Happy Birthday Wishes For Nephew

Last updated ~ Nov 9, 2019

As an uncle or aunt, you need to show your nephew, how much you love him.

On your nephew’s birthday, you have a great opportunity to show your special feelings and how much close to him you are. In this post you can find a cool collection of birthday wishes for nephew to send him.

Find a cool, funny, or heartfelt wish and make him proud of his uncle or aunt!

47 Birthday Wishes For Nephew

  • ➡ Into our crazy life is great to add the reliability of a Nephew like you! Have a lovely day!
  • ➡ Hey, let me say this: Your birthday is also my special day!! I love you Nephew!
  • ➡ I hope my Nephew will become the perfect mix of Brad Pitt and Einstein. But for the moment I wish you to just enjoy your Birthday!
  • ➡ The best gift I could give you, dear Nephew, was a car. But I don’t want to overcome your parents. Happy Birthday!
  • ➡ Thank you for being born to make my life richer. Have a nice day Nephew.
  • ➡ Happy birthday to you. A friend, an ally, a brother, my Nephew!
  • ➡ Your Birthday party is my favorite event of the year. Thank you for making my life wildest being my Nephew!
  • ➡ To a lovely, adorable, intelligent Nephew (yes, I also got You a gift. Don’t worry!)
  • ➡ I wish you to have the best Birthday ever Nephew, at last epic as your uncle’s one!
  • ➡ I hope your birthday will be at last as super as you are. Happy birthday Nephew.
  • ➡ I never trusted genetic. Then I saw you. Yeah, Nephew that stuff must be working. To a wonderful member of the family: Have a lovely birthday!
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  • ➡ Celebrate your birthday as I would do it. Just don’t destroy too many houses ok? Happy Birthday Nephew.
  • ➡ Hey Nephew, I never thought I would love someone more than myself but then I saw you. Have an amazing day!
  • ➡ This is a cool birthday wish for a cool Nephew. I love you, have a lovely Birthday.
  • ➡ God gave us, your uncle and aunt, to make our lives better. Happy birthday Nephew!
  • ➡ You are the best part of many people’s life. Thank You and have an happy birthday Nephew.
  • ➡ Love, gratitude, affection … You are all this and you keep the family together. Have a lovely day Nephew!
  • ➡ There were some difficult moments, some years you didn’t want to leave … but you made it till this point. Great Job Nephew!!
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  • ➡ Is my nephew’s birthday. We will party, have fun, go crazy … and keep secrets!
  • ➡ When you came into my life you were an annoying little thing. You aren’t that little anymore. You know? I love you Nephew, have a nice day!
  • ➡ I will never know when that crying baby became such a smart young man. Anyway be there to see that was great. Happy birthday!
  • ➡ Your uncle is sexy, handsome, charming … so keep working Nephew. It’s a long way to go! Happy Birthday young man!
  • ➡ Happy B-day to TBNEE! Happy Birthday to T-he B-est N-ephew E-ver E-xisted!
  • ➡ So … how is exactly that You superheroes celebrate parties? Anyway just enjoy it Nephew!
  • ➡ If you woke up with shining lights and a red carpet, if people were throwing petals at your feet … don’t worry! Your aunt is just celebrating her Nephew’s birthday!
  • ➡ For how far we will be, how rarely we will meet … I will always love my Nephew. Happy Birthday!
  • ➡ Hangover? Come to your uncle’s house he will keep You hidden. Just avoid the auntie! Have a lovely day!
  • ➡ Parents locked out, grandparents sent on a vacation so now, dear nephew, call your friends and let’s celebrate!
  • ➡ A Very Important Party for my Very Important Nephew. Happy birthday young man!
  • ➡ I promise you that your uncle and aunt will always make sure that your birthdays will be epic. We already planned the next 10!
  • ➡ I wish You all the best things: money, career, women … party, party, party and more party! Happy Birthday Nephew.
  • ➡ I will always be with You when You will be sick, hangover and when your party will go too wild. Just don’t say that to your mother. Or to mine. Have a great birthday Nephew.
  • ➡ Crazy? Count on me. Dangerous? Count on me. Serious? Count on me. No matter what, you will always be able to count on me. Happy birthday Nephew.
  • ➡ The good thing about getting older is that now you can drive while I drink. Happy birthday Nephew.
  • ➡ Follow me and we will always win together. I love you Nephew! Happy Birthday.
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  • ➡ You get older and auntie gets expert. All clear? Good then happy birthday Nephew!
  • ➡ You came into my life screaming. No wonder I came to your party with a microphone. Happy Birthday to my noisy Nephew!
  • ➡ Chocolate, sweets … all these candies and still not enough sweetness to express how much I love you my dear Nephew.
  • ➡ I was thinking to buy you a car, an house, a unicorn … but I realized you are my nephew and you already have me! Happy Birthday. (Look into the box)
  • ➡ Uhm, what can I say to someone who is already perfect? Just happy birthday amazing Nephew.
  • ➡ I promise I will do all I have to do to make sure your life will be full of sun and shining stars. Have a great Birthday Nephew
  • ➡ I want to tell you that I love you, that I will always be there and that I planned a mega-party for your birthday!!! Enjoy it Nephew!
  • ➡ I swear I didn’t buy you any clothes or books. This aunt delivers only fun! Happy birthday Nephew!
  • ➡ Every time you will wish to avoid family parties remember that no matter how well you will hide, aunt will find you. I love you too much to don’t celebrate your birthday!
  • ➡ 40% of the times I am proud You are my Nephew. 60% of the times I am proud to be your uncle.
  • ➡ I have tried to stop to pinch your cheeks. I swear it! But you are just ways too adorable. Happy birthday nephew!
  • ➡ If just everyone could have such a cool, adorable, nephew like you people would stop to have kids on their own. Happy birthday.
Birthday Wishes For Nephew
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