Thank You Messages For Award Received

An award is a prize or honor given to someone as an acknowledgment of accomplishments they have made. You can receive an award for several good reasons including, being the best actor, environmental conservative, peacemaker, and many more.

You can also receive an award on behalf of someone, which you will need to give a thank you message. A thank you message for an award you have received should be brief, vibrant, and concise. It should convey your emotion and gratitude towards the people who have helped you throughout your journey.

Than you for this award

Here is a list of thank you messages for award received, you can consider. Let’s begin:

1. Thank You Messages for Obtaining an Award

Receiving an award is a great and memorable experience. Most of the time, we see celebrities receiving grants on the big stage. Also, you can get one from your organization for an excellent job well done. The following are some powerful approaches to remain humble while thanking them.

  • – It is a great honor for me to receive this special award. I would like to thank all of you who believe in me and joined me in this unforgettable journey!
  • – I express my heartfelt delight to all that enabled me to achieve this goal. I consider myself lucky to have received this prize from you. I hope to continue doing my best in the future.
  • – This accomplishment is a significant milestone in my life. I extend my gratitude for allowing me to receive this reward. Thank you!
  • -It is an incredible moment for me. I am almost incapable of finding the right words to convey my appreciation to you. I feel respect for honoring me with this award.
  • – I am humbly thankful to the team who selected me qualified for this award. Thank you for motivating me to continue having the highest level of dedication in this job.
  • – I am tremendously pleased to be selected to receive this award. The biggest honors go to my fellow team in our company since they have enabled me to get this far.

This Honorable Award

  • – I was completely unaware that you were contemplating me for this accolade. Therefore, it comes as a surprise. The only thing I can do is to express my sincere gratitude to the whole fraternity.
  • -I am exceedingly grateful for allowing me to collect this award on behalf of my colleague. The company has truly enabled us to grow as a community and a team as well.
  • – I am truly honored to receive this award at our company. It is truly one of the best experiences in my professional career.
  • – It is truly remarkable how you have continued working with us all these years. May you receive my deepest gratitude for putting up this exhibition and for your endless support.
  • – It is a great privilege that you have selected me for this Academic honor. My utmost respects go to the whole fraternity whose efforts have enabled me to make it all the way.
  • -The most profound recognition goes to the team who has supported the company during its phenomenal success in recent years.
  • – First, I am delighted for giving me such respect. I believe this award will improve me. It gives me purpose and zeal to improve my work, and I guarantee to put more effort in the future.

Thank you for this award

  • – Let me take this opportunity to extend my thankfulness for receiving this award. It acknowledges my work, and I am happy for all your encouragement and support throughout the journey.
  • – Let me express that it is a true honor to attain this special award from you.
  • – Words cannot express enough how honored I am for this prize you have given me. This prize will help me improve myself and do better in the future.
  • – I want to express my gratefulness for enabling me to receive this price. I appreciate every one of you for coming out tonight and celebrating this accolade with me.
  • – It is difficult for me to show how appreciative I am in words. To be selected for this honor is a great privilege.
  • – I want to give my high appreciation to the Chamber of Commerce for awarding me the Volleyball Championship for the Academic Prize.
  • – I am deeply gratified about this award. It is an honor to thank the jury members for considering our organization the best employer of the year.
  • – There are no words to express with words how truly humbled I am for this award. It brings me self-confidence and the urge to have more commitment at my job.
  • – I am extraordinarily pleased by this prize you have given me. I lack enough words to express my delightfulness. I feel more compelled to work harder and improve my skills in my job.
  • – It is an immense honor to receive this award and stand beside you. It is with great respect that I thank you for considering my name for this award.

2. Thank You Messages for Receiving a Certificate

People often get award certificates for outstanding performance at work or for participating in something. The following are a few thank you messages you can consider.

  • – I want to thank everyone who helped the corporation have overwhelming achievements for the past few years. This certificate is a significant honor to us all.
  • – I was clueless that the board had considered me for this prestigious certificate. I am humbled to see all of you today here celebrating this with me.
  • – I am truly overwhelmed by this chance to receive this honorable certificate. It truly sets a memorable event for my career to remind me of the importance of dedication in my profession.
  • – I am immensely humbled to be receiving this special certificate from you. This certificate sincerely acknowledges my effort, and it is a huge admiration.
  • – I am exceedingly overjoyed to receive this great honor. I want to give my sincere thanks to everyone who supported me and encouraged me to get this far.
  • -This certificate is an enormous honor for me. I wish to say that I am indebted to those who gave me a hand to get me here today. I assure you that I will continue to do my best in the future.

3. Thank You Messages for Winning a Competition

An award is almost a typical thing in a competition. Here are a few messages you can use to thank those who give you the prize.

  • – I am deeply indebted to everyone who has made this competition a success. I am honestly thankful for this prize.
  • – I am considerably honored by this award. Words cannot express my sincere appreciation to the organizers of this event.
  • – I am happy I took part in this competition. It was a true honor to be part of it. I express my sincere respect to everyone who made the event a success. This award gives me more confidence to explore my full potential.
  • – The competition has been truly challenging, but in the end, it shows we can always overcome our obstacles. I am very humbled by this prize you have given me; it is an honor.
  • – I feel fortunate to have been part of this competition. I am glad to share this glorious moment with the event organizers. I am indeed indebted to you for this award.
  • – I am exceedingly honored to receive this prize. I want to thank those who made this competition possible. I wholeheartedly appreciate you for giving me this prize.