40th Birthday Wishes, Messages And Poems – Happy Forty!

Celebrate 40th birthday like no other birthday. Middle-age is true. Help him or her to overcome all the negative thoughts of aging. Organize a huge surprise celebration to make this day as awesome as it can be! Make the most fantastic gifts to make him/her remember this birthday forever. Make your 40th birthday wishes as unique, sweet and original as they can be.

Find below the most inspired and original wishes, messages and poems for this unique milestone!

Happy 40th birthday wishes, messages and poems

  • Fancy, fabulous, fantastic, forty! That’s you!
  • You might be forty, but I think you’re Number 1.
  • It took four fabulous decades for you to get this awesome! Happy Forty!
  • You’ve collected forty years of friends, forty years of good memories, and forty years of wonderful experiences. What an amazing gift you’ve been given.
  • Wow, you might be ready for forty, but forty is not ready for you! You look amazing!
  • Fresh, fascinating, and forty–a perfect description of you.
  • You’re forty today, and here’s what they say:
    Beauty is in the eye of the beholder,
    Age means you’re getting another year older.
    Your attitude says you’re fearless and bolder.
    But if you need to cry, here is my shoulder.
Happy 40th birthday wishes - Happy Forties!
40 is fine when you look 29!
  • You are fiery and fierce. Forty can never contain you!
  • At forty, you’re free to be anything your heart desires. Go out and change the world!
  • Feminine, funky, pretty, or punky–who do you want to be today? Forty looks good on you.
  • Forty is funky, flirtatious, and fun. Just like you! Happy 40th birthday!
  • You’re a quadragenarian today. Say that five times fast!
  • Forty years calls for forty cheers! Happy birthday!
  • Forty–
  • You are forty-lectable, forty-licious, and forty-lightful! Happy 40th!
  • Forget the deadlines, the sidelines, and the outlines! At forty, it’s time to make headlines!
  • Forty years ago today, a wonderful person came into the world, and my life has never been the same. Have a fabulous birthday!
  • Youth is not a stage in your life; it’s a stage in your thinking. Forty is going to be amazing.
  • To our forties, we say hello. To our thirties, we say goodbye.
  • But life is not about numbers, but keeping our goals set high. Happy Forty!
  • Forty kisses, forty hugs,
    Forty messages of love.
    Forty times I’ll say, “Hooray!”
    To celebrate your special day.

40th Happy birthday wishes - Happy 40

  • Celebrate this milestone with no regrets. Forty is going to be your best year yet!
  • Happy 40th birthday! You just made your mom feel really old!
  • Your body may be forty, but your heart will be forever young.
  • On your 40th, you get to enjoy being a celebrity. Walk proudly down the red carpet of this day, and never look back.
  • On your 40th, it’s time to pull out that bucket list, blow off the dust, and pour out the fun!
  • Forty is sexy; forty is fine.
    But forty is not thirty-nine!
    Ha, ha! It’s going to be a great year!
  • On your 40th, you may not be a spring chicken anymore, but you’re still a hot chick who likes to hang out with her peeps!
  • Forty years, forty candles,
    Just a couple more love handles.
    Forty wishes, forty drinks,
    You’re going to need forty winks!
  • No matter how long you live, I pray you’ll never grow old. Happy 40th to you!
  • Let forty surge through your body and energize your soul. Today marks a new beginning.
  • Forty is your crowning glory, the pinnacle of success so far, and it’s only just beginning.
  • You are not limited by age, only by your imagination. May you live and think freely on your 40th birthday and every day.
  • Today is your heyday; you’re living in your prime.
    Forty is your best year yet; you’ve just begun the climb.

40th birthday wishes - Happy Forty

  • What’s all the hoopla about? You’re forty? Party on!
  • Stand tall, chest out, head held high.
    Breathe in your forties, and touch the sky!
  • Grab forty by the horns and let it know who’s boss! Happy Forty!
  • Forty is right in the center of life. Look back and enjoy the memories; look forward and dream about the future.
  • You’re an old soul who’s young at heart. Enjoy being forty, it’s just the start. Happy birthday!
  • Don’t take the time to count the years,
    Count the blessings and the cheers.
    The forties will be great for you,
    The blessings will begin anew.
  • Make a wish, open your eyes.
    Your forties will bring a happy surprise.
  • Prayers for God’s blessings as you turn forty today. May he protect and guide you always.
  • Forty years ago today, God placed a beautiful soul into the world. May He continue to bless you today and always.
  • On the day you were born, the earth was blessed.
    For God had given us one of His best.
    Now, forty years have quickly passed by,
    And our friendship grows deeper each day of our lives.
  • God has gifted you with another year. May you enjoy life to the fullest. Happy Forties!
  • For forty years, God has been painting a magnificent design on the canvas of your life, and it is a masterpiece. I can’t wait to see what glorious details are added next.
  • On your 40th birthday, I’m praying that God’s gifts to you include wisdom, joy, prosperity, and love.
  • May God shower you with favor as you begin a new decade.
  • I thank God every day that He blessed me with a friend like you. May your 40th be as special as you are.
  • At forty, you remind me of your birthday cake: sweet, beautiful, and on fire!
  • You’re the birthday queen/king, so get out there and reign on the dance floor!
  • Blow out the candles, and blow them out quick!
    We don’t want them to burn the birthday chick.
  • Your 40th birthday is like a dozen roses: there may be a few thorns, but the fragrance is unforgettable. May rose petals line your path today.