120 Merry Christmas Wishes – The Best Christmas Ever

Christmas wishes serve as small bridges of emotions, connecting hearts across distances both short and vast. As the festive season unfolds, these wishes encapsulate our sentiments, hopes, and affections, transforming a simple card into a keepsake of cherished moments.

When crafting the perfect Christmas message, consider personalizing it by drawing from shared memories, inside jokes, or mutual experiences. Adding heartfelt desires for the recipient’s health, prosperity, and happiness can also make the greeting more touching. To make it truly special, sprinkle in a dose of warmth by invoking the magic of the season — snowy landscapes, the cozy glow of a fireplace, or even the joyful chorus of carolers. Whether you opt for humor, nostalgia, or genuine affection, remember that the essence lies in the sincerity of the message and the love with which it’s penned.

Make it special and unique, just like your Christmas you wish to be! Let the countdown begin for the best Christmas ever.

Merry Christmas messages card snowing

120 Merry Christmas Wishes and Messages

  • Wishing you all the joy and magic that Christmas brings!
  • May your heart and home be filled with warmth and happiness this festive season.
  • Joy to the world and joy to you! Have a spectacular Christmas!
  • Sending love and festive cheer your way. Merry Christmas!
  • May the spirit of Christmas light up your days and warm your nights.
  • Embracing the joy of the season and sending it all to you. Merry Christmas!
  • Here’s to love, laughter, and a wonderful Christmas!
  • Snowflakes, carols, and starry nights – hoping all these things make your Christmas bright!
  • Wishing you peace, love, and a sprinkle of Christmas magic.
  • Celebrate the season with joy, gratitude, and the love of those around you.
  • From our family to yours, have a sparkling Christmas!
  • May the blessings of Christmas be with you today and always.
  • Sending a flurry of festive wishes your way. Have a joyous Christmas!
  • Here’s to new memories, age-old traditions, and a Christmas filled with happiness.
  • Deck the halls and spread the joy! Merry Christmas to you and yours.
  • Bask in the beauty of the season and cherish the moments. Merry Christmas!
  • May your Christmas be merry, bright, and filled with delight!
  • Sending you wishes of love and joy as we celebrate the wonder of Christmas.
  • As the snow falls and bells ring, may happiness fill your Christmas day!
  • Celebrate the season’s wonders and the joy of giving. Merry Christmas!

Merry Christmas Wishes Quotes

  • Christmas is a celebration of our friends, family & loved ones. I(or We) CELEBRATE You!
  • Stars are watching, hearts are beating; please accept my heartfelt Christmas greeting!
  • Not just during the Christmas season but every day, you bring such joy to life. Merry Christmas
  • Underneath all my wrapping paper, gifts, bows, wreaths, decorations and bulbs, I send you lots of love and Christmas wishes with blessings from above.
  • Listen to the bells ringing, listen to the carolers singing, Christmas is coming!
  • Merry Christmas! Love, Health, Wealth! Feliz Navidad! Happy Quanza! Bah Hum Bug! (Well… that should cover it.)
  • Wonderful memories to be had, many reasons to be glad. Loving wishes all for you. Countless dreams you have made true. Merry Christmas!
  • Sending you love, our warmest Christmas wishes and glad tiding from our family to yours. Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays!

Merry Christmas wishes to everyone

  • From one girlfriend to another: Santa Claus should be a chick. Doing all the festivities and gifts and shopping? We deserve those cookies a lot more than he does!
  • This year I finished Christmas shopping early! I had my holiday cards completed and addressed, and I made homemade presents. I also learned it’s so much easier to plan these things than actually do them.
  • Peace on Earth. Love in our Hearts. Hope for the Future. Warmest Christmas Wishes.
  • Start the countdown because Santa Claus is coming to town!
  • Have the best super twinkly, shiny bright festive Christmas ever! Merry Christmas!

Funny Christmas Wishes

  • As the snow falls, I give you two my wishes, listen to the wind, I am blowing kisses!
  • Enjoy the lights on the trees, the icicles formed on the eaves, the red hue of holly, and the love and warmth you feel surrounded by family and friends. Season’s greetings.
  • I have a message from all the snowmen, all the reindeer and little candy canes too: They are wishing a wonderful season from all of them to you! Merry Christmas!
  • Forget your problems, forget stress – grab a drink and spread the Holiday cheers!
  • This is the time of year we reflect on how lucky and blessed we are. I hope you find yourself happy, content, and reveling in the beauty of this Happy Christmas.
  • May the beauty, spirit, and magic of this wonderful Season live with your through the New Years. Best Wishes. Merry Christmas!

101 Merry Christmas Wishes for Friends ~ Sweet and Merry

  • Totally rock your Christmas this year! Party all through this awesome Season! Sing loud so the Angels get jealous! Show your gratitude by giving extra tight hugs!

Wishing you the best Christmas ever

  • Merry Christmas to the most insane, outrageous, incredible, off-the-wall, upbeat, sparkling, vivacious, original and talented person(or people) I (or we) have ever known!
  • Open the door and let them in, over the Christmas feast let the brightest smiles to be seen!

Warm New Year Wishes for Friends

  • During this spectacular holiday season, may health, hope and prosperity shine down on you and your family now and in the New Year! Happy Christmas.
  • My wish for you this Christmas: Make it through this beautiful, stressful time easily. Don’t let family; ornate suppers, and off-the-wall holiday demands break you. Also, I hope your wine glass never goes empty.

Under the treeChristmas Wishes For Parents – Merry Christmas Mom & Dad

  • Hoping the presents you receive are what you wanted, but more importantly, all the love that was given with each gift is felt and shared.
  • Enjoy the friendships you have, and reach out to those loved ones that live far away, for distance doesn’t make or break the relationship.

Happy Holidays card

  • Here’s to loving each moment you hear the words “Merry Christmas” and feeling the joy behind those words after each one.
  • May the flu pass by your door without stopping in for a visit this holiday season.
  • Sit down with the family and friends you love, watch a favorite movie or sing a favorite carol. Each memory is precious.
  • Taste the food that lays before you during your Christmas Feast. Each morsel was made with caring and love.

Happy New Year Wishes and Messages

  • Find a favorite recipe, like grandma’s apple pie or your Dad’s famous green bean casserole, and make it for the family to share.
  • Be thankful for each moment, and make each one to cherish.
  • Sing a song that brings back memories from childhood Christmases. The spirit will be lifted along with the melody.

Holiday wishing card

  • May your travels be brief, and your burdens be light.
  • Spend the season with the people you choose to, living in the fellowship of those you love during this holiday season.
  • Read a favorite story to relive the enchanted worlds that Christmas has given birth to, whether it be ‘A Christmas Carol’ or ‘Twas The Night Before Christmas’. Enjoy the Christmas dreams.

Happy New Year Wishes For Family

  • Remember to forgive all past grievances. All feuds can be forgiven when hearts are opened through kindness.
  • It’s the season of the poets, time for carolers, wishing Christmas will last forever.
  • Safe journeys begin and end at the home. May each journey ending be a ‘merry’ beginning.
  • Spend Christmas with me and you will have a blast, you’ll see!
  • Wreaths are a symbol of the feeling each family feels during the holidays. Let every wreath you see be a reminder of the joys we all feel.

Funny Santa Claus wishing Merry Christmas and Happy New Year card

  • Every toy you buy is a new addition to a child’s happiness. Whether you buy one for your children or to donate, make a child’s Christmas a brighter one.
  • Each candle is a light in the wilderness, and the holiday season brings a fellowship of individuals to share in this light.
  • May you share each moment of the season with the people you care for, each minute with family or friends, and each Christmas memory will be one to cherish.
  • Remember to feel appreciation for every gift you receive and every warm Christmas wish you are give.
  • Love comes to those who pen their hearts during this season. Remember to open it wide with Christmas joy.
  • Hope is contagious during the Holidays. Hope to get the things you want, to be near those you love, and to always enjoy the moments you are gifted with.
  • Wishing everyone, someone to come home to this Christmas, whether it be friends, family or a loving pet.
  • Like a moth to the flame, just call my name. Wishing you a bright and Merry Christmas!
  • Gingerbread men and little toy soldiers will remind you of each story you loved, each moment you shared. Enjoy the traditions, new and old.

Merry Christmas wishes and messages

Holly Jolly Christmas Wishes

  • May your holidays be: Awesome! Brilliant! Cool! Delightful! Enjoyable! Festive! Grand! Happy! Incredible! Joyous! X-tra special! and full of : Kindness! Love! Magic! Opulence! Presents! Romance! Santa! Visitors! Thankfulness! Utter beauty! Wonder! Yumminess!
  • May the Holiday Season Surround your Home with Love and Hope.
  • Wishing you a Merry Christmas and blessed holiday season now and always.
  • Spending the holiday season with you is the best Christmas wish I could ever have come true!
  • This holiday season, all I want is you. Preferably tied in a great big red bow. And nothing else.

Merry Christmas everyone card

  • Our wish for you is the holidays make you happy and joyous, and the New Year brings nothing but endless joy and gratitude!
  • The miles that keep us apart do not stop the love and happiness I send to you and your family this Christmas. Happy holidays!

Merry Christmas Wishes for Girlfriend

Romantic Christmas Messages for Boyfriend

Christmas Love Messages and Wishes

  • HAPPY HOLIDAYS! Let’s check the checklist. Did you decorate your home? Plan Christmas dinner? Get gifts wrapped? Make fruitcake? Go caroling? Make that reservation to the Looney bin for peace and quiet afterward? GOOD WORK.

Have a holly jolly season card

  • This year, I’m doing everything online. I’m having an online shopper pick out everybody’s gift and all the wrapping according to how I describe them. So don’t get upset if you get coal. Happy holidays!
  • The beautiful snowflakes fall from the sky in lazy turns of elegance. Our homes illuminate the warmth and love within. Wishing you awe-inspiring holiday season.
  • This time of year brings out the kindness and good in people. The world seems a little closer, a little meeker, a little more magical. I’m so glad to spend this lovely Holiday Season with you.


Wishing you jolly Christmas