Merry Christmas Wishes for Girlfriend

This Christmas, let her know how much you love her. Write a sweet heartfelt wish on a lovely Christmas card to show her your feelings. Make her feel like there is nothing more special than your girlfriend. Pick one of the sweet Christmas wishes for girlfriend you can find below and celebrate this holiday season with her.

Merry Christmas Wishes for Girlfriend

Sweet Christmas Wishes for Girlfriend

  • Christmas time is drawing near, yet all I can think of are those to me most dear. Merry Christmas sweetheart!
  • My friends laughed when I told them I didn’t need anything for Christmas. While you may ask me why, the answer’s obvious. I’ve already got you.
  • We have been through many ups and downs. Here’s to seeing this Christmas as one of the last bastions of a year spent in beautiful company.
  • While the joy of opening Christmas presents is a fleeting thing we experience once a year, the joy of having you as a lover is year-long.
  • They say that every Christmas snowflake is unique. I say that our love is more unique in that only two people can truly know it.

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  • While happiness is an immeasurable concept, I know that our love fills the whole of my body more than the spirit of this holiday ever could.
  • It is my Christmas wish that the warmth and light of this season finds a new home in the furnace fueling our love throughout the year.
  • I don’t think its safe for us near the Christmas tree. That much kindling plus how hot we make each other? Seems like a bad idea.
  • Sure, the North Star guided the Three Magi, but I think I’m luckier for having followed your own guiding light to our joyous relationship.
  • One drawback to loving you is boxing that love up as a Christmas present is impossible. It’s also impractical since you’re constantly receiving it. Merry Christmas.
  • While space prevents us from being in the same room this Christmas, time is different-never forget that every second that passes is a moment we share.
  • I may not feel your skin against mine or your breath against my cheek, but I definitely sense you dwelling in my heart this Christmas night.
  • Christmas is a time for togetherness and the fact I get to enjoy it with the one I love makes this Christmas extra special.
  • While we don’t have to spend time under the mistletoe in accordance with tradition, I don’t think it’s necessarily a bad tradition to honor.
  • You say December 25th is Christmas Day? Well yeah, I’m spending it with you; EVERY day with you feels like Christmas! Love you!
  • You know, you’re one captivating soul. This season’s supposed to be about Santa and Jesus, but all I can think of is the woman I love.
  • Merry times full with merry cheer, my love for you abates all fear. I cherish you lass and say on this day, “Merry Christmas.”
  • How often do you model? I see that angel on the treetop and just see a poor imitation of the lovely woman before me.
  • This Christmas reminds me of all the wonderful gifts we’ve received. I can only imagine how much time and money it took to manufacture this perfect love.
  • Christmas marks the conclusion of something truly special in the world; I don’t see why it can’t also mark the start of something special with you.
  • You want to know my secret recipe for the perfect Christmas dinner? You, me and whatever we manage to cobble together. Serve cuddled together.
  • While our love is a truly wonderful thing, it’s not exactly suitable for a Christmas gift exchange. We’re getting the same thing year-round.

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  • While December is a month loaded with holidays: Christmas; Hanukah; Saturnalia and so on, every day with you is a holiday to me.
  • I hope we have a white Christmas so I have one more justification for spending it with you wrapped in my embrace.
  • Yes, mistletoe is traditionally a way to get a kiss around Christmas time, it’s hardly the only reason for me to kiss you.
  • While Christmas has been with me for my entire life, spending it with you makes the holiday an entirely new and wonderful day.
  • Since meeting you, I now see Christmas as a time to further celebrate the birth of the One who brought us together.
  • I thought of gifting myself to you as your present, but the love overwhelmed me before I could get to making air holes.
  • I considered following Christ’s example on His birthday and taking a vow of poverty but your love was so rich I’d already broken it.
  • We started the year’s first holiday in each other’s embrace, there’s no reason why we can’t finish the year’s last holiday the same way.
  • Your love is so warm and powerful that it feels like I’m celebrating Christmas in Australia, where it’s steamy like our July!