Engagement Wishes and Congratulation Messages

Are you invited in an engagement ceremony/party? You have already found a unique gift, but you have problems to find the right wish for the couple? We all know that common engagement wishes and congratulations are a bit boring and actually they don’t have a any specific meaning.

So, if you are looking to wish something special to the happy couple, take a look on our ideas of “Engagement Wishes and Congratulation Messages“.

It’s not the best way to just copy the wishes you can find bellow, without any changes. Add you own words and combine them. Make them more personal to fit in the specific occasion. An engagement is a unique and special day and your wishes and messages should also be like this.

Share all your feelings with the couple and help them remember that day for a long time! Hopefully, you will find what you are looking for.

Engagement Wishes and Congratulation Messages

  • * All of my best to a great couple with a great future. May your engagement be just the beginning of a long and happy life together.
  • * Congratulations to a wonderful couple who deserve the very best in life. You’ve found that in each other.
  • * May your love turn into a beautiful family! All the best on your engagement.
  • * The news are spread quickly, but it was no surprise for me. I was expecting your engagement sometime ago. May days forward be spread with roses! Congrats!
  • * We just heard the news! Congratulations on your engagement. We are thrilled to hear that you both have found “the one” and we know you’ll be happy together forever.
  • * Congrats on getting engaged! May the love that you share be an everlasting one.
  • * Woo Hoo! What great news! Congratulations on your engagement. This is just the start of a great life to come.
  • * Words can not at all express how happy we are to hear of your engagement. You are two of our favorite people and we wish you all of the best.
  • * Married life is one full of ups and downs but we know that you are a couple that has the strength and love that can get you through the tough times and help you to better enjoy the wonderful time.

  • * Congratulations to the happy newly engaged couple. Be prepared to share a wonderful life full of happiness and excitement together.
  • * God has brought you together and I’m sure you will be blessed for a lifetime. You’re love will be never ending and is the greatest gift in life.
  • * Congratulations to the happy couple on the occasion of your engagement. May both of you be blessed as you take the next step towards the rest of your life together, hand in hand.
  • * We wish you all of the best and give sincere congratulations on your engagement. Now the wedding planning will begin and the day that you will be joined as bride and groom will come before you know it. Do your best to enjoy each moment that you have together.
  • * May your future be bright and full of the richest blessings. Your engagement announcement brought us great joy an we cannot wait to celebrate the joyous occasion of your wedding day.
  • * There are not two people on this earth who deserve as much as you both. You are together because you have each earned the joy of a wonderful relationship and many many happy years together to come.
  • * I see the smile in your face! May this day will be the first of a unique and beautiful family. Congratulations for your engagement!
  • * On the occasion of your engagement I want to sincerely wish you endless days filled with the very best that life has to offer. Congratulations to a dynamic couple.
  • * We just heard the news! We can’t believe that he finally popped the question! You are a wonderful couple and we wish you the very best in life!
  • * Congratulations on your engagement! We all know how happy you are and we couldn’t be more proud of the man and woman that you have grown up to be. Always cherish each other and know how lucky you are that God has brought you together to enjoy the rest of your life in wedded bliss as husband and wife.
  • * Congrats! Your engagement is just the first step in the winding road of the rest of your life. Enjoy each other as you go through this life together. The future is unknown so be happy that you have a true companion to march forward with.

  • * You’ve been waiting just like everyone else. Now you have agreed to be each other’s lifelong love and mate. You two are the best and we wish you all of the happiness and joy that you deserve!
  • * The wonderful word of your engagement calls for a huge celebration for a wonderful couple. We can’t wait to toast to your future and join you to celebrate your wedding day.
  • * May the both of you be blessed by God as you face a lifetime of moments together. This engagement is just the beginning of a journey that will be the rest of a happy future together.
  • * I was extremely happy when I heard on your engagement. Hope you love each other eternally!
  • * Congratulations to a beautiful young couple on your engagement. Now that you’ve finally taken the plunge we only have one question to ask. When is the big day?
  • * What a wonderful and beautiful thing it is when two wonderful people find each other. Congratulations on your engagement.
  • * You two beautiful people deserve the very best things that life has to offer. Congratulations on your engagement. We wish you endless happy memories and a fruitful life together as man and wife.
  • * We offer our sincere congratulations to a wonderful couple upon this occasion of your engagement. May you life a long and happy life together.

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