to other birthdays. In America being 21 means you have more legal rights. You can now legally drink, but you can also apply for a regular driving...
Happy birthday to my favorite 3 year old - 3rd birthday wishes

3rd Birthday Wishes – Happy Third Birthday

Three-year-olds are a lot of fun. It is around this age that children begin to understand what their birthday means, so be sure to attend your special three year old's party armed with happy...

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