35 Meaningful Birthday Wishes For Special Friends

There are a variety of ways to say happy birthday to someone. But in this post you can find some meaningful birthday wishes for special friends to honor and celebrate their birthday without using the standard and flat Happy Birthday.

Use a birthday wish from the list below and his birthday will be a lot more special and meaningful. Happy birthday my friend!

35 Special Birthday Wishes for Friends to Share

  • Another year has gone by for you. May your next year be filled with smiles, discoveries and adventures! Wishing you an adventurous and happy birthday!
  • On this day of your birth may you have many things to celebrate. And may you have even more things to celebrate on each future birthday!
  • I hope your birthday is more than just happy. May your special day be filled with laughter, celebration, excitement, and love!
  • You are one of those people who is always putting others before you. On your birthday be sure you take some time and pamper yourself! You deserve it!

Birthday Wishes For Special Friends

  • A birthday candle only glows for so long. I hope your next year glows brightly and is filled with successes and celebrations each day!
  • Birthday presents are fun to get. But I hope the next year presents you with a wealth of opportunities: opportunities to laugh, smile and enjoy happiness. Happy Birthday my dear Friend!
  • While you continue to gain another number in your age each year, may the number of smiles, happy memories, and celebrations increase as well!
  • My wish for you on your birthday is to have a year full of wonderful – wonderful people in your life, wonderful moments, and wonderful memories that last a lifetime!
  • Today may be the first day of a new age, but I hope it’s the start of many new, great starts. Wishing you a year filed with new, exciting experiences!
  • Instead of just a single birthday wish coming true, I wish I could grant you 365 wishes for the forthcoming year!
  • If your birthday wish doesn’t automatically come true, then go chase after it. Happy Birthday my Friend!
  • Have a wonderful birthday! May today, as well as everyday, contain an element of surprise and wonder.
  • May your birthday be filled with several non-material gifts. Hope you are full of love and happiness to last another year!
  • Today may be your birthday, but I hope the festivities continue well beyond. Live each day in celebration and enjoy each moment!
  • Some people like grand birthday celebrations, while some prefer something more intimate. However you choose to celebrate, just celebrate YOU!
  • May your candles glow brightly on your birthday, but may your inner glow shine the brightest. Happy Birthday my dear Friend!

Special Birthday Wishes For Friends - Happy Birthday my dear friend

  • Your birthday shouldn’t be just a celebration of your age. Your individuality, spunk, and one-of-a-kind personality is what makes the day worth celebrating!
  • It doesn’t seem fair that we get to celebrate your birthday only once a year. Your sense of humor and sparkling personality deserves a party 365 days a year!
  • Birthday candles are made of wax, and birthday cake is mostly sugar. But you are just the right balance of sweetness and spice. So, cheers to you on your special day!
  • Some birthdays are good, while others are quite lousy. I’m really hoping that a wonderful person like you has a fantastic birthday this year!
  • Birthdays are the yearly reminder that we are not immortal. Hope it’s a good one at least.

You are not getting old you are getting better - birthday wishes for friends

  • My wish for you on this special day is that you eat too much cake, get bombarded with birthday messages, and are filled with too much joy!
  • Congratulations on aging another year. We all knew you could do it. Now go eat some birthday cake for all your hard work.
  • Rather than celebrating the fact that your age changed, I think we should acknowledge some of your accomplishments; you have so much to be proud of!
  • You don’t just carry your age with grace and style, you carry your self with grace and style too! Cheers to one classy individual on their special day!
  • Today is your special day. Sing proudly and loudly – even if it is off-key. Happy Birthday my Friend!
  • It’s always a bummer to work on your birthday. Make the most of it and maybe you’ll even get a free lunch!
  • It’s your birthday! Be bold! Be daring! Be brash! Wear your birthday suit! (Okay, maybe not that last one…)

You are older today than yesterday - Birthday wishes for friends

  • It doesn’t need to be your birthday for me to tell you how special and wonderful you are. But since your birthday is here, I thought I’d mention that you are special and wonderful!
  • May you carry the festivities of your latest birthday in your heart and be able to relive the joyous moments in the future.
  • I feel like I’m receiving a gift by being able to celebrate your birthday with you. May your day be as special as you!
  • You are awesome! Since it is your birthday and all, I just wanted to make sure I told you that!
  • For every candle that’s on your cake, you have done something amazing in your life. Let the birthdays and accomplishments continue!
  • You have taken so many steps to get where you are now. On your birthday, may you feel proud and accomplished!
happy birthday to my adventurous friend
Special Birthday Wishes For Friends