Baby Shower Wishes – Write A Baby Shower Card

The biggest milestone in our life, is when we are having a baby, especially for the first time. Baby showers are unique celebrations giving both parents happy moments. Baby shower wishes are a part of that celebration.

Use a scrap book to store all Baby Shower cards, together with the photographs taken during the event, so your baby can later take a look when it gets older.

What to write in a baby shower card

It is totally fine to provide Baby Shower Wishes or Messages with humor and creativity, but most important they should be sincere, so the new parents will remember that special day for the rest of their life!

As this is a happy moment and babies are funny, writing a funny baby shower wish or message is appropriate. Your card can include wishes for both parents and the baby, a good idea would be to provide an advice for them. Let’s make a small list of the basic things that you should take in consideration when you are writing a baby shower wish or message.

Baby shower wishes should be:

  • Positive
  • Encouraging
  • Inspirational
  • Sincere
  • Brief and Simple

Helpful tips:

  • For the closest friends or family a very nice idea is to write about something you know that the parents want their baby to be. For example if the father likes to play guitar as a hobby and he always wanted to be a great guitarist, it would be great to write about it! “In a few months a new guitar idol will be born!”
  • Many parents already know the name of the upcoming baby. Include their baby’s name in your wish.
  • If the parents are not too close to you, make it more general but don’t forget to include the whole family in the wish. “Congratulations, …(surname)… family, can’t wait to see his/her smile”
  • Weird humor baby shower wishes or messages are better only for very close friends and not for family members. Wishes like “Let the beast arise” or similar are generally not suggested, but in some occasions may be perfect and very funny!


Closing is a very important part of the baby shower card. One sincere closing is the appropriate. Pick one of our suggestions or you can always be creative and write a unique one:

  • With love
  • With sincere love
  • Warmly
  • All the best
  • God bless your baby
  • Blessings
  • Have fun with your new baby
  • Thrilled
  • Rock on
  • Cheerful greetings
  • Lovingly
  • Peace, Love & Happiness
  • With warmest wishes for your baby
  • Enthusiastically
  • Health & Happiness

Baby Shower Wishes Ideas for Babies

Baby Shower Wishes for Boys

  • May the struggle to avoid pain bring strength in your son and may he be strong enough to rise after a fall.
  • May your son grow up to be a humble man and let his deeds speak for himself.
  • Your new born son is soon to be the Daddy’s sidekick and Mama’s boy!
  • Your son will not just be God’s gift to you, but he is also the messiah of unconditional love and uncorrupted innocence. May he rain down these feeling throughout his life.
  • It doesn’t take a facial expert to see the handsomeness that is about to mature in your seen and the countless broken love hearts to follow.
  • Your boy is going to be special like his parents!
  • It is never easy to be new parents but is easy losing track of time when you are such loving mother and father. I wish you to cherish these times because soon they will become everlasting memories.
  • May your baby boy not just be a source of love but also a source of strength. May his innocence be the reason that pushes you forward to accomplish tasks that make your family’s life better.
  • Welcoming your boy with health, love and joy!
  • Before you welcome your new little baby boy, we want to offer you some good old fashioned pampering! Enjoy your last few days with baby on board.
  • We are so excited for your baby and the new beginnings he represents.
  • Your precious baby is waiting to meet you! We know you can’t wait to meet him either.
  • A sweet bouncing baby boy, to fill your heart and home with joy!
  • May God give strength to your imagination as you scramble to create new super heroes for your baby boys crave for action! He knows that Hollywood depends on your mind for the decades to come.
  • Becoming a mommy to your amazing baby boy will be the best time in your life.
  • Your mommy and your whole family are so excited for you to arrive!
  • Your new born son is soon to be the Daddy’s sidekick and Mama’s boy!
  • Welcome, baby boy, to a home full of love and joy.
  • Pregnancy makes you glow, but a new baby boy will make you so happy, so tired and so grateful!
  • Parenthood is more than just an experience. It is a delight filled with emotions of love and care you never filled before in your life. May your baby boy bring the joy your family truly deserves.
  • Get ready for the most wonderful experience of your life, with your new baby boy!
  • Welcome home, baby boy! We are waiting to meet you.
  • For a family blessed with a baby boy, the Christmas will never quite end.
  • All of our sweetest wishes for your baby boy and you! This is a wonderful new adventure.
  • Being a mommy will be the beginning of new bonds between you, your husband and your new baby boy.
  • You two will love this little boy more than you could possibly dream.
  • The only adult thing you need to buy with all the baby formula and toys is a camera. Losing out on your little boy’s picture can be the biggest loss in your life. And this isn’t even a camera commercial!
  • When you meet your bouncing baby boy, you will fall in love instantly!
  • May your entire family be blessed with joy on the day your new baby boy arrives.
  • Oh, happy day that brings you a tiny baby boy! We think a baby boy is a wonderful blessing for you and your husband.
  • We send you all lots of love on this special day. We welcome your new baby boy with open arms and wishes for a wonderful life.
  • Your baby is the hope of a beautiful future, and the deep love between two parents.
  • Grasp the best days to come because those supermarket tantrums just end too soon to realize.
  • Your whole life will change in wonderful ways! You will look at your new baby boy and feel the happiness flow through you.

Baby Shower Wishes for Girls

  • You new little daughter is the answer to your prayers and the result of your desires for love filled parenthood.
  • Having a baby girl isn’t a miracle. There are about 4 Billion of them! But raising and loving your child is a miraculous feeling that lasts a lifetime.
  • You are lucky to have your void for parenthood finally filled with a baby girl. Truly God is not just merciful but also generous in his giving.
  • Having your new born baby girl may not mean the solution to all the problems in your life. But it will always be just so hard to feel any of them as long as you are holding him in your arms.
  • May you overload your son with goodies and love and make him feel it is Christmas all day long.
  • May your little princess bring smile and strength to your heart and warmth to your soul.
  • A little baby girl to fill your home with happiness and blessings.
  • Welcome, baby girl, to your family! May you be the light and warmth of your family.
  • Feelings are the true legacy of a lifetime. May you bring the same love and warmth your mother passed onto you so that your princess too can pass on her legacy to her children.
  • May your baby girl be beautiful like a rose and shiny like a star.
  • Your whole family cannot wait to meet you, sweet baby girl.
  • Moms and baby daughters share a special bond right from the start. May your life together be full of love.
  • Baby girl, your new family welcomes you to the world with so much joy.
  • You were loved before you were born and named, baby girl.
  • Your baby girl will change your life in so many ways. But most of all you will all be overwhelmed by love.
  • May your family and home be blessed with the arrival of your daughter.
  • A new baby is wonderful but a new daughter means new life, too! We wish you the best on this special occasion.
  • Fresh as the morning dew, may your baby girl be to you! Congratulations on your new little one!
  • Your daughter will be forever in your heart. We can’t wait to meet her and see how wonderful she is.
  • Your hours will be full of anticipation until you meet your sweet baby girl! May your lives together be filled with joy.
  • You are growing a wonderful little girl with every breath. Keep smiling and remember that she can hear your voice!
  • You will be the first person your daughter loves! Congratulations on this wonderful journey you and your husband are about to take together.
  • Baby girls will change your whole world. We send you so much love and good wishes for healthy and happy arrival.
  • We’re so happy for you and the next chapter in your life! We’re glad that it contains a tiny, beautiful baby girl.
  • Your daughter will open your heart to a new level of love. May your entire family be blessed.
  • We wish you peace, health and happiness these days before your darling daughter is born! We will be thinking of you.
  • We can’t wait to see you as a new mom, nurturing and loving your new baby daughter.
  • You are participating in a ritual as old as time itself- loving the new girl child that you have been blessed with.
  • Is there anything like the birth of a new child? Congratulations to you and your family on your new bundle of baby joy.
  • We welcome this baby girl into the family, and welcome you into motherhood! It’s a wonderful life.

Baby Shower for Twins

  • Waiting twins means double happiness. Congratulations!
  • What a huge belly! Congratulations for your double gift!
  • Being pregnant is a blessing from God. For twins it’s a double blessing! Enjoy it!
  • A baby is the proof that the Earth will continue spinning!
  • Congratulations for your pregnancy! Be patient and your Angel twins will come!
  • Wishing health, love and happiness for your little upcoming twin Angels!

Baby Shower Wishes Ideas for Parents

Funny wishes for baby shower

  • A pregnancy is like Christmas. The anticipation to open your present is overwhelming but you cannot open it!
  • If you need a break or some sleep after your baby comes, feel free to call me!
  • Welcome to the club of sleepless parents!
  • May your delivery be safe and (semi)comfortable.
  • Praying for God to anoint your new baby with all the beauty and brains!
  • Your new baby will soon grow into a child, and with that growth will come hectic days,
    nights without sleep, unending love, and most importantly, many, many questions!
  • Indulge your child’s creativity, just remember to buy non-permanent markers… and lots of cleaning supplies!
  • Your new baby practically doubles your excuses to go shopping! Congrats!
  • Coming soon to a home near you: toys and messes all over the floor, spontaneous artwork on your walls and doors, midnight trips to the doctor and store, but best of all… love and affection forevermore.
  • I promise your new life with a baby will be crazier than you had ever thought possible, but also far more wonderful than you can imagine.
  • Before your little one is grown, you will surely know the difference between the three states of baby smiles: solid, liquid, and gas!
  • Oh, how your life is going to change! Your nights will be longer, you will master the skill of cleaning, and your checking account will be much smaller!
  • Your new baby will make you aware of skills you didn’t know you had… like patience and the ability to zone out while listening to the same Barney song for the 10,000th time.
  • Being a great parent is overrated… they’ll never move out!
  • Treat your kids right… they get to choose your nursing home.
  • The greatest advice one parent can pass on to another parent is this: pacifiers double as ear plugs.

Encouraging wishes for baby shower

  • Here’s to you and your brand new, little bundle of happiness!
  • We are all praying for a smooth transition for your adorable new baby and the rest of your family.
  • Here’s hoping motherhood is everything you’ve ever dreamed of.
  • Can’t wait to meet the little person you’ve created!
  • Appreciate every last second you have; it flies by so quickly!
  • Nothing is more beautiful and angelic than a newborn baby.
  • You will be an incredible mother!
  • Every mother has got mountains of love just sitting in reserve for that special baby boy or girl all their own.
  • I’m so thrilled that you have a new addition to your lovely family on the way!
  • Wishing only the best for you and the new baby.
  • Congratulations on your new little one!
  • It’s almost time to meet your newborn baby. Can’t wait!
  • We are all so very excited to greet the new addition to your family.
  • You’ve created life… enjoy every minute of it.
  • True happiness comes from the snuggles of a newborn.
  • You are so very blessed to have a new baby on the way.
  • Praying for great health for your baby.
  • Mom’s unconditional love is like no other.
  • Make us proud! Be the amazing mother we know you can be.
  • When your newborn comes, your life will change forever… and you will love every moment of it.
  • So happy to hear about the new little one on the way! We can’t wait to meet him/her.
  • Sometimes love can come and love can go, but the love of a mother grows and grows.
  • Here’s hoping for a safe and comfortable delivery of a healthy and beautiful new baby!
  • I see a sparkle in your eyes that shows you’re going to be a wonderful mom!
  • Your baby will be a brand new start for your life! Enjoy it!
  • Don’t be afraid at all! Parenting is the best job in the universe.