Farewell Messages for Colleagues

Consider that we spend many hours with our colleagues each day, sharing many great and happy moments but also many problems and difficulties. This everyday routine makes this relationship strong and special.

Unfortunately we often have to lose our colleagues, due to many different reasons such as retirement, new job opportunities, transfer, etc.

Browse our collection of farewell messages for colleagues, in order to express your appreciation and your strong feelings about them and send your best wishes for the future.

Farewell messages for colleagues

  • I never thought that I would get the need to work with a colleague like you again in my life. Farewell and I will miss you.
  • It is a bad habit to have awesome colleagues at your workplace because it would be impossible to work when they leave. I just realized the meaning of it.
  • Yearly appraisals and monthly targets would come and go. However, the precious memories I gained by working with an awesome colleague would remain in the rest of my life.
  • I know that you would get an awesome salary in the new workplace, but I’m sure you will not be able to find awesome colleagues like us. Are you sure you still want to leave us and go?
  • Working with a person like you was one of the best professional experiences that I had in my career. Wish you all the best and farewell.
  • You are leaving the company and I hope all the miscellaneous expenses of it would decrease while increasing the efficiency and meeting deadlines. On a serious note, the opposite of that would happen. We will miss you a lot.
  • You were my most reliable teammate, honest friend and the best critic. You were a dependable colleague as well. Keep in touch and farewell.
  • Your resignation would leave the office cubicle empty. However, it would leave a large empty space in all our hearts as well. We will miss you and congratulations on finding a new job.
  • I take this opportunity to say farewell to the man I love the most in this company. I trusted in your words and you helped me develop my career. All the best.
  • Dear friend, you have taken the decision to move to greener pastures. However, your departure would leave the office ground dry and barren. Farewell.
  • I can’t imagine how I will be able to hold fort without your never-ending support. I really love your motivational notes and cheerful smile.
  • Your resignation would be a big loss for our company. I believe that nobody else would be able to replace you or what you have done to the company.
  • I believe that our after work drinks would be more sophisticated, quiet and sober without a colleague like you. We will miss you a lot in our future outings.
  • I still remember how you protected our team from the rants of the boss as a shield. You really helped the team to achieve monthly targets. We will miss you in the future.
  • I believe that you are leaving the job because you want to create a better future. However, it would create a worst impact on the lives of your colleagues. Farewell.
  • I don’t know what I would feel when I come to work and don’t see your chirpy face in the morning. But I believe that the memories we made together would never diminish from my mind.
  • I may not let tears come out of my eyes because we are in the office. However, my heart would cry and weep silently after you leave us.
  • Our team is planning to throw an amazing party to you on the next week and shower you with a bunch of gifts. If you are planning to leave us, it would not happen. Just let us know if you are going to change your mind.
  • If I can, I would tie your legs and make sure you can’t leave your cubical or the office. We are going to miss you in the future.
  • We are planning to go out for a drink next week, but you will not be able to attend it because you are going to leave us. We will miss you and farewell.
  • If I knew that you are such an amazing character, I would ask you to sign up for a 20 year contract to work with us. I will miss you a lot. All the work you did for the company would remain in our minds as well.
  • Your employment in the company would finish after you give resignation. However, the sweet memories that we had would never diminish. Farewell and goodbye.
  • I hope this would be a bad day for our boss because he is going to lose one of the most efficient and hardworking employees in the company. We are also sad because we will never be able to see your heart warming and pleasant smile.
  • I am not just saying goodbye to a co-worker. This goodbye is to one of my closest friends and an excellent source of inspiration.
  • To whom I should blame for not meeting the deadlines hereafter? I will miss you a lot. Wishing you all the best for your future.

Farewell Messages for Colleagues