The Romantic Christmas Poems Collection – Merry Christmas My Love

Many of our most special romantic moments are shared at Christmas. During this wonderful time of year, you can share a whimsical message with the one you love, or you can bare the depths of your very heart and soul. The perfect sentiment is waiting here for you. This romantic Christmas poems collection will inspire you to share love words this Christmas!

Merry Christmas my Love - Romantic Christmas Poems

Short and Romantic Christmas Poems

Merry Christmas My Love

  • Heart aflame, I think of you
    As Christmas Eve draws near.
    Anticipation of your touch
    Has built throughout the year.
  • It seems like ages since you kissed me,
    And I wonder if you’ve missed me.
    I want to get back home for Christmas
    I am willing to go the distance.
  • Your love envelops me like a blanket, tucking in my heart — Merry Christmas to the one I have always loved.
  • Winter dreams,
    Snow wishes,
    White Christmas,
    Soft kisses.
  • How our love does sparkle in the snow.
    Your cheeks are rosier than you know.
    Come, let’s sit in the fire’s glow.
    It’s Christmas Eve, and I love you so.

Romantic Christmas poems - Merry Chrismas Love

  • Your heart glows like the heavenly lights
    Radiating love throughout the night.
    And romance circles like a wreath
    As we wait for Christmas here beneath.
  • A classic Christmas full of snow,
    Carolers singing in a row.
    Love wrapped tight, a shiny bow,
    That’s all I want this year, you know.

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  • Come home and
    Remember how much
    I miss you,Sweet one.
    Then let’s make merry
    All Season.
  • To feel your breath warm on my cheek,
    To kiss you soft near the lamppost,
    To hold you tight when my knees are weak,
    To love you at Christmas means the most.
  • Christmas is a straight line. . .
    From heart to heart,
    From heaven to earth,
    From God’s design,
    A holy birth.
    Merry Christmas, precious one,
    May God bless us through His Son.
  • A blizzard of lovely wishes
    Are coming to you this Christmas.
    From my lips they depart
    To blow straight into your heart.
  • Christmas comes but once a year,
    So glad it’s spent with you, my dear.
  • For Christmas I got a candy cane
    To share with you on Lover’s Lane.
    Keep me warm and light my fire.
    My heart is filled with sweet desire.

Sweet Merry Christmas my love

  • Evergreens, eggnog, gifts, and elves,
    Make Christmas lots of fun.
    But underneath the tree, my dear,
    You’ll be the only one.
  • If I were a Christmas cookie,
    And you wanted a special treat,
    I’d be your cute little gingerbread man,
    And you would think I’m sweet.
  • Bells and holly,
    Laughs so jolly,
    Christmas is the best time of year.
    Lights and Kris Kringle,
    Our lips start to mingle,
    I’m overjoyed there’s mistletoe here.

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  • Love and lights and beautiful sights
    Are seen on the Christmas streets.
    I touch your nose so you come close,
    And, oh, how my heart beats!
  • I believe that in the stars it’s written,
    That by your love I will be smitten.
    I’ve fallen hard this Christmas Eve,
    And it’s my heart I’m wearing on my sleeve.
  • Your love came in on reindeer hooves.
    It pounded hard upon the rooves,
    Delivered to me by Santa Claus.
    When I opened it, my heart took a pause.
  • I’m naughty, you’re nice;
    There’s champagne on ice.
    Not a creature is stirring, not even the mice.
    It’s time to get close,
    And have a warm toast,
    And spend Christmas Eve under the lights.
  • Like two turtle doves,
    Sharing their love,
    Let’s forget the cold weather,
    And snuggle together.
    Merry Christmas, my love.
  • Hershey’s kisses and heartfelt wishes
    Are not as sweet as your lips at Christmas.
  • Let’s enjoy this winter’s sleep filled with dreams of an intimate Christmas
    When each of our hearts was a gift of love.
  • If only you were in my arms,
    Christmas dreams would be delivered.
    But until we are together again,
    In this emptiness, I shiver.
  • Bethlehem’s star streams brightly this night,
    And Christmas with you is my only delight.
  • Christmas wraps the night in wonder,
    And the starry hosts cast their spell.
    May the universe take note, my dear,
    That I have loved you well.
  • Love as strong as peppermint,
    Kisses as fragrant as fir,
    Christmas Eve spent near the tree,
    And how our hearts do purr.

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  • Covered in snow, the rooftops wait
    Expectant on Christmas Eve.
    And I am waiting by the fire
    Hoping you will believe
    In starlight-dusted trails,
    In love that never fails,
    In my eternal love for you.
    An uncommon love forever true.
  • Your eyes are twinkling like Christmas lights,
    And your lips are whispering such delights.
    I promise I’ll always love you so,
    As we stand together in this snow.
  • With winter whimsy and Christmas charm,
    We walk together, arm in arm.
    I love you so; I always will.
    And my heart cannot be still.
  • The golden flame of candle light
    Flickers upon your face,
    And all I want for Christmas
    Is the warmth of your embrace.
  • My heart hangs in the rafters like mistletoe
    And you’ll never know how I desire to kiss you so.
  • Sleigh bells ring in the distance
    Signaling that it is Christmas,
    But all I can think of is you.
  • My Christmas angel,
    My sugarplum fairy,
    Let’s open our gifts,
    And make everything merry.
  • Dancer’s dancing,
    Prancer’s prancing,
    I think it’s time
    For a little romancing!
  • This year I couldn’t resist
    Putting you at the top of my list.
    I’ve been nice all year,
    I’ve been true and sincere,
    Don’t you think I deserve to be kissed?
  • Christmas is wishful,
    Happy and cheerful,
    But having you here
    Makes my Christmas blissful.
  • Put another log on the fire,
    Let’s stay right here for a while.
    Christmas comes only once a year,
    And all I want is your smile.
  • Where love and peace kiss
    Is the start of Christmas.
    May yours fill every longing of the heart.
  • Christmas sparks a special joy,
    In the soul because I believe.
    I open my heart to you, my love
    Your blessings to receive.
  • Together with this tree we’re trimming
    While the love in my heart is brimming.
    I can’t wait to spend Christmas with you.