Cute And Romantic Good Morning Messages for Wife

As a marriage gets through many difficulties and hard times, every morning you have the opportunity to make your wife’s morning brighter with a cute good morning message. Show your love and appreciation of her hard work as a wife and mother. Share it socially on Facebook, Pinterest, twitter or to any other social media you like, and show your feelings for her in public.

Read many cute and romantic good morning messages for wife, to help you write your own personal message and bring a big bright smile on her lips. Enjoy!

Romantic and Cute Good Morning Messages for Wife

  • Whether this coffee tastes like mud or ambrosia, the only sweetener I need is the love I have for you. Morning, honey.
  • The sun’s light may rise in the east, but my guiding star always rises next to me.
  • Every day is another day that gives me a reason to continue loving you. Good morning to the sweetest wife!
  • Life may be a chaotic storm, but regardless of its tumult, I know every morning has me tackling it with the woman I love most.
  • Every morning, I rise thinking that a goddess has chosen to appear in my bed. Then I rub my eyes and remember that I married her.
  • They say you’re supposed to count your blessings with each sunrise. My list is short and easy because of priority: you’re the only thing on it.

good morning my beautiful lady wife

  • Hold on for a minute. I know we’re hurried but I thought I should remind you how much spending each morning with you means to me.
  • Good morning to the beautiful woman who gives me peace, who gives my life joy, my existence reason and my bed a heater.
  • The say marriage is ordinary, but every day starts out extraordinary with you beside me each morning. Good morning to the love of my life!
  • They say the wedding is the best day of any couple’s life. The truth is that every subsequent morning has begun our best day together.
  • They say that its a precious thing to spend mornings with your wife. We should get rich so we can always fly away from the afternoon.
  • Sometimes, the only motivation I have to get out of bed is the fact that you’ve left it. Good morning my beautiful wife!

good morning to my beautiful wife

  • They say mornings are the perfect start, that they let you reflect on the past. When I look into your eyes, I only see the future.
  • Let’s check the morning checklist. Keys? Check. Coffee? Check. Breakfast burrito? Check. A morning kiss from my better half? Seems we skipped an item.
  • Hundreds of things drag me down each day, but your lovely face is the one thing that always lifts me up and motivates my day.
  • Even after making it a .wav of your voice, my mobile phone’s alarm is a poor substitute for hearing “wake up honey” from your mouth.
  • Between your scent, your hair, your voice and your eyes, you are the first thing I sense every morning. Good morning.
  • You have an amazing superpower; every time I wake up thinking the day is going to suck, you are right next to me, proving me wrong.
  • The sun may give the rooster a reason to crow, but it’s your radiance that inspires me to rise. Good morning my beautiful wife!
  • Even the coldest and dreariest of mornings fail to faze me when I’m cuddling with you under these covers.
  • Every day of our marriage makes it harder to tell I’m awake or dreaming because you occupy both of those worlds for me. Good morning, sweetness.
  • I didn’t die sleeping, right? I mean, I wake up and there’s this angelic woman laying next to me on a cloudy mass of covers.
  • Who needs a morning cup of coffee when I have your natural sweetness to get me through the day?
  • I begin every morning by expressing thanks for two things: my continued existence and the woman that gives me something to do with that existence.

Good morning to my one and only wife - good morning messages for wife

  • I don’t need to don my glasses or rub my eyes to see how beautiful you are each morning. Good morning my sweet wife.
  • Spending the morning waking up next to you is the only thing better than falling asleep with you in my arms.
  • No matter how dreary the morning weather, your radiance is what gives color to my life. Good morning my beautiful wife!
  • I’ve rarely dreamt since our wedding night. I think dreams lost their necessity ever since I married my dream girl. Good morning, by the way.
  • Morning. Sorry if I zoned out there. I was just staring to ensure I wasn’t dreaming that my dream girl was standing next to me.
  • You know, it’s really impressive how you are able to be amazing without lifting a finger. You stay in bed and keep it up. Love you!
  • Wise man say “Marriage is an aspiration, but waking next to one’s lover leads to continued admiration.”
  • I know that some people say a marriage leads into perfect mornings. My only issue with that claim is that mornings eventually turn into afternoons.
  • “Rise and shine” may be the common motivational phrase for getting up in the morning, but I just need to hear your voice to get going.

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  • Whenever I get up and I’m feeling sluggish, I just need a glimpse of you to supercharge my day. Good morning to the love of my life!
  • I know you needed to be up before the sun rose, but you looked so serene that I just could not bring myself to break perfection. Forgive me?
  • It may take you 30 minutes to perfect your nightlife look, but honestly? Your bed-head is the most appealing (and exclusive) look. I love you honey.
  • Every day, I fall asleep thinking “this was my best day,” then I wake up with love radiating off of you as if to correct me.
  • These quiet mornings when everything is still except for the rustling of the covers and the contented sighs of your dreams make every day worth it.
  • Whenever the guys mentions chasing their dream, I chime in, telling them that it is hardly a race when I start each day next to her.
  • Time to wake up honey! I may know what to expect from such an awesome woman, but the world will never see you coming.
  • I just thought I’d remind you my love has limits. I will stop loving these mornings together whenever a day doesn’t end in “Y.” Good morning to the love of my life!

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