Seven Happy Birthday Dad Poems

Looking for Happy Birthday Dad Poems? You came to right place! A birthday poem is a wonderful way to express your feelings especially to your father. With a poem you can recall wonderful and funny memories that you shared together, and make him feel proud of his children!

Here you can find some unique Happy Birthday Poems ideas for your Father, to write in a wishing card, in a text SMS or to post it in his Facebook profile timeline. You have a huge opportunity to make him feel happy!

Wish Happy Birthday to your Dad with a Poem

1. Your gentle but firm fatherly nature
Has modeled to us the love of our Heavenly Father
And helped us to model the same to our own children,
your grandchildren.
Happy and blessed birthday Dad!

2. Another year has passed us by
Since last we gathered to supply
A shower of birthday praises
To our own beloved father.
We bring your gifts, and cake, and smiles,
Such as we could give to no other.

Since long ago, when into this world we came,
We have always called you “Dad.”
Sometimes we gave you trouble;
Sometimes we made you sad.
Sometimes we made you angry,
When we foolishly turned away
From your wise advice and instruction,
And for that we sure did pay.

Each year that we’ve grown older,
Wiser in our eyes you’ve become.
And we often ask ourselves the question,
“How could I have been that dumb?”
But you were patient with our wanderings,
And your love for us endured.
We’ve learned from you, O Father,
Many lessons as we’ve matured.

So, as we gather around to celebrate
All you’ve done for us and are,
We want to wish you a blessed birthday
And a year that is blessed each hour.

Thanks for being a great Dad, Happy Birthday
Thanks for being a great Dad, Happy Birthday

3. Every child must have a father,
That’s the way the Nature planned.
But I am thankful to the Father
For a father like you, my Dad.

Some children grow up fatherless,
While others see their fathers
But seldom.
I, however, have enough memories
Of you
To fill a full-fledged album.

Some fathers stay but take little thought
Of what’s good for their own.
Others lash out in anger,
And make a prison of their home.
But you, O Dad,
Have been a friend,
A counselor, a model
From this day back as far as the time
I was sucking on a bottle.
Thanks for being a great Dad, Dad.
Happy Birthday!

4. Happy birthday to you, my Father, and
Don’t worry about the cake.
I will handle all the bother.
I never did bake one of these things before,
Which might explain the cake mix
That is covering half the floor.
I wasn’t sure how many candles
To light up for you this year.
Now the wax is in the frosting,
And I lit too many I fear.
You always taught me frugality,
So I didn’t waste money on a gift.
Instead, I mowed the lawn for you,
Though there’s a spot or two I missed.
So have a happy birthday Dad,
And I’ll sing you a birthday song!
I may not be an artist,
But I’ll go extra hard and long.
My love for you I’ve tried to show
On this, your special day,
So let me finish the birthday song-
Hey, why are you walking away?

5. From plumbing to puberty, your wisdom has explained it all.
You taught me well how to handle rebuke and contempt,
For I often saw you turning the other cheek
To Mother.
It’s been a ride having you as a father;
But it’s been a fun one.
Happy birthday, Dad!

6. I see you are grilling out again
On your birthday, Father.
It’s been a long-continued tradition,
Always opposed by Mother.
She always calls your steaks “mis-steak,”
And your bratwursts, she just calls “worsts.”
But the rest of us have learned to appreciate
Your grill food,
Though of ketchup it takes a few squirts.

It’s a tribute to your determination
That you’ve continued grilling all these years,
That you’ve pressed on through the smoke, and shooting flames,
And endured all Mother’s tears.

You never bought a gas grill,
For charcoal is for men.
You’ve never bought a new grill,
For wasting money is a sin.
We have much for which to praise you,
And our love for you abides.
We hope your generous heart will pardon us
As we go see what Mother is cooking inside.
Happy Birthday, Dad!

7. I have many fond memories of growing up
With you as my father.
I thank you for all the help you’ve given to me
Through this year and through all the years.
Have yourself a wonderful birthday today, my dear Dad!

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Happy Birthday Dad Poems