Birthday Wishes for Boss That Rock

Building and maintaining a personal relationship with your boss is important. Your spend a lot of time with them, and they help you grow in your career and hopefully they make you a better person in general. Let them know you care about them on their birthday with a message filled with good wishes or one that will make them laugh a little. Here are some great ideas of birthday wishes for Boss to get you started.

Birthday wishes for boss

Birthday Wishes for Boss That Rock

  • ~ We wish for health; we wish for joy.
    (We promise this is not a ploy!)
    Enjoy your day, and eat some cake,
    Kick back, and rest, and take a break.
    Happy birthday, dear boss.
  • ~ Another day, another dollar,
    Another year, time to holler!
    Happy birthday, boss!
  • ~ So many times you’ve had my back;
    You’ve shielded me from all the flack.
    A boss like you is hard to find;
    Your leadership gives peace of mind.
    Wishing you tremendous birthday joy.
  • ~ Boss, we know you’re tough as nails,
    But your heart shines through and never fails.
    Happy birthday, Big Guy!
  • ~ You’re the best boss ever, so very clever, and I wish you success on each endeavor. Best wishes as you celebrate another year of life.
  • ~ Cancel the meetings and turn off the phone,
    ‘Cause this is now the birthday zone!
    Time to party, boss!
  • ~ Once you were just my boss,
    But then you became my friend.
    My support for you will never cease;
    On that you can depend.
    May your birthday bring you endless blessings.
  • ~ You’re selfless, refined, one of a kind,
    And we hope on your birthday, you can relax and unwind.
    Happy Birthday Boss!

Farewell Messages For Boss

  • ~ Boss, so many tasks are planned for today;
    Gifts to unwrap, an office buffet.
    We planned this for you because we wanted to say
    We love you and wish you a happy birthday.
  • ~ Boss, this birthday rhyme came right on time;
    we’re here to say, “Have a sweet birthday!”
  • ~ Birthday wishes, a cake delicious;
    You’re a boss you deserves love and riches.
  • ~ Boss, sometimes we get on all your nerves,
    But a fun-filled birthday is what you deserve.

Happy Birthday Boss!

  • ~ We gathered all these party supplies
    To give you a giant birthday surprise!
    Hope your birthday is a smashing good time, boss.
  • ~ Happy birthday to the greatest boss.
    I’m so happy our paths have crossed.
  • ~ Boss,
    Wishing you wonder, wishing you peace,
    Wishing your joy will never cease.
  • ~ We heard it’s your birthday,
    And we came for the cake.
    Just kidding,
    We also came for a break!
  • ~ Boss, there is so much I have to say
    On this, your celebration day.
    You always keep things going strong;
    You make us feel that we belong.
    You give advice and share great tips;
    You rarely have to crack the whip.
    And for all this, we hold you dear,
    Grateful you’ve reached another year.
  • ~ Boss, you make work fun so we get it done.
    Hope your birthday is fun too.
  • ~ Boss, best wishes are floating through the birthday air.
    We hope your party is a happy affair.

Personal Birthday Wishes for Boss

  1. ~ Not only are you the perfect boss, but you are also the perfect friend. Wishing you the perfect birthday.
  2. ~ Boss, I can never repay you for all the wisdom you have given me over the years. Thank you for your great advice, and have an amazing birthday.
  3. ~ Boss, my wish for your birthday is for you to have many more successful and rewarding years in your career because you are the best.
  4. ~ Not many bosses make their employees look forward to coming to work, but you are definitely one who does. Have a marvelous birthday.
  5. ~ If it makes you smile, I hope you get it for your birthday, boss.
  6. ~ Boss, you’re the best, and I hope your birthday is too.
  7. ~ Celebrate like a boss!
  8. ~ You deserve the best birthday, boss. Thanks for all you do.
  9. ~ Happy birthday wishes to the best boss around!
  10. ~ You’re the boss, so I think you should give yourself permission to go all out on your birthday.
  11. ~ It’s time to kick back and eat some cake, boss. You’ve earned it.

Retirement Wishes and Sentiments For Your Boss

  1. ~ Chief, cheerleader, manager, boss. You wear a lot of hats around here, but it’s time to put on your party hat and celebrate! Happy birthday!
  2. ~ The success of this company is because of your hard work, boss. Take time to enjoy an awesome birthday.
  3. ~ Boss, you’re the bomb! Sending you an explosion of birthday wishes.
  4. ~ Boss, you are fierce, fair, and fabulous, and I hope your birthday is fantastic.
  5. ~ Thank you for your example of excellence as a leader and as a person. May your birthday be a blessed occasion.
  6. ~ Sending you heartfelt good wishes on your birthday, boss.
  7. ~ I’m grateful to work for someone who leads in a positive way, and that’s why I’m sending these wishes for a joyful birthday.
  8. ~ Wishing you smiles and laughter as you enjoy your special day, boss.

Birthday Wishes for Boss From All

  1. ~ Boss, because you are so special to us, we hope your birthday is special for you.
  2. ~ Boss, your magnetic personality draws us in and makes us want to do our best each day. We hope your birthday is the best ever.
  3. ~ We could not be more blessed to have you as our boss. Wishing you a birthday filled with all the happiness you deserve.
  4. ~ Dear boss, thank you for inspiring us with your vision and determination. We wish you the best on your birthday.
  5. ~ Boss, thank you for all the guidance and help you give us. We couldn’t ask for anyone better. Wishing you a happy birthday.
  6. ~ Boss, this staff truly loves you, and we pray you have an amazing birthday.
  7. ~ Congratulations on another birthday, boss! We appreciate all you do.
  8. ~ Everyone here wishes you a happy birthday, boss. You are one of a kind.
  9. ~ Boss, today we celebrate you and all the work you do. Have a wonderful birthday.
  10. ~ On your special day, we salute you, boss. Thanks for always keeping things under control.

Funny Birthday Wishes for Boss

  1. ~ Boss, you always rise to every challenge. Hope you can master another birthday.
  2. ~ Here’s hoping you’ll be flexible and fit enough to lead us for another year. Getting older may be starting to sting, but we have faith in you.
  3. ~ The whole office is betting on whether this will be the age that takes you out. Seriously have a great birthday.
  4. ~ Boss, you always have a lot on your plate. We hope you’ll save space for some birthday cake on there and enjoy your special day.
  5. ~ Nothing motivates us like hearing your footsteps coming down the hall, boss. Enjoy every moment of your birthday.
  6. ~ Congratulations on your birthday, boss! We hope this cake will get you in a good mood so you will let us go home early.
  7. ~ Boss, you’re the ringleader of this circus, so get these monkeys in line and let’s celebrate your birthday.
  8. ~ Captain, thanks for keeping everything ship shape around here. Have a top notch birthday.
  9. ~ We have your birthday planned, and your wish is our command.
  10. ~ Boss, we are all amazed with your stamina, especially as you add another year to your age. You never tire of giving orders.