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Funny Birthday Wishes for Best Friends

When best friends want to wish each other happy birthday, they do it with humor.

Everyone has a different kind of humor, but if you know your friend, you know what makes them crack up laughing.

What better way to make a friend’s day, than by giving them a laugh about the fact that they are getting older and they can’t do anything about it? 🙂


Funny Birthday wish to best friend
Funny Birthday wish to best friend

Best Friends Funny Birthday Wishes

  • 😀 Some people take a shot for every year they have been alive but I don’t recommend it for you. At your age, you could have a barrel of whiskey and still not make it.
  • 😀 I got you a walker this year. I figured that was less insulting than a wheelchair, which I’ll be getting you next year.
  • 😀 Some things, like wine and cheese, get better with age. However, you are either a rock or a rose: you stay the same or you just rot.
  • 😀 Congratulations– you are now so old that if you were a purse, you would be considered a vintage, but not a classic.
  • 😀 You are like your birthday candle: short and with a quickly burning life span.
  • 😀 Happy Birthday. I might have sat on your present in the car so now it will smell like you: an old fart
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  • 😀 They say it’s your birthday and that you are now one year older. Here’s some wine to lessen the blow.
  • 😀 You have officially made it through another year of your life without killing someone. I am impressed and frankly, surprised.
  • 😀 Look on the bright side: now you can receive AARP magazines in your mailbox like your parents and grandparents do.
  • 😀 You might not be able to play football anymore, but getting the senior citizen’s discount at Dunkin’ Donuts makes it worth it.
  • 😀 How does it feel to be as old as you are? I wouldn’t know because I’m two years younger than you.
  • 😀 Before you know it, people will be saying age before beauty to you and meaning for you to go ahead of them.
  • 😀 Clerks will now feel embarrassed to card you because it is obvious you are not underage.
  • 😀 How does it feel to know that you’ll now look like the creepy old guy when you go to rock concerts?
  • 😀 One more year, and one more thing that goes snap, crackle, and pop that’s not your cereal but is part of you.
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  • 😀 They say the best gifts are the ones you haven’t got yet. Considering how many years you now have, I find it hard to believe there are any gifts you haven’t gotten yet.
  • 😀 Now people will offer you their seat on the subway and help you across the street without you even asking before hand.
  • 😀 This year we’re going to need to make a bigger cake to fit all of your candles. Happy birthday my friend!
  • 😀 The bright side is that you’re not as old as you’ll be next year. Enjoy your day!
  • 😀 They say the older you get the wiser you get. You must be as smart as Einstein by now!
  • 😀 There are so many birthday candles on your cake all we have to do is light one and they’ll all ignite. Happy birthday!
  • 😀 How is the view from over the hill? I hear you need glasses to see it clearly.
  • 😀 The upside to getting older is that you don’t have to worry about getting your hair cut because you don’t have any left.
  • 😀 I have 911 on speed dial for when we light your candles. It’s going to get pretty hot in here. Happy birthday my best friend!
  • 😀 Birthdays are like earwax. The more you have the harder it is to hear. Happy Birthday!
  • 😀 You’re so old you should stop buying super-sized shampoo bottles. You probably won’t make it long enough to finish the next one.
  • 😀 Sorry to break the news to you, but age isn’t just a number. It’s also a death sentence. Happy Birthday!
  • 😀 We were going to throw you a surprise party, but we didn’t want to give you a heart attack.
  • 😀 What was it like being alive when dinosaurs roamed the earth?
  • 😀 You know you are my best friend. Can you remember how nice it was to be young, healthy and have energy or was that too long ago? Happy Birthday!
  • 😀 We’ve already called the fire department. It’s safe to light your candles.
  • 😀 You’re one year older and one year closer to being bald and toothless. Happy birthday my best friend!
  • 😀 Smile while you still have teeth my friend, dance while you can still move and laugh while you still know what you’re laughing at.
  • 😀 If you think you look old now imagine what you’ll look like in ten years!
  • 😀 They say the best birthdays are the ones you haven’t had yet. Happy birthday!
  • 😀 If you ever forget how old you are you’ll always have me to remind you.
  • 😀 Out of the two of us I’m the funny, smart and good-looking one. You’re just the old one.
  • 😀 I remembered you like getting flowers on your birthday, but I brought you some nursing home brochures instead. I thought they’d be more useful.
  • 😀 We didn’t want to spend the time lighting all of those candles so we just lit a bonfire. Make a wish!
  • 😀 I will be always your best friend, so don’t worry. I’ll be around even when you’ve forgotten who I am. Happy birthday!
  • 😀 They say with age comes wisdom. You must be one of the wisest people I know.
  • 😀 I wish for you a cake big enough to fit all of your candles. Enjoy your birthday!
  • 😀 Don’t worry we’ll all pitch in this year and help you blow out your candles. We wouldn’t want to let the house burn down.
  • 😀 You are only as old as you act. You should stop acting your age. Happy birthday my best friend!
  • 😀 You’re going to start losing a lot of things. Your mind, your sight and your hearing will go first. Then your temper.
  • 😀 You know you’re old when your candles cost more than your cake.
  • 😀 By now you don’t have to worry about keeping your birthday wishes a secret. You’ve forgotten them before you blow the candles out!
  • 😀 You’re at the point in your life when all compliments are followed by “for your age”.
  • 😀 You’re getting so old that your hair color is going to have to start coming from a bottle.
  • 😀 What was it like being alive when George Washington was president? Enjoy your birthday!
  • 😀 You’re so old that your birth date is going to be in the history books next year.
  • 😀 This year I decided to get you a gift certificate to the hearing Dr. Believe me, you need to use it! Have a nice birthday!
  • 😀 Age is just a number, attitude is everything. Happy birthday!
  • 😀 You are as old as you look and as old as you feel. Happy birthday my best friend!
  • 😀 You look good for your age this year. Just wait till next year.


I enjoy the good things in life,
And, you, Friend, are one of the best.


Best friend birthday wishes
Funny Birthday Wishes for Best Friends
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A friend is someone with whom you dare to be yourself
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Funny Birthday Wishes for Best Friends
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Funny Birthday Wishes For Best Friends