Love Poems Collection ~ The Love Of My Life

Love has the power to inspire everyone. Feeling in love, brings out the most romantic and cute side of our personalities.

Love poems can be the most romantic way to express our feelings, that are hiding deep inside our heart. They don’t have to be long. Just a short love poem can describe it all.

Here is a collection of short poems about love for your lover, husband or wife, with the general title “The Love Of My Life”.

You can write them to wedding invitations and greeting cards or they can also be a part of your wedding vow, your wedding anniversary wishes and finally your romantic birthday wishes and messages to your lover.

The Love Of My Life

Our Special Bond

A special bond we share,
Is like no other,
Nothing can break us,
Our love is true,
Blissful as can be,
Just like the breeze,
Our love is strong,
Love holds us fast together.

My Wish

My love is yours,
My wish I seek,
To have your warmth next to me,
My luscious lips want to feel you,
As my fingers roam over you,
As my heart beats fast,
And we embrace our love,
Our hearts become one.

What I Love About You

I love the way you your brown eyes sparkle,
Your lovingly tender kisses,
Your warmth and gentle touch,
I love the way you hold me,
And call me your gal,
The touch of your lips as we kiss,
The feel of your body next to mine,
I love the way you smile,
The tender look you give me lets me know your mine.

You Complete My Soul

You bring happiness when I am blue,
You take the loneliness out of the day,
Your compassion keeps me going,
Your strong strive towards life gives me hope,
Our love brings togetherness,
As our hearts bring us love,
With the tenderness we share brings fulfilling life,
That’s why I know you’re my soul mate.

The Day We Met

I see come into the room,
You look my way,
We smile at each other,
Unsure of what to say,
We begin to dance,
I melted as you held me,
Wanting to never let go,
Love at first site,
You stole my heart that day.

Love of a Family

You’re my handsome man,
Strong and masculine as can be,
I’m your woman,
Beautiful as the sunshine,
Our body’s become one,
As our bond gets stronger,
We become three,
Then soon there were four.

Beautiful Sunshine

Your beauty is like the Sunshine,
You brighten the room,
I long to be with you,
Just for a little while,
I must see your beautiful face,
Let me hold you close to me,
Your touch is over whelming,
I melt when I am in your arms.

Beneath Your Hold

My love for you caught me like the wind,
It’s like the beauty of the mountain top,
The way a bird fly’s in the sky,
The way the sunshine warms my face,
The way the flowers bloom in the spring time,
The way the fish swim in the sea,
As you hold me like a white cloud,
I melt beneath your hold.

I Can’t Get You Out Of My Mind

My thoughts are of you,
I daydream of you when we are apart,
Your name is engraved in my heart,
My happiness is from you,
You’re my soul mate that I finally found,
My life journey belongs with you,
Your touch is so divine,
your embrace is electrifying.

I Will Love You Forever

I love you so genuinely and true,
I love your kind and loving heart,
You bring joy into my life,
My love for you will never die,
My love is stronger each and every passing day,
I hold your heart close to mine,
I treasure the love we share,
And joy we bring each other.

Fallen For You

I have fallen so quickly,
You have stolen my heart,
My heart lays in your hands,
Hold me tight within your arms,
Bring my heart close to yours,
Feel my body next to yours,
I am so lost in our love,
I have fallen so quickly.

Love Is

Love is a wonderful feeling,
Love is Joy,
Love is Happiness,
Love is Beautiful,
Love is how I feel with you,
Love is so gratifying to my soul,
Love is so strong,
Love can bring you pleasure

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Your smile is the key to unlock my Heart.
Lave has no Labels
Lave has no Labels
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Short Love Poems Collection ~ The Love Of Life