30th Birthday Wishes And Sweet 30th Birthday Poems

Wish your beloved persons turning 30 in a sweet and unique way! Below you can find a great source of 30th birthday wishes, poems and images to share.

30th Birthday Wishes & 30th Birthday Poems

  • You’re 30, you’re flirty, just a little bit dirty and I like it!
  • Don’t let 30 do a number on you! You deserve a happy birthday!
  • I did some number crunching, and it actually is true. You really are 30, so accept it; pull through.
  • Today is the crucial time when you decide to be 30 or stay 29. Happy birthday whatever you choose!
  • For your birthday present, I’m giving you a dollar for each year you’ve lived. Now 30 doesn’t seem like so much, does it? You’re welcome!
  • I hope your birthday is cake with sprinkles and when you smile, we will count the wrinkles! Happy 30th birthday!
  • Those 30 candles on your cake are burning with envy because they can’t shine as brightly as you!
  • I hope you grin from ear to ear, as we celebrate your 30th year. Thirty’s got your number!
  • I heard it through the grapevine that you’re no longer 29. Happy birthday anyway.
  • Turning 30 may be a bitter pill to swallow, but a spoon full of sugar helps the medicine go down. So eat some cake and get over it.
  • Don’t have a cow because you’re 30 now. Time to moooo-ve on.
  • Do you know what I think of when I hear someone mention the 30’s? The Great Depression. Happy 3oth birthday to you!
  • Thirty is the new sexy. It’s getting down and dirty now that you’ve hit 30.
  • You’ll never get old
    If you stay young at heart.
    And remember it’s never
    Too late for a bright new start.
    I hope your 30th birthday is the best one yet.
  • Your 30’s will be a new decade of adventure, so leave room for me to come along. Wishing you joy in every experience starting with this special milestone.
  • The secret to a successful life is to live each moment to the fullest with no regrets. Don’t look back; enjoy your 30’s.
  • Never postpone happiness, and refuse to live in the past. Your 30’s will be a decade to remember.

30th birthday wishes

  • When life offers you a new experience, take it gladly and learn from it. Thirty is a new season; thrive in it.
  • Face the sun; leave the shadows behind.
    Follow the plan that God has designed.
    Thirty is going to be year of new possibilities.
  • At 30 you will survive, thrive, and feel truly alive. Happy birthday!
  • Bring out what’s already inside of you. Use it to create dreams and amazing experiences as you head into your 30’s.
  • Perspire, aspire, inspire, and see what transpires. I can’t wait to see what you’re going to accomplish in your 30’s.
  • Think hard, dream big, accept the future, and forget the past. You’re going to make it happen in your 30’s, and I’ll be there to cheer you on.
  • Today you’re 30. Grow your wings, and take flight. I can’t wait to see you soar. Happy Thirty!
  • Today may be your 30th birthday, but every day is the birth of a new day. Remember to take life one day at a time.
  • Thirty is the time to build your own happiness one brick at a time, and use laughter for the mortar.
  • You’ve got an awesome collection of experiences from 30 years of life. I hope the next 30 add many new ones.
  • If life hands you a lemon, remember that it took a lot of sunshine to grow that lemon. Choose to live in the sunshine as you turn 30 and begin this new decade.
  • You’re 30? I hope the birthday fairy brings you mounds of cake, buckets of ice cream, and many happy returns.
  • Your 20’s are resting in peace, your 40’s are still wrapped in dreams.
    It’s time to live in the moment. Your 30’s are busting their seams.
  • 30 hugs, 30 kisses and 30 happy birthday wishes!
  • You’ve lived 30 years to the fullest! Here’s to the next 30!
  • I will always love you no matter what age you are. Have an amazing 30th!
  • It may be your 30th birthday, but here’s hoping that you will learn to be born new every day.
  • On your 30th birthday, I hope you feel like the star you are as you begin that walk down the red carpet of life.
  • At 30, how many sunrises have been?
    And when will be your last?
    It’s the way you live the days in between
    That determines the life you’ve amassed.

You're 30 you're flirty - 30th birthday wishes

  • Having another birthday is easy.
    All you do is wake up.
    But having a life filled with friendship and joy,
    Gets you the winner’s cup.
  • You are 30 years strong! Stay focused and fit in the decade to come.
  • At 30, youth is just beginning. Enjoy a new decade of fun.
  • Here’s a card for your collection,
    Thirty candles for your cake,
    A gift for your reflection,
    And may God bless the wish you make.
  • As you begin your 30’s, I pray that God will bless, that He will guide your days, and fill you with success. Happy 3oth birthday!
  • Don’t hide behind others,
    Or stop at closed doors.
    Enjoy your 30’s;
    The world is yours!
  • On your 30th birthday, it’s not about counting the years. It’s the love and friendship in the years that counts.
  • You are 30 today, and that’s way too young to be old. So kick up your heels and dance! Happy birthday!
  • Time to kick back, relax, and think,
    Throw an umbrella in your drink.
    Realize age can never define you,
    Let your 30’s wine and dine you.
    Happy Birthday!