35 Heartfelt Happy Birthday Wishes for Dad

Browse and share our unique, funny, heartfelt and happy birthday wishes for dad and make him feel happy and proud of you!

Sometimes is very hard to find the right words to express your feelings to a special person you love such as your father. Birthdays give a great opportunity to do it with a birthday wish. A birthday wish for your dad, should be as unique as he is.

Heartfelt Birthday Dad Wishes

  • Although you are a great Dad, you’re more than that, you’re my inspiration, my first teacher and my friend. Have a wonderful and happy birthday.
  • No one else could ever best me at an eating contest like you could. I’m so thankful to have you as my Dad. Let’s eat cake!Long ago you seemed like a giant to me, now you just have the ears and nose of one. Happy Birthday Dad!
  • May your birthday be as full of the love and laughter you have always given me, Dad.
  • Happy Birthday, Dad, and thanks for giving me a childhood full of the things that really matter, not money, but love, and a happy family.
  • Happy Birthday, to a wonderful father who mastered the art of being there for his children without ever being in the way.
  • May your birthday be as happy, loved, warm, and safe as your unconditional love always made me feel, Dad.
  • Wishing a wonderful birthday to the man who taught me to believe in myself, no matter the circumstances. Thank you for being a fantastic dad.
  • I hope this birthday wish show you in a small way just how much you mean to me, Dad.
  • Your help and support all of my life has made my life so much better and easier, and I wish you a happy and blessed birthday, Dad.
  • Happy birthday to my dad, who showed me how to pursue my dreams by pursuing his own with passion.
  • As a dad, you were a king and I know it was hard watching your princess kissing all those frogs looking for her prince. Thanks for letting me do that, and happy birthday.
  • Happy birthday to my father, who helped me grow up to be the best me I can be and is still teaching me to be better.
  • Being a dad is not easy, and now that I am one I can see that. Happy Birthday to the best role model a new father could have.
  • Dads are like snowflakes, no two are alike, and I got the best one in the pile! Happy birthday, Dad.
  • You’ve taught me so many things about life Dad. Like farting, how to shoot spitballs… and how to celebrate! Let’s do all 3!
  • Beer, beard, and brawn. You’re the toughest Dad I know. You can even make birthdays manly.
  • You held me when the monsters appeared, you chased away the fears. Hope you know how important you are to me on your birthday!
  • Not all dads are as awesome as you. You’re not afraid to shed a tear or kiss my forehead. Thanks for being fearless Dad!
  • It’s your birthday so you should be able to pick what you want. Your nose, your teeth, your wedgie. All good choices Dad.
  • When I was little I would tell everyone when it was your birthday, I hope you appreciated it you old fart.
  • I always wondered if the milkman was my father. Guess I couldn’t stand the thought of some day having your nose. Happy Birthday old man!
  • As every year I get older, you never age to me. Happy birthday to the youngest Dad in history!
  • You have the uncanny ability to sleep soundly anywhere. At the theater, in your easy chair, at the checkout counter. Never stop doing what you’re good at! Hope you get a nice birthday nap!
  • Birthdays are good times to practice three things; eating, drinking and not losing things. I guess 2 out of 3 ain’t bad.
  • To the man that dreamed me up, hope you have the birthday of your dreams. Next time, try to dream me up a little taller and richer.
  • Over the years you’ve played an epic game of lost and found. You lost hair but found it again in your ears and you lost your waist line but found it lower down. Here’s to finding happiness on your birthday!
  • Happy Birthday Dad Poems
  • Compared to you I’m always little, bet that makes you feel fatter! Love you Dad, happy birthday!
  • Diligent Active Deranged, a poem for my Dad’s birthday.
  • You can always count on your kids to forget your birthday. This year we decided to break tradition and help you count on your fingers instead.
  • Happy Beer-day! I mean Beard-day! Oh well, happy birthday Dad!
  • Good news! I took a DNA test and I’m definitely yours! You’re welcome for the luckiest birthday EVER!
  • Responsible Dads are over-rated, lets go get into some trouble for your birthday!
  • Happy birthday to the man that made me, next time try to make me with a little less you and little more mom.
  • Compared to other dads, you’re the best vintage of the bunch. Another year and we can sell you to the highest bidder!


Happy birthday wishes for dad