Happy Birthday Brother Wishes

You are between the lucky people who have a brother, shared common experiences and memories from your young age. You are lucky because you will have a person in your life, who will be always by your side on hard times. Your current relationship might not be the best, but keep in mind on your difficult times he will always be there for you, exactly as you will be there for him also.

So never underestimate his special days in his life and most important his birthday. Express your gratitude that he always have a big and warm hug for you. He will always be your brother no matter what.

Below is our great collection of sweet and funny Birthday wishes for brother. Pick the one that you like most and wish your beloved brother happy birthday!

Happy Birthday Brother Wishes

Funny and Sweet Birthday wishes for Brother

  • 😀 Happy birthday to the best brother a person could wish for. You deserve to have the best day.
  • 😀 I am incredibly proud to call you my brother and I would like to wish you the happiest of birthdays.
  • 😀 We have been together through thick and thin and I hope that continues for many birthdays to come.
  • 😀 World’s best brother! You have been a friend and a teacher and I give thanks everyday thank you are my brother.
  • 😀 Many happy returns to a wonderful brother. May this year bring you love and happiness.
  • 😀 May this year bring you joy, success and happiness, there is no one who deserves it more than you. Happy birthday my brother!
  • 😀 You have been there by my side all these years, I would have crumbled without you. Best wishes on your birthday, dear brother.
  • 😀 It’s time to party! Get your dancing shoes on brother because tonight, we celebrate!
  • 😀 Brother you have always been a true friend and I hope that that will never change. All the best on this special day.
  • 😀 To the most amazing and inspiration brother – have a wonderful day and a wonder year. Happy birthday.
  • 😀 I have not always had a gift for words but know that I love you dearly and I want you to know what a gift it is to have you for a brother.
  • 😀 We may fight and argue but know that I forever grateful that you are my brother. Wishing you love and happiness on your special day.
  • 😀 You are the rock and strength in this family and I would be lost without you as a brother. Have a fantastic birthday.
  • 😀 There’s no one else I’d rather have as a brother. Thank you for all you do, enjoy your birthday.
  • 😀 I might be Mum and Dad’s favorite – but you’re mine! Best member of the family by far, time to get the beers in.
  • 😀 Another year older but none the wiser!  Let’s grow old disgracefully dear brother and always stick together.
  • 😀 I hope this year brings you everything you ever dreamed of – or at least a glass of champagne! Happy birthday brother.
  • 😀 Bested brother, what would I do without you? You have been my friend and hero and I hope we spend many more birthdays together.
  • 😀 You bring so much joy to this world, brother. I hope the world sends a bit of it back to you this year.
  • 😀 To my brother and partner in crime, may we have many more years of winding up Mum and Dad together!
  • 😀 Brother you are a true inspiration to me and I love you dearly. Many happy returns.
  • 😀 They’ll need to get the fireman out today for all the candles they need to put on your cake! Love you brother.
  • 😀 You’ve always had my back brother and I hope you know that I will always have yours. Wishing you lots of love and happiness on this special day.
  • 😀 Happy birthday brother! I was going to bring a cake but I couldn’t find one big enough for all the candles!
  • 😀 To the most generous and loving brother anyone could ask for, have the best day!
  • 😀 Eat drink and be merry on your birthday, dear brother! Save a glass for me.
  • 😀 Celebrate good times, brother! Hope you have the most wonderful day. Happy birthday!
  • 😀 I thank God everyday for giving me such a wonderful brother, have a fantastic day.
  • 😀 To the best brother in the world – no the universe! You are caring, loving and kind and I thank my lucky stars that you are my brother.
  • 😀 Leave your wallet at home, it is your day to be treated. Enjoy your birthday brother.

Happy Birthday brother messages


  • 😀 My gift to you this year is to remove every single mirror from your life, that way you can’t see all the grey hairs!
  • 😀 Because I am the best sibling in the world I have, of course, remembered your birthday but forgotten you age. Your welcome!
  • 😀 You’re alive for another year! More time for me to torment and love you my dear brother.
  • 😀 Have an absolutely stunning birthday my wonderful brother! 
  • 😀 I have shared some of the happiest moments of my life with you and I hope we share many more.
  • 😀 Can’t help but smile when I think of all the memories we share. You have been the best brother and the best person to grow up with. Enjoy your day!
  • 😀 Happy birthday to you, squash tomatoes and stew, you smell like a donkey and you look like one to! Happy birthday brother!
  • 😀 To the greatest brother on the planet – you deserve nothing but the best, on your birthday and every other day.
  • 😀 Simply the best, better than all the rest! Well not quite better than me, we all know I’m the favorite. Happy birthday!
  • 😀 I decided not to get you a gift this year because, let’s face it, there isn’t a better gift than a brother like me!
  • 😀 You may not be young anymore, dear brother, but you are still immature! Happy birthday bro!
  • 😀 Another year and another year older. Start counting the grey hairs old man! Happy birthday my brother!
  • 😀 Hope you have the most amazing birthday. Wishing you everlasting love and happiness.
  • 😀 Birthday’s come but once a year, so let’s celebrate, it may be the only night out you get this year. Happy birthday bro!
  • 😀 The warmest birthday greetings to the most amazing brother anyone could ever ask for.
  • 😀 Even if I lived to be a hundred years I could never forget what you’ve done to me and for me. Thanks, I think. Happy birthday brother!
  • 😀 It’s your birthday and all I can think is, “Crap. I have to buy him a card.” My next thought is, “Haven’t I been through enough with him that he should by me a card?” Happy birthday!
  • 😀 Happy birthday, bro. By the way, the debt collector called. They want the t-shirt I brought you back. So all you get is this card. Apologies.
  • 😀 It seems you’ve lived another year. Luckily for me, and perhaps our parents, it wasn’t in the same house as I am. Be a rock star, brother!  Happy birthday!
  • 😀 I don’t like traditional birthday cards, so I got you a non-traditional card. It says “Happy Birthday, Troublemaker” instead of just “Happy Birthday.” It’s definitely so much better.
  • 😀 Happy birthday, little brother. By the way, Las Vegas called. They want their poker chips back. I guess you didn’t actually become a millionaire after all.
  • 😀 I’m getting you a Happy Birthday Card because it’s your birthday and I’m trying to be nice. Don’t forget, though – you still owe me $20 for pizza.
  • 😀 I was trying to decide if I should get this card or take $5 off of what you owed me. Then I saw Mom glaring at me because I hadn’t picked out a card for you yet. So I guess you’re getting this card.
  • 😀 You know what is awesome about your birthday being on the same day as mine? No? Good, because I do not either. Happy birthday, though.
  • 😀 Happy birthday to you, you live in a zoo. Clean up your room and you’ll find the cash I left for you, too. Happy birthday!
  • 😀 So, I see the assassins have failed again and that you’ve survived another year. Happy birthday!
  • 😀 Happy birthday! Remember, age is only in your mind, so act as young as you feel! Just make sure not to get me in trouble for it like last time. Happy birthday!
  • 😀 I can’t believe we’ve survived so many years together. To be frank, I don’t think Mom and Dad can, either. Enjoy your special day. Happy birthday!
  • 😀 Remember how I decided to boycott all holidays that were on this date? Sadly Mom and Dad won’t let me make boycott your holiday, but they can’t make me call it your birthday. Happy Birthday my brother!
  • 😀 Not only are you a brother but you have been one of my greatest friends. Have a fabulous time on your special day.
  • 😀 I just wanted to say, since it’s your special day that – you’re not half bad dear brother! Only kidding, you’re a fantastic brother and I’m lucky to have you.
  • 😀 They broke the mould when they made you bro! You’ve driven me crazy and annoyed me to death but I wouldn’t have it any other way – Happy Birthday bro!
  • 😀 I raise a glass to the craziest, most annoying but lovable brother there is – the drinks are on my tonight! .
  • 😀 Happy Birthday! I hope you get lots of presents. Remember to give your older brother 10% or at least pay off the video game I bought you last week. Happy birthday!
  • 😀 In another universe, there would be only love and no birthday card. Unfortunately in this universe there are birthday cards. I guess you’ll have to settle on getting this one as a gift from me.
  • 😀 I hope you enjoyed last year. I hope you’ll enjoy this year too. I also hope you’ll forgive me for hiding the tarantula in your bed. Enjoy sleeping tonight…
  • 😀 To my brother and my best friend, happy birthday. Enjoy every moment on this special day.
  • 😀 We’ve grown up together, laughed together, cried together. Tonight – we celebrate together! Drinks are on me.
  • 😀 Happy birthday to Mum and Dad’s second favorite child!
  • 😀 Who needs Batman or Superman when you have a brother like mine? Happy birthday to the best brother anyone could ask for.
  • 😀 Thanks for always being there for me – and for not ratting me out that time we experimented with fireworks. Happy birthday!
  • 😀 I really appreciate all that you have done, and couldn’t have asked for a better brother. I think you’re awesome. P.S., now that Mom’s no longer watching me write this card, you still owe me $20 for pizza. Happy birthday!
  • 😀 I was looking through the birthday cards to find one that fit, but unfortunately none of them said “I thank you so much for that time you bailed me out with Mom and Dad when I experimented with fireworks.” So forgive the handwritten note. Happy birthday!

Sweet Birthday Wishes For Brother

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