Happy Women’s Day Quotations, Wishes And Messages

We appreciate all the women in our lives for making us happy and for loving us. The compassionate and tender love of women makes this crazy world a better place to live in regardless of the challenges. Let us make our moms, wives, daughters, sisters, and others feel special by dedicating to them loving messages on Women’s Day.
Read along for a long list of beautiful and happy Women’s Day quotations, wishes and lovely messages that can uplift the spirits of your special ladies.

Happy Women's Day Quotations Messages

Lovely Happy Women’s Day Quotations

• As my mother, you were my first teacher. I learned to pronounce my first words through your inspiration and coaching. Thanks for the protection. Enjoy your great day!

• Women are the originators of life. Everything around us starts with the input of a woman. We must appreciate and love the women in our lives. Cheers to the women!

• Women are the light of our everyday life. They inspire us to become the best versions of ourselves. On this Women’s Day, let us never forget how they make every day worth living.

• Celebrating this one day of the woman is not enough to appreciate her as she deserves. Every day in a woman’s life, she is touching lives with her tender love and care. Let us celebrate women each day.

• Today is the day of the woman. Women are light and sources of happiness. Without them, our lives would be very dull. Thank you, women, for making us complete.

• On this occasion, we honor strong women! You will not see a more resilient person than a woman. No matter what may come her way, a woman bears it all with courage and protection for her family.

• I dedicated this day to my mother as the best woman I have ever known. When I need comfort, you have always been there for me. When I almost lost hope, you gave me the encouragement that only a woman can give. Enjoy!

• Since you became my wife, I found the other half of me and became complete. Your love and care make my life a better experience every day. As you mar Women’s Day, know that I adore you.

• A woman is a hero. She protects her family with the courage and fierceness of a lioness. It is an auspicious day to appreciate the strength of a woman and mother.

• Women’s day reminds me that I would never wish to live in this or the next life without women. The beautiful faces I see with our mothers, daughters, sisters, and wives are a loving reassurance that life is indeed beautiful. Have a special day!

8 March Women's Day Quotations Messages

• Why would this day go without merry-making and fun? The very definition of joy in our lives is the existence of women. Enjoy yourself on this auspicious occasion of International Women’s Day.

• I love you for being you. Keep on being the person you are. You inspire me so much that I would never wish to go back to that time when I had not known you. You deserve happiness, and this day reminds you that you are unique.

• When God created you, he took his time because he wanted me to share my life with an adorable queen. Let this occasion be unique and full of joy. I take Women’s Day as a thanksgiving moment, for God has given me a gift of you.

• Everything you touch, you mold it into a better version of its former self. Because of you, I am now a better man. On this special occasion, may the world bow at your feet in admiration.

• Dear Mom, God cannot be everywhere all the time. So he created you as his angel to guide and protect me. That you for bringing me into this world and showing me the steps. Happy Women’s Day, Mom!

• This dedication is my simple way of making you feel special because you deserve it. Let it be a day of appreciating your beauty, intelligence, determination, and desire to succeed in life.

• Dear woman, today is your day! May you experience its beauty and the honor that comes with it. I wish you happiness during this Women’s Day.

• My life without you would have been a mess. I am grateful that you are the pillar of strength, love, and care. Women’s day honors great women like you.

• A woman is the only person who can put on a deep smile every day despite the challenges she may have gone through. We respect them for this unique mark of strength. The importance of this day underscores the magical ability of a woman.

• May you blossom and prosper in all the days of your life. You gave us life, Mom. Let life never drain you but fill you with all the goodness that you desire.

• This day is for great women like you, Mom. If I were to be a woman, I would be like my mother. In you, I see the ideal mother, wife, grandmother, and sister to your loved ones.

• No man can remain strong before the strength of a woman. Your strength humbles even the most powerful rulers of the world. Women’s day reminds us of that strength and the need to appreciate our women.

• Do you know why we make all the effort to make our women happy? Because they give us happiness, and they deserve to be happy too. Congratulations, ladies, on this particular day for women.

• We thank God for bringing women into our lives. Every time we see them, our hearts leap with joy. Women are the reason we men groom. It is in their honor that we celebrate this big day.

• I dedicate this Women’s Day to my dear daughter, with whom I am pleased. Thanks for being daddy’s sweet girl all through. Congratulations on this special day as a big, beautiful, and intelligent lady.

• Today reminds me that I have a gem for a woman in my life. I do not take for granted the fact that I am sharing my life with you. I will always love and cherish you, darling. Enjoy this great day.

• Do you know why this Women’s Day is will be such a memorable occasion? It will be memorable because you grace it with your greatness. May you enjoy this Women’s day to the fullest.

• Happy Women’s Day to all women who play the role of father and mother for their children. Single mothers can go all the way to make sure their kids never lack. Congratulations!

• Women’s day reminds me that I have a wonderful Mother-In-Law for raising a real man. You gave birth to the man that makes me feel special. I cannot celebrate this wonderful day without acknowledging your significant role.

• There are women, and then there is you, my love. On this occasion of Women’s Day, I declare that I could not have been myself without your love. Let this day make one of your most memorable moments.

• Dear women, God created you after men and made sure you came out as the perfect masterpiece. We, the people who adore you, set aside this day to express our appreciation and adoration for you.

• I would never seek to understand a woman. Instead, I would always give the best of love to the women in life. We cannot let this Women’s Day pass without honoring you, Mom, Wife, Daughter, Sister, Aunt, and friend!

• To me, every day is Women’s Day for my love. You are as unique each day as you were the previous day. Yet, you still deserve to be happy on this special day. I pray that this day brings you all the happiness that you deserve.

• You gave me beautiful kids from the fruit of your womb. I am a proud Daddy because of you. I am proud of you. Congratulations on this special occasion.

• I wish you a very happy occasion for all the women who work hard and never give up. I pray that success follows you always. I pray that you always remain strong.