80 Scary Halloween Wishes And Messages – Happy Halloween!

Angry witches, wild pumpkins, scary skeletons, and lots lots of fun! It’s Halloween! Find the best and unique collection of scary Halloween wishes and messages and for this unique festive Day! Send special messages to your special persons and let them know that you think of them on Halloween day! Are you Scared?!

Halloween wishes

Halloween Wishes and Scary Messages

  • 😈 May all your WITCHES come true on this special day!
  • 😈 Who let the ghosts out? They haunt all day and party all night!
  • 😈 Strut and dance like Frankenstein, it’s time for a Halloween wine and dine!
  • 😈 Light up the streets with your lanterns and Halloween cheers!
  • 😈 It’s not Valentine’s Day but candies and sweets will come your way!
  • 😈 The witching hour has begun, go and spread some spooky fun!
  • 😈 Dance to the Halloween beat and fill your baskets with some treats!

Halloween messages and wishes

  • 😈 Sleek and elegant, hear them black cats purr in delight for Halloween has come!
  • 😈 Know no fear, leave your sadness, enjoy the Halloween and harness your powers!
  • 😈 Round and scary, look around and enjoy as pumpkins are the best Halloween veggies you will ever see!

45 Good Night Messages for Friends ~ No More Sleepless Nights

  • 😈 Stomp on the muddy ground and let out a celebratory Halloween shout!
  • 😈 Cobwebs have never shone so bright like on this Halloween night!
  • 😈 Pumpkins lying on the ground, feel your heartbeat quicken as you run around!
  • 😈 Cats and bats flying around, join them with your ride and don’t forget your hat!
  • 😈 When you’re afraid, listen to the cackles and your fear will fade.
  • 😈 Wishing you a basket full of sweets and a night full of spooks!

Halloween wishes, messages, quotes

  • 😈 It’s that time of the year, of spooky dΓ©cor, may your night be filled with horror!
  • 😈 October is almost over, Halloween is here, listen to that evil laugh from somewhere really near!
  • 😈 Give them candies and scare them a bit, this Halloween, you will be a hit!
  • 😈 Be very still, just sit, then surprise them as you shout and greet them, β€œTrick or treat!”
  • 😈 Monsters can smell you even after you shower, do not blink until Halloween is over!
  • 😈 On air, they ride, looking beautiful in the dark just like the Corpse Bride!
  • 😈 Black cats are out partying, black bats are freely flying!
  • 😈 The moon is laughing looking down, be my Halloween Queen I have prepared your crown!
  • 😈 Listen to the whisper of the moon, the spooks and scares are coming very soon!
  • 😈 Halloween is finally here, you’ll hear the ghosts celebrate even when you cover your ears!
  • 😈 Go and play with goblins and fell the tickling prick of witches’ pins! Happy Halloween!
  • 😈 It’s time to get tipsy and scared with all your naughty and nice friends!

Scary Halloween wishes, messages, quotes

  • 😈 Listen for movements in the bushes, it’s the night when dark creatures are at their best!
  • 😈 Shadows follow and disappear, tonight you should go and conquer your fear!
  • 😈 It’s the time of the year again, let the trick and treating begin! Happy Halloween!
  • 😈 See the sliver of the moon, wolves will be howling for Halloween soon!
  • 😈 Today the mysterious creatures meet, they are waiting just by your feet!
  • 😈 The monsters are making their plans while the ghosts around them dance!
  • 😈 Halloween greetings are in order, tonight when the darkness harnesses its powers!
  • 😈 Tonight is the night, let us fill the world with fright!

Trick or Treat? Halloween scary wishes

  • 😈 Scary faces fill the streets, with smiles on faces and dirt on their tired feet!
  • 😈 Wear your costume and get ready, while the darkness looks scary and the air feels icy!
  • 😈 Red is the color of blood, Halloween is the season for the scared and the mad!
  • 😈 Red is for blood, black is for darkness, I would love to spend Halloween with you, I confess!

Happy Halloween Wishes!

  • 😈 Tonight do not look in the mirror, you might make a frightening error!
  • 😈 The streets are filled with spooks, with steely, scary, hungry looks!
  • 😈 It’s Halloween! It’s time for a bash! Just make sure than you don’t turn the house into ash!

Funny Good Night Messages for Friends

  • 😈 It’s time to take a break and listen to the spooky sounds that nature makes!
  • 😈 Wrapped like mummies, long dead, now it’s time to get up from your bed!
  • 😈 Vampires thirst for blood looking for those who feel sad!
  • 😈 Fun and fright, let us party and never stop until we see the sunlight!
  • 😈 Trick the eyes and see unexplainable things, give them treats until the wolves sing!
  • 😈 Lanterns cast eerie glows while the laughter of witches continues to flow!
  • 😈 Tonight I am your jack-o-lantern, how to party, you will learn! Happy Halloween!
  • 😈 Hallows eve is coming, you should get up and start dancing!
  • 😈 Learn from those pumpkins, take it easy, just smile and cast your light so others will see!
Welcome to our Halloween party!
Welcome to our Halloween party!
  • 😈 Take the skeletons out of the closet, it’s time to celebrate with the dead! Happy Halloween!
  • 😈 Halloween can also be romantic like Valentine’s, if you would let me call you mine!
  • 😈 Little black feline friends prowl, mysterious monsters growl, enjoy your candies in a bowl!
  • 😈 Say hello to gleaming pumpkins, be careful not to bump frightening decorated bins!
  • 😈 Here is a toast for Halloween, may it be loads of fun more than it has always been!
  • 😈 Enjoy the darkest night, with just the pumpkins providing light!
  • 😈 See the shadows rise, getting scared is your sure prize!
  • 😈 Hear that mysterious whisper, hear the slow and heavy steps of the undertaker!
  • 😈 The trees are waving, the shadows are hiding, may you have a fun time trick or treating!
  • 😈 A big tight hug to you I am giving because you deserve some spooky loving!
  • 😈 In the name of Halloween, anything I will do, to see your priceless reaction when I shout, β€œBoo!”
  • 😈 Bone Voyage if you are traveling this Halloween, savor the fear that you are feeling!
  • 😈 Best witches to my best friend, unlike Halloween, our friendship will never end!
  • 😈 Tonight you look so boo-tiful, you are a red target to the ghoul and not the bull!
  • 😈 Fright night feels so right, may you have fun the whole night!
  • 😈 It’s not about the candies, not about the sweets, it’s all about the rush of shouting, β€œTrick of treat!”
  • 😈 Christmas is wished to be merry, Halloween is wished to be happy!
  • 😈 Jack, Jason, and Jigsaw, say hello to hellish Halloween horrors!
  • 😈 Enjoy the scary sights under the glow of the moon so bright!
  • 😈 A mysterious invisible killer, the night will be a classic thriller!
  • 😈 Black cats will never get old, even with the Halloween cold!
  • 😈 A black cat, a black bat, a haunted house dweller – choose your Halloween greetings messenger!
  • 😈 If you feel scared, that is normal, do not worry, I’ll be your Halloween pal!
  • 😈 Witness the magic tonight, as even the bravest souls feel the fright!
  • 😈 The moonlight and the pumpkins, no light can even save you from the darkness tonight!
  • 😈 Happy and scary is a strange combination, definitely a valid reason for celebration!
  • 😈 A promise of mayhem looms around, in nooks and crannies frightening sights are found!
  • 😈 Mischief will catch you off-guard, just like a scary Halloween greeting card!
  • 😈 Like a vampire thirsty for blood, take a bite and enjoy the night!
  • 😈 Fly with me, up, up and away, just say yes and make my day!
  • 😈 Something’s behind you I cannot tell what, looks like a black slinky cat! Happy Halloween!
  • 😈 Beware, Halloween has come, listen to the ghosts as they jam!
  • 😈 Slowly, they rise again, with silently they watch the party with their ruffled mane! Happy Halloween!
  • 😈 Listen as the breeze whisper Halloween wishes, as you hear falling and breaking invisible dishes!
  • 😈 Halloween may come once, but behind you the ghouls will remain and dance!
  • 😈 Light your lanterns one by one, the night of spooks has finally begun!
  • 😈 The ghosts love to haunt, they also love to dance, join them as they lightly bounce!
  • 😈 Good luck and well wishes for Halloween for on this night, no ghost will come to rest!
  • 😈 Feel your bones tingle as you enter the Halloween jungle!
  • 😈 Witches fly so fast, have a Happy Halloween and memories that will last!
  • 😈 On this night, the darkness will win, have a Happy Halloween!
  • 😈 Watch the light flicker, feel the spooky breeze, it’s time to hunt for fright and treats!
  • 😈 A Halloween party is perfect right now, dance to the loud music of the black cats’ meow!
  • 😈 Halloween is always spooktacular it reaches any place no matter how far!
  • 😈 It’s time to get movin’, it’s time to boogie, the wolves are howlin’ darkness it the key!
  • 😈 Best witches to my best bud, Halloween is never a time to be sad!
  • 😈 Trick or treat, fight or fright, have the spookiest time tonight!
  • 😈 Imagine carved beauties lying all around, it’s time to get creative with your pumpkins in the yard!