Happy Birthday Wishes For Brother

Here is our great collection of Unique Birthday Wishes for Brother! Pick the one that you like most and wish your beloved brother happy birthday.

Choose between funny, heartfelt and sincere birthday wishes and let your brother know your deepest feelings!

Birthday Wishes for Brother

  • 😀 Even if I lived to be a hundred years I could never forget what you’ve done to me and for me. Thanks, I think. Happy birthday brother!
  • 😀 It’s your birthday and all I can think is, “Crap. I have to buy him a card.” My next thought is, “Haven’t I been through enough with him that he should by me a card?” Happy birthday!
  • 😀 Happy birthday, bro. By the way, the debt collector called. They want the t-shirt I brought you back. So all you get is this card. Apologies.
  • 😀 It seems you’ve lived another year. Luckily for me, and perhaps our parents, it wasn’t in the same house as I am. Be a rock star, brother!  Happy birthday!
  • 😀 I don’t like traditional birthday cards, so I got you a non-traditional card. It says “Happy Birthday, Troublemaker” instead of just “Happy Birthday.” It’s definitely so much better.
  • 😀 Happy birthday, little brother. By the way, Las Vegas called. They want their poker chips back. I guess you didn’t actually become a millionaire after all.
  • 😀 I’m getting you a Happy Birthday Card because it’s your birthday and I’m trying to be nice. Don’t forget, though – you still owe me $20 for pizza.
  • 😀 I was trying to decide if I should get this card or take $5 off of what you owed me. Then I saw Mom glaring at me because I hadn’t picked out a card for you yet. So I guess you’re getting this card.
  • 😀 You know what is awesome about your birthday being on the same day as mine? No? Good, because I do not either. Happy birthday, though.
  • 😀 Happy birthday to you, you live in a zoo. Clean up your room and you’ll find the cash I left for you, too. Happy birthday!
  • 😀 So, I see the assassins have failed again and that you’ve survived another year. Happy birthday!
  • 😀 Happy birthday! Remember, age is only in your mind, so act as young as you feel! Just make sure not to get me in trouble for it like last time. Happy birthday!
  • 😀 I can’t believe we’ve survived so many years together. To be frank, I don’t think Mom and Dad can, either. Enjoy your special day. Happy birthday!
  • 😀 Remember how I decided to boycott all holidays that were on this date? Sadly Mom and Dad won’t let me make boycott your holiday, but they can’t make me call it your birthday. Happy Special Day!
  • 😀 Happy Birthday! I hope you get lots of presents. Remember to give your older brother 10% or at least pay off the video game I bought you last week. Happy birthday!
  • 😀 In another universe, there would be only love and no birthday card. Unfortunately in this universe there are birthday cards. I guess you’ll have to settle on getting this one as a gift from me.
  • 😀 I hope you enjoyed last year. I hope you’ll enjoy this year too. I also hope you’ll forgive me for hiding the tarantula in your bed. Enjoy sleeping tonight…
  • 😀 Thanks for always being there for me – and for not ratting me out that time we experimented with fireworks. Happy birthday!
  • 😀 I really appreciate all that you have done, and couldn’t have asked for a better brother. I think you’re awesome. P.S., now that Mom’s no longer watching me write this card, you still owe me $20 for pizza. Happy birthday!
  • 😀 I was looking through the birthday cards to find one that fit, but unfortunately none of them said “I thank you so much for that time you bailed me out with Mom and Dad when I experimented with fireworks.” So forgive the handwritten note. Happy birthday!
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Unique Birthday Wishes For Brother

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