Birthday Wishes SMS For Lovers

If you are planning to wish your lover with a romantic birthday SMS, you will notice that is a bit difficult to find the right words to show him/her your feelings in just a few words.

A romantic poem or quote may do your job, but it’s far better if you write something more personal on you own.

Keep on reading to get some unique and fresh ideas of Birthday Wishes SMS to share with your boyfriend or girlfriend, or even your husband or wife!

Romantic Birthday Wishes SMS For Lovers

  • » The night sky is so bright full of shining stars, just like my life is so bright because of you. Thank you for being a shining star to me. Happy birthday my love!
  • » Nice warm fire and hot chocolate are great on a cold and snowy day. A tight hug and a delicious cake are great on your birthday!
  • » Prince Charming is always there for his princess, just like I am always there for you! Happy birthday my love!
  • » You bring a beautiful smile on my face, just like how a colorful rainbow brings joy on kid’s face. Thanks for being there for me.
  • » Your birthday is a special time for you, and I’m here to make sure all your wishes come true. You were the best wish that I could have ever wished for. Happy birthday!
  • » Keep your hand on my heart and feel the flutter that you create. I need you to be by my side even on this special day to make it beat faster. Happy Birthday!
  • » In the night sky, each star represents a small part of my ultimate love for you dear, and just like us, it makes up the whole Universe. Happy Birthday!
  • » My love is deeper than the blue ocean and bigger than the bright sky. Read it in the stars and the pristine waters. Feel my love on your birthday.
  • » You make me crazy. You make me fly. You make me swoon. You see the best in me. You are the world to me. Happy Birthday my dear lover!
  • » I do not need a genie wish for you to come true…my wish has been fulfilled by having somebody as amazing as you being my lover…Happy birthday my love!
  • » You know my lucky angel has always been my side, but it is more than luck to have met you. It is fate and as each year passes, this fate turns into true love.
  • » Happy birthday, my love! If I have the power, as your gift…I will place all the shiny stars on the silver platter. However I can’t do that, so with a smile on my face I present you, my love, to keep forever.
  • » An hour seems like a minute when I am with you and a minute seems like an hour without you. So on your birthday let’s have the time of our lives! Happy Birthday dear!
  • » Sweet darling, happy birthday! Almost all the day I thank my lucky angel, that I am yours, and you are mine.
  • » Today I love you, tomorrow I will love you more and more. Let me light the candles on your birthday cake with my undying love for you.
  • » Just like the magical beans, my love keeps growing. With even more dreams in my eyes, with more romantic words on my lips, let us celebrate your special day together. Happy Birthday!
  • » You are my sun who brightens my day, you are the rainbow who adds colors to my life, and you are the stars who give the glow to my face. So let me thank you on your birthday for being always there for me.
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  • » Someone asked me to define and describe LOVE; I answered them back in just three simple letters: Y-O-U! I love you much more than what you think! Happy birthday my love!
  • » On this special occasion, am sending you all my love to keep your heart warm and cozy throughout the whole year long.
  • » I know it takes just a few seconds to say I love you. That’s why I am here to show you how long it will take to express it. Happy birthday, darling!
  • » Today, I am sure you will get many wonderful greetings for your lovely birthday and I am here to give you something more special…my everlasting love. Hope you feel the love that I have for you darling!
  • » The day you were born, I am sure it must have been a sunny day and you have brought so much warmth and sunshine into my life from the moment I met you. I love you so much, happy birthday!


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