Get Well Messages After Surgery

Being hospitalized after surgery is not something fun to experience. Loneliness and boredom will be patients’ only companion when visit time is over. Therefore people tend to bring them some small gifts such as beautiful plants, crossword puzzle books, novels or even cards. Those things can be a good distraction for them during their stay in the hospital. A card is something that often appears in a patient’s room.

Not only is it cheap but it also contains words that can amuse and encourage the patients to be more relax which will later speed up their recovery. But finding the right words to write on a card is not always that easy. Therefore we provide you a list of encouraging get well messages after surgery which you can choose to suit your situation.

Encouraging Get Well Messages After Surgery

  • → I was so sad when I heard about what had happened to you. Nothing has been the same since you were hospitalized. So quickly recover my dear because we are all waiting for you to lighten our gathering again.
  • → I wish I had Aladdin’s lamp so that I could ask for a super fast recovery pill to give to you and you could recover in seconds.
  • → I bring along a bouquet of your favorite flowers to the hospital so that when I am not there, you won’t be lonely as you can feel my presence and my love for you in it.
  • → My dear, do you know that I have been so lonely since you were hospitalized? Please quickly recover so that we can spend time doing things together again.
  • → Hi (name). Our classroom is no longer fun, lessons become more and more boring, teachers become more and more impatient as the smartest student is being hospitalized. So quickly recover and save us from this frustrating situation. Can’t wait any longerrrr……. See you soon.
  • → We wish you a speedy recovery as without your jokes in our lives, everything is not as colorful as before.
  • → I want to eat the (name of food) that you make. (food) that others make will never taste the same as yours because there is no your love sprinkled in it. So could you please quickly recover because your loyal fan here is starting to starve.

Get Well Soon Messages For Loved Ones

  • → My dear, I’m so sorry to hear about the difficult time you have been through. Don’t worry about that again. Just leave all the pain and bad memories behind and quickly recover so that we can create new beautiful memories again
  • → Dear (name). I wish you a quick recovery so that we can hang out together again.
  • → Nothing is more shocking than knowing you being hospitalized. We will pray for you so that you can quickly recover and go back to join us here. Working time feels so long without you telling us jokes
  • → My dear, the recent surgery you have been through is the evidence of your bravery in facing difficult times in life. I’m very proud of you. I will always pray for your speedy recovery. Can’t wait for you to come back to my side
  • → Dear honey. With all of my love and our children’s, we wish you a speedy recovery so that you can quickly come back home. The kids miss you so much and so do I. We are looking forward to that day
  • → We are happy to know that the surgery went well. Can’t wait for you to come back soon. Life has never been the same since you were hospitalized. Keep being strong so that you can quickly recover. We will always pray for your speedy recovery from here.

Get Well Soon Messages For Friends

  • → Do you know how much we miss you, mum? Without you here, everything is so boring. We will never be used to the absence of you in our family. So, quickly come back mum
  • → I wish you a quick recovery, long last health and a new beginning of happier life. Don’t worry. Surgery got rid of not only your illness but also your bad luck. So be happy as it went well. Love you always my dear.
  • → My dear, no one is happier than me to know that your surgery went well. May you be always blessed with good health. Can’t wait to have you back to my side.
  • → I wish I could grant you healthy life forever. But life is not what we expect it to be and then it will be. Don’t worry as you will always have me by your side to accompany you going through this difficult time. I will always pray for your road to recovery to be smooth and short.
  • → Do you remember this (thing)? I bring it here so that whenever you see it, you will be happy and therefore you will quickly recover and can come back to my side soon. Love you always my dear!

Encouraging messages for speedy recovery

  • → Lonely is not supposed to be there in our world of friendship and neither there during the tough time you have been through. You will always have my back. Call me if you want to share, cry or complain about everything during your stay after the surgery.
  • → Hey you. Don’t you feel bored sitting and reading on your bed only? Don’t you feel jealous knowing us playing outside under the warm sunshine? Quickly recover so that we can play together again. There are lots of new games we want you to play with us.
  • → Dear my wife. I wish you a speedy recovery. Do you know that the kitchen has been dusty since you went on surgery and our lovely living room has been a mess because our kids keep throwing things here and there? So quickly come back home and help me with this, please…
  • → Dear (name), life without you is no longer fun. There is no more new hot gossips, no more delicious food recipes to share and no more wise and useful advice from you that make my life become much more meaningful.
  • → Get well soon (name). Nothing is better than having your surgery went well. Don’t get over-stressed. Enjoy being served during your stay there as when you are totally recovered, you will need to cook your own breakfast, lunch and dinner!

Encouraging get well messages after surgery