2nd Birthday Wishes – Happy Second Birthday

Last updated on March 2nd, 2018

Two is such a terrific age. Gone is the baby who only eats, sleeps, and needs a diaper-changing. And here now is a miniature person with individual expressions and personality.
Following are ways to say “Happy Birthday” to that special two-year-old.

2nd Birthday Wishes

  • When you were born, you were immediately loved. But as you grow and become you, we love you even more. Happy 2nd birthday!
  • Your picture belongs under the word, “energy” in the dictionary. You have become quite the mover and shaker. Hope you have a rockin’ 2nd birthday!
  • It’s amazing to watch you make discoveries. Hope your 2nd year makes for a wonderful year of adventurous learning and countless discoveries!
  • Some say that two is “terrible,” but perhaps it’s just a way of becoming independent. Make your 2nd birthday yours!
  • Each day is a new adventure with you. Hope you have a wonderful birthday and let another exciting year of adventure begin!
  • You probably don’t realize how your smile affects us. It brightens our day and is infectious. May you smile a ton on your 2nd birthday!
  • You have already acquired many talents by age two. In fact, you have mastered the art of taking out toys! Happy Birthday!
  • I still can’t believe how my life has changed since your arrival. I’ve enjoyed the journey and look forward to another year of surprises!
  • Seeing how much you’ve changed from two years ago has been a joy to experience. I’m looking forward to even more changes in the year ahead! Happy Birthday!
  • Even though it is your birthday, I feel as though I’m getting the ultimate gift by being able to celebrate it with you. Happy 2nd birthday!
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  • Being two, you’ve been on Earth 730 days. And I could give you a kiss for each of those days! Happy Birthday!
  • Before you arrived I didn’t realize how adorable chubby cheeks could be. Being two now your chub is diminishing, but I’m going to enjoy it while it lasts!
  • At two you have already accomplished certain things in life; you are the absolute best at giving hugs! Have a hug-filled Birthday!
  • Pacifiers, diapers, blankets and nap time were not in my vocabulary a few years ago. How much my world as changed – for the better! Happy 2nd Birthday!
  • With you around I don’t have to worry about there being a dull moment. Happy birthday to my favorite source of excitement!
  • At two you have already become quite the charmer. Hope you have a charming 2nd birthday!
  • I just had to say to my favorite cuddle buddy, “Happy 2nd Birthday!” (And if you want birthday cuddles, you can always count on me!)
  • Watching you nap peacefully is one of the best things in life! May your little dreams come true on your second birthday!
  • You may have little footprints now, but I already know you will have big accomplishments someday. Happy 2nd birthday!
  • I love to observe your little hands, fingers, and toes. All your little parts make for a big place in my heart. Have a big 2nd birthday celebration!
  • Oh, to be two again! There are so many discoveries and experiences ahead of you! Have a fabulous birthday!
  • Who’s the one with the cutest smile? YOU! Who’s the one who completes my heart? YOU! Hope YOU have a great 2nd birthday!
  • I can’t believe how far you’ve already traveled!! I mean that literally since two years ago you stayed in your crib. Happy birthday!
  • Two is such a wonderful age. There are so many puzzles to figure out and mysteries to solve. Happy birthday my little thinker!
  • When you’re excited, I’m excited. When you’re sad, I’m sad. May you be happy on your 2nd birthday for the both of us!
  • At the age of two it’s amazing to see how you’ve already outgrown your baby outfits. I’m excited to see you grow and all the outfits you’ll try on in life!
  • If I were choosing players for my team, I’d definitely pick you! You at such a little all-star already at the age of two!
  • A is for Awesome; B is for Bouncy; and C is for Cute. You’ve already mastered your ABC’s by age two! Happy Birthday!
  • You may not be the cleanest eater nor the most graceful walker. But you’re pure perfection to me! Hope your 2nd birthday is perfect!
  • Even if it’s rainy outside, you provide a ray of sunshine. Hope your 2nd birthday is pure sunshine, like you!
  • Your little goofy ways make me smile and laugh. Happy 2nd birthday to the silliest one I know!
  • Just like frosting makes cake sweeter, you make life sweeter. Happy birthday to one sweet, two-year-old!
  • You may have frequent toddler meltdowns, yet you still manage to melt my heart. Happy birthday to my favorite two-year-old!
  • You have your emotional roller coasters, and I have mine. But I’ve enjoyed the ride with you thus far. Have a thrilling 2nd birthday!
  • I could say, “I love you to the moon and back,” but that doesn’t cover the distance of my love. Happy 2nd birthday to my favorite star!

Happy 2nd Birthday Wishes


2nd Birthday Wishes - Happy Second Birthday

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