50 Sweet & Happy Monday Morning Wishes

Monday mornings are hard. After a long weekend full of social activities and naps, going to work on a Monday morning can feel like the equivalent of climbing a mountain. An inspirational or caring message from a family member or friend can help you get through the day. Here are some examples of Monday morning wishes you can send to make someone’s day.

Inspirational and motivational Monday morning wishes

  1. ~ You can do this today! Thinking of you all day long on this beautiful Monday morning.
  2. ~ Good morning and happy Monday! Just a reminder that you are special and amazing! You will do great things today and this week.
  3. ~ Hey! I loved seeing you this weekend! It’s always so fulfilling to spend time with you – thank you for being so kind and compassionate.
  4. ~ I’ve been thinking of you this morning and I just wanted to tell you how much you mean to me. I love you!
  5. ~ I know you have a tough week at work today but I know you’re going to do great! You are so smart and capable.
  6. ~ Today is a new day with no mistakes in it yet. Make the most of it today.

Saturday Morning Messages – Happy, Motivational & Funny

  1. ~ Set goals today and reach for the sky! You never know what you can accomplish unless you try.
  2. ~ I know Monday’s aren’t your favorite, but they are another day full of possibilities. Live your Monday to the fullest.
  3. ~ Mondays are a fresh start to the week. Use yours to try something new today
  1. ~ This is your weekly reminder that you are amazing, beautiful and capable. Go let your light shine to the world.
  2. ~ I hope you choose to have an awesome day today, even though it’s a Monday. Remember: even Monday’s are mind over matter!
  3. ~ Even though it’s a Monday, stay positive today. This can set the tone for your whole week. Embrace your Monday with positivity and vivacity.

35 Motivational Good Morning Messages

  1. ~ Mondays are a great day to take on new challenges. I hope you feel the motivation to conquer the world today.
  2. ~ Don’t forget to be your awesome self today: the world will thank you for it.
  3. ~ Grab a cup of coffee and put your shirt on straight. Let’s do this day.
  4. ~ When you wake up and it’s Monday, show Monday what you can do. I hope you conquer all of your adventures and challenges today.
  5. ~ A Monday means a new start in life. Take your Monday to evaluate what you can do for the world and others today.
  6. ~ It’s a great day to be alive. Don’t forget to show the world your sparkle and shine.
  7. ~ It’s a great day to work hard, achieve all your goals, and be yourself. Embrace today to the fullest!

Romantic Good Morning Messages For Your Lover

  1. ~ May morning blessings rain down on you today and may all of your dreams come true.
  2. ~ Don’t forget to give back today. Look for ways to be kind to those around you and have good self care. You will thank yourself for it.
  3. ~ I just wanted to remind you that no matter the day of the week, you have a friend in me.
  4. ~ Motivation comes from within. Embrace today with a positive and happy mindset to be the best you can today.

Funny & Happy Monday morning wishes

  1. ~ You can do this today! Thinking of you all day long on this beautiful Monday morning.
  2. ~ Good morning and happy Monday! Just a reminder that you are special and amazing! You will do great things today and this week.
  3. ~ Try your best and don’t get in any fights- that’s all your boss can ask. Happy Monday.
  4. ~ Monday is a great day to conquer the world…or just get out of bed.
  5. ~ I hope you got out of bed this morning ready to kick some butt like you always do.
  6. ~ Only 5 days left for the weekend. Monday is basically a Friday, just at the beginning of the week.
  7. ~ I know you probably rolled out of bed this morning, had 8 cups of coffee and put on your pants backwards before work, but try to keep your head on straight.

Cute And Romantic Good Morning Messages for Wife

  1. ~ Monday gets a bad rap. What did it ever do to you? Probably just exist. Enjoy today! It’ll be over before you know it.
  2. ~ The news just announces that Mondays are cancelled. You can go back to bed.
  3. ~ Keep calm and pretend it’s Friday and not Monday. Reality is only what you make of it.
  4. ~ Seize the day! I hope you embrace today with positivity and energy. Coffee might help.
  5. ~ Are you surviving on your Monday morning? Probably not. I would recommend going back to bed and pretending it never happened.
  6. ~ Get out of bed and pretend you know what you’re doing. Your boss is probably doing the same.
  7. ~ My boss told me this morning “you look terrible” and the only thing I could come up with was “thanks, you too.”
  8. ~ Are you experiencing severe exhaustion, lack of motivation, regrets from the weekend and a bad attitude? It must be a Monday.
  9. ~ I’m currently contemplating what’s worse: unemployment or going to the office on a Monday morning. I can’t decide but I only have 10 minutes until work and still haven’t gotten up.
  10. ~ Happy Friday’s eve eve eve eve. Only 4 more days until the weekend. Hang in there, friend.
  11. ~ We’re all in this together. Even if I wish we weren’t. I would gladly let you do Monday morning on your own.

Cute And Romantic Good Morning Messages for Wife

  1. ~ When the alarm goes off on a Monday morning and you don’t want to open your eyes just remember you only have 4 more days to the week left.
  2. ~ Last night I had a nightmare that it was Monday morning and my alarm was going off. And then I woke up and realized it was true.
  3. ~ I’m usually done adulting by 8 am on my Monday morning. Today I made it to 9 am.
  4. ~ Do you ever wish that time travel was possible so you could just skip every Monday morning?
  5. ~ If Monday had a face it would look constipated, exhausted and in agonizing pain.