25 Cool Birthday Wishes For Close Friends

Birthdays. They come around, every year and every year, you’re stumped for something cool, to say. “Happy Birthday”, alone, just seems dull compared to sharing a birthday wish that will be celebrated, by the receiver, all year long. If you’ve ever been stumped for something cool to say to someone on their birthday, below, find some cool birthday wishes to share with your closest friends.

30 Funny and cool birthday wishes

  • I was tempted to get you a birthday cake, for your big day, but then I realized all those candles would be a fire hazard! I hope your special day is fire, anyway! Happy Birthday!
  • Birthday kisses and cool wishes to one of my closest friend. You deserve to have a great day filled with much fun, joy, love, and laughter. My best birthday wishes!
  • It’s your birthday? Again? I thought you stopped having those when you turned 25. Just in case, you’re celebrating, this year, I hope it’s an awesome one!
  • I didn’t know what to get you for your birthday, so I tried to mail myself to you, Special Delivery. The mailman dropped me at the wrong house, so I’m sending you this birthday message, instead.
  • Breaking News: It’s time to celebrate another birthday! I hope your big day is one for the history books, but this year, let’s make it onto the news!

to my best friend ever happy birthday

  • I offer you some advice on your special day: Keep rocking, keep smiling, keep shinning, keep being yourself. I wish you the best of love and good health. Have a rockin’ birthday!
  • Happy Birthday to someone who is like a fine bottle of wine. You get better with age. Let’s raise a glass to another wonderful year! Happy Birthday!
  • I tried to send you some hot firefighters for your birthday, but they wouldn’t all fit in the box, so I’m sending you Best Wishes, instead!
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  • I know you don’t like to make a big deal out of your birthday. I just wanted you to know that you’re a big deal to me. Happy Birthday!
  • Of all the birthdays, in all the world, I’m so glad that I get to celebrate yours with you. Here’s looking at you, kid! Hope your day be amazing.
  • I tried to do you a favor and get you a sexy cop for your birthday, but, we got stuck in his handcuffs. Enjoy your birthday cake! Hope there’s a file in it!
  • You being 29, again, means that I’ll never lose track of which birthday you’re on, but I may have to explain it to the nursing home, someday. Cheers!
  • Last year’s bonfire was AWE-some. But, you may want to skip the candles on your birthday cake, this year! It’s your big day. Set the world on fire!
  • On this day in history, you were born and the world would never be the same. By the way, the sheriff’s department sends their best wishes for a quiet birthday, this year.

cool birthday wishes for close friends

  • I wanted to send you something wonderful for your birthday, but the post office frowns on people mailing themselves. I know your day will be wonderful, anyway!
  • As we get older, aches and pains become a part of daily life. I’m sending you Best Wishes, anyway. I hope you have a wonderful birthday!
  • Hooray on celebrating another fabulous birthday. You deserve every good thing that life has to offer. Unfortunately, this year, I can’t celebrate with you! Make it a great one!
  • On this awesome day, don’t forget to reach for the stars. And, if you can’t reach for the stars, you can reach for a bottle of tequila and that’s almost the same thing. Have a great birthday!
  • You know you’re getting old when you can’t remember your birthdays, anymore. But, we’ll never forget those wild birthdays we had in our youth. Here’s to another memorable year! Happy Birthday!
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  • Cheers on another birthday. I hope you enjoy it with cake. A glass of wine to celebrate you. And, a great big smile on your face. Hope it’s an awesome one!
  • You’ve always been a firecracker from the day that you were born. I hope your day is filled with fireworks to help you to celebrate another great birthday!
  • Getting old can be exhausting, but I never get tired of celebrating your birthday. Here’s hoping that you have a highly energized day! You deserve it.
Cool Birthday Wishes For Close Friends
Happy Birthday Buddy!
  • Another celebration of your special day. So many years, we’ve been friends. I’m glad that I get to share with you, another birthday. I hope the celebration never ends.
  • Even though we are not together, to celebrate this wonderful day, I’m happy to call you my dearest friend, and send loving wishes for a great birthday.
  • Way to go! You made it through another year! I know, right? Here’s to a year with less drama, more laughter, fewer headaches, and enough wine to celebrate! You deserve to have a happy birthday.
  • Today is your day. Embrace it. Celebrate it your way. Don’t waste it. Raise a glass; have some cake. Let’s toast it. But don’t light the candles, you’ll roast it! Hope your birthday is out of this world!
  • Sending cool birthday wishes to the coolest person I know. Since it’s you’re big day, too, I guess I’ll share some of those wishes with you. Happy Birthday Buddy!
  • At least you’re one year younger than you will be next year! May you have Happy Birthday!

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