50 Get Well Soon Messages for Friends

Be supportive to your close friends by sending a caring, and heartfelt get well message to them. Make your friends forget for a while the stressful time of their illness, by showing them that you are there to support and love them.

Wish a speedy recovery from this unfortunate situation and feel better as soon as possible. If you are not comfortable with words, we wrote an impressive list of “get well soon wishes for friends” to share with your beloved persons.

Get well soon messages for friends

Heartfelt Get Well Soon Messages for Friends

  • ♠ May God’s healing power radiate through every part of your body, filling you with energy and light. Get well soon, friend!
  • ♠ Prayers for healing and peace as you go through this challenging season. Wishing you a speedy recovery!
  • ♠ You are loved more than you will ever know. Many prayers for you to get back to your regular routine again soon.
  • ♠ Keep your thoughts positive, and your heart filled with faith. God will see you through this. You will get well soon, my friend!
  • ♠ I constantly pray to find the strength to face this day, and for you to find joy amid the pain.

Get Well Soon Messages For Loved Ones

  • ♠ May the path to healing be short and straight. Sending you all my positive vibes to get well soon, dude!
  • ♠ May you rise above this illness like prayers rising to heaven. Praying for God’s healing light and restoration of your body and soul.
  • ♠ How unfortunate to hear that you are ill! May God keep the pain away and help you for a speedy recovery. Get well soon, buddy!
  • ♠ I know brighter days are ahead for you, my friend. Sending you sunshine and warm hugs.
  • ♠ I know you’re feeling crummy, but you are the toughest cookie I know. Feel better soon.
  • ♠ Your laughter is infectious. Literally. But once you’re well, I have some good jokes for you so I can hear you laugh again.
  • ♠ Sending an epidemic of getting well wishes soon your way. My sincere wishes for your speedy recovery!
  • I hope soon to discover that you’re fully recovered! Feel better soon, my friend.
  • ♠ Make time to relax, eat well, and be still,
    And soon your body will completely heal.

  • ♠ I’m praying for that day to arrive quickly, friend.

  • ♠ Friend, you’re in my thoughts and in my prayers, and I’m asking God for mends and repairs.

  • ♠ I hope your sickness is short and mild ’cause I look forward to seeing you smile. I love you, dear friend.

  • ♠ Friend, how I miss you and all of your ways. I’m praying for you to see better days.

  • ♠ Friend, take all your pills, and get over those chills. Do not, I must stress, look at the bills!

  • ♠ Through the highs and the lows, through all of your woes, remember God sees you and won’t let you go.

  • ♠ This old sickness has to go! I need my friend back more than you know. Feel better soon!

  • ♠ You’re sick? Heal quick! I miss seeing you, friend.

  • ♠ Your illness has made me sick at heart. Sending you love and prayers for a quick recovery.
  • ♠ I hear you’re sneezing and wheezing. Don’t you hate allergy season? I’m sorry you are feeling bad.
  • ♠ I’m sick and tired of you being sick and tired. I hope you’ll get well soon!
  • ♠ May the healing love of God wrap around you like a soft blanket. I hope you feel much better soon!
  • ♠ Are you in the hospital? I’ll pray for the doctors and nurses because they won’t know what hit them!

Get Well Soon and speedy recovery

  • ♠ Your smile has always been contagious, but now I hear the rest of you is too! Wishing you a speedy recovery.
  • ♠ I’m sorry to hear you have a bug. Until you’re well, enjoy an air hug.
  • ♠ Since you can’t come to school right now, focus on the three R’s: rest, recovery, and recuperation!
  • ♠ I’m not the same without you! Hoping you recover quickly, and get back to being my sidekick.

Encouraging messages for speedy recovery

  • ♠ I heard you were under the weather. I’ll be holding an umbrella of friendship over you until you feel better.
  • ♠ I know you’re going to bounce back like a rabbit on a trampoline! My best wishes for your quick recovery!
  • ♠ Drink hot tea and enjoy lots of chicken soup! You are too special to be sick!
  • ♠ Sending hugs and kisses, and recovery wishes! You will get well soon, my friend!
  • ♠ If you’re going to be sick, you best make it quick! Miss you so much, my friend!
  • ♠ Asking God to send you gentle healing and an “I am loved” feeling.
  • ♠ May the therapy of friendship, good wishes, and positive thinking get you well soon.
  • ♠ It may be one day at a time and an uphill battle, but you can do this, and I’m here to help you through it.
  • ♠ Blowing you kisses and lots of good wishes! Get well soon!
  • ♠ Get lots of rest ’til you feel your best. I miss you, friend!
  • ♠ I’m sorry for your issues; sending lots of tissues! You will get well soon, friend!
  • ♠ Whatever you want, whatever you need, I’ll handle it with love and speed! Spend your energy on getting well.
  • ♠ Life is gloomy without you. I hope you get your sparkle back soon.
  • ♠ Don’t let the flu make you blue. Sending love and kisses from the get well crew.
  • ♠ I wrote a prescription for you: Take two doses of fresh air and sunshine daily, followed by nights of good, restful sleep. Call me in the morning for encouragement and love.
  • ♠ Quickly, soon, pronto, in a jiffy. That’s when I want you to be well. My best wishes for your quick recovery!
  • ♠ My mind is filled with thoughts about you, and you are in my prayers, too. I ask God to strengthen you and fill you with His loving peace.
  • ♠ May the healing fairy fly through your window tonight and sprinkle magic remedies on you.

Get Well Messages After Surgery

  • ♠ I hate to hear that you’re sick. I’m coming to give you the pampering and encouragement you deserve.
  • ♠ Through the highs and the lows, I’m here for you through the journey.
  • ♠ I hope this message brings you cheer. I miss you and know that you will be back soon.
  • ♠ You are not going through this alone. I am here for you. Praying for complete healing and the quick return of your strength.
  • ♠ Even when you’re sick, you inspire me with your strength and positive attitude. Thanks for giving me strength as I watch you fight. You will be victorious.
  • ♠ As the love of family and friends surrounds you, may you take comfort in knowing that our minds continuously think of you and that we are seeking God’s provision for you daily.
  • ♠ Let faith be your medicine and friendship be your cure.
  • ♠ Checking in to let you know I’m thinking of you every day and looking forward to you getting back to your old self.
  • ♠ Breathe in the healing wishes and messages of hope being sent your way, and feel better soon.
  • ♠ I hope you can feel the warmth and compassion of the many prayers being said for your healing. You are unique to so many.