60 Sweet New Year’s Wishes For Wife

As another year arrives, and you look back over the old one, you will think of many memorable moments you shared with your wife. As you plan for the future, be sure to let her know how special she is and how she impacts your life in a wonderful way with the following New Year’s wishes. There are romantic New Year’s wishes for wife here as well as some lighthearted ones that are sure to make her smile. Send her a gesture of gratitude and love today.

60 romantic New Year’s wishes for wife

  1. My dear wife, you have caused me to smile many times this year. May the coming year smile on you.
  2. My sweet wife, you mean more to me than life itself, and I can never explain how deeply I love you. May the coming year be filled with moments to treasure.
  3. Because of you, my amazing wife, life is looking up. May the new year be a precious time of growing even closer.
  4. Let’s throw off our socks and shoes and run barefoot into the new year. Adventures await, sweet wife.

Happy New Year wishes for wife

  1. Honey, may the new year bring you all the goodness and joy you deserve.
  2. Beloved wife, as the door to another year opens, I look forward to walking through it together and marveling at what the future holds for us.
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  4. As the last hour of the last day of the last year closes, I wish you many happy moments in the upcoming year, my precious wife.
  5. Wife, I’ve loved you since I’ve known you. What a year it’s going to be.
  6. Darling, my priority for the coming year is to make it a beautiful gift for you filled with joyful moments and special memories.
  7. Let’s spend the new year cherishing all the things that make life special. Being married to you is at the top of the list.
  8. The new year would not be special without you. I couldn’t be happier to be your husband.
  9. God smiles on us more and more each year, my adored wife.
  10. When I picture the upcoming year, all I can see is your precious heart and beautiful face, dear wife. You make everything good.
  11. I’m filled with delight at the thought of starting another year with you, my wonderful wife.
  12. Honey, you inspire me and give me the desire to make the most of what God has given me. Thank you for being a wonderful wife. I am excited to see what the new year holds for us.
  13. The joy in my heart comes from you. Happy New Year to the wife of my dreams.
  14. I can’t wait to see what the next year in our love story holds. You are the most wonderful woman I could have ever dreamed of.
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  16. I will work hard each day of the new year to be the husband you deserve. I plan to stay in your heart forever.
  17. As we begin a new year together, may we meet many good days, dear wife.
  18. Any day spent with you is a good day. May the upcoming year fulfill your dreams, sweet wife.
  19. The years come and go, but I’ll love you forever, cherished wife.
  20. My deepest desire is to love you even more in the coming year, precious wife.
  21. Wife, you are my Number One encourager, and your love is what helped me get through the challenges of the past year. Here’s to a new year filled with better times.
  22. Dear wife, because of you I enjoy life completely. Here’s to another good year.
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  24. I pray that the coming new year launches many amazing blessings for you, dear wife.
  25. The old year may fade away, but my love for you will never die, my cherished wife.
  26. To the best wife in the world, may the new year fill you with overwhelming joy.
  27. The best thing about life with you is I never know what to expect. Thanks for keeping our days together exciting, dear. May the new year bring lots of fun moments.
  28. Honey, your kiss at midnight is sure to start off a great year.
  29. Positive vibes ahead, babe!
  30. You light up the new year more than any fireworks ever could! I love you, babe.
  31. Here’s to the year of our dreams, honey!
  32. It’s a happy new year for me because you are my wife.
  33. You are Wife of the Year every year.
  34. Let’s kiss our way into a new year, babe.
  35. The only place I want to be as the new year arrives is in your arms, woman.
  36. I’ll kiss you at midnight or anytime, honey.
  37. No one has ever made my heart happier than you. Thanks for a wonderful year, dear wife.
  38. Wife, I’m sending you hope for a mountain of memorable moments in the coming year.
  39. As the ball drops on another year, let’s get the ball rolling, honey.
  40. Sweet wife, I can’t wait to celebrate us all year.
  41. When you hold my hand, you make me smile. Let’s watch the ball drop and kiss for a while.
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  43. On New Year’s Eve, I’m in the mood for drinks and laughter and lots of good food. Cheers to you, babe!
  44. Wife, as we head into a new year, may the time we spend and the love we send never end. You are my best friend.
  45. You were quite a catch; now we’re the perfect match. I can’t believe I have such an amazing wife. 20__ is going to be the best with you.
  46. Ooh, those lips and those hips still make me do flips! I can’t wait to love you in the new year, sweet wife.
  47. Hey, hot mama! May our love stay hot as lava in the new year.
  48. In the darkness of night, you’ve been my light. May the coming year be joyful and bright. I love everything about you, sweet wife.
  49. Wife—once again the earth made a trip around the sun. Now a new year of love with you has begun.
  50. A new year is beginning, and my head is spinning. Time flies when you’re having fun, sweet woman.
  51. The old year’s a yawn; the new one’s at dawn. Time and love will keep marching on. Happy New Year, darling wife.
  52. Goals are ambitious; resolutions don’t last. Let’s look to our future and forget about the past. Love you, babe.
  53. Girl, as the sun sets on another year, let’s lift up our glasses and send out a cheer.
  54. Time is fleeting, but it’s worth repeating: wife, you are the one for whom my heart’s beating. Wishing you great adventures in the new year.
  55. With champagne on my lips and joy in my heart, I’m happy this year has had such a great start. And that’s because I’m with you, wife.
  56. You’re bubbly as champagne; a girl who can’t be contained, and I wouldn’t want it any other way. We’re going to burst into the new year like firecrackers.