Mother’s Day Poems and Messages

Browse a unique collection of Mothers Day poems to dedicate to your mother this special day.

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Mother’s Day Poems For Sweet Moms



Better to discover how stars began,
Than explain a mother’s love.

You should number the stars in the sky,
Before trying to tell a mother not to care.

Take time to count the hairs on your head,
Before telling her a beloved child failed.

Don’t tell her not to love a child gone wrong,
Before having answers as to how she can help.

Never tell her that love is in vain,
Just hold her and say “Love never fails.”




On this day set aside for Mothers,
I wonder how you and your loved ones are,
What are you doing at this special time,
When your distance from me is so far?

I love you now, I’ve loved you forever,
In spite of the problems we face,
What wouldn’t I do, to sit down with you,
And share hugs and forgiveness with grace.

I’ve only one mom, and you’ve only one me,
Although I’m sure I have the best part,
Can’t we come together to share our love,
Setting forth on a course we can chart?

While the past is long gone, we can’t get it back,
No matter how hard we both try.
Tomorrow’s blank page waits to be filled,
With love and respect standing by.

Let’s share a love and the peace we both need,
Making memories together once more,
Before all time is lost, and no chance remains,
Won’t you give our love a chance to restore?

Happy Mother’s Day – I love you!


When our sun’s veil is drawn each day,
Marking an end to that long day,
Moonbeams glow softly in the night,
Lighting our sometimes dark ways.

Mothers are our life’s night moon,
And the shining sun of a child’s life,
Casting forth bright beams of love,
Cutting through life’s tears and strife.

Mothers kiss the aches and dry the tears,
Urging us on whenever we fall,
With strength and comfort that lightens all fear,
Her love keeps us strong through it all.

Mothers are known for smiling with pride,
Or, sometimes just setting us straight,
We test her patience often, when young,
But, for our love, she takes time to wait.

Loving is much more than saying,
“Mother, I love you so much,”
We should also strive to mirror her grace,
With our very own Mother’s Touch.

God bless your life as you have blessed mine.

50 Thank You Mom Messages


I came to see you while you were asleep,
But you didn’t know I was there.
I saw you were sleeping, exhausted and tired,
From trying hard to show others you care.

I stood looking down on your face, now relaxed,
And wished it were so every day.
For, surely, your load would be lighter,
If only others saw you relaxing this way.

They might, then, rightly assume,
That perhaps they played a small part.
You work so hard to help others succeed,
That you often give too much of your heart.

So, Mother dear, on this special day,
Just relax, give yourself a rest.
And then, tomorrow, when that day begins,
Why not pretend today was just a test?

I love you for all what you are.


75 Mother’s Day Wishes For All Sweet Mothers


Today I honor you. You chose to leave your own, safe life for the responsibilities of someone else’s child.
It takes a special person to share the joys and sorrows of life with a child not of her own blood,
but for whom she would gladly give her own life.

You encompass all that motherhood should be.
You cared for me, what I would become, and how I lived my life. It takes patience to offer love without conditions.

If I sometimes resented your presence, you patiently waited for a time when I could accept your care, appreciate your concern, and grow to love the special person you are.

Time passed, I grew. Through you, I learned the value of another mom.

Today, life without my Other Mother would have far less meaning.

I love you, Mom.


You deserve a day out, Mom
So I’ve arranged one for you.
I’m going to send a Harley bike,
To take you to the zoo.

If this does not appeal to you,
Then may I kindly suggest,
You stop for a while, and do,
Just one little thing I request.

Have a great day, just relax
No one deserves it more, it’s true.
You’re so busy serving others in love,
You often don’t take time for you.

I cannot make your load lighter,
I would if I could, but I can’t.
I can only say, in a most sincere way,
Instead of others, let your needs supplant.

I Love you. Happy Mother’s Day, Mom!

Mother’s Day Wishes and Poems For Wives


My children often see “just” a Mom,
Their friends see much the same,
But, what I see, when I look at them all,
Is much more than just a name.

I see unswerving devotion,
To all who enter her home.
Each receiving her kind, generous care,
No one leaves feeling lost or alone.

Taking in those who are easy to love,
She also loves those disdained.
She loves every being who comes her way,
With a strength assumed easily maintained.

My friends know her as a tolerant spouse,
A bastion of loving forgiveness.
While, I sit in awe of her gracious heart,
Even when I often seem clueless.

How amazing it is, for someone like me,
To kiss her and know she is mine.
To love her and hold her in tender embrace,
Makes my own frantic life seem quite fine.

The love of my life, and the heart of our children
Cannot be measured with rhyme.
Our love goes beyond the seen and the said,
To a love ending only in God’s time.

Happy Mother’s Day to My Love, My Wife!


I thought the day we married was great,
Happiness bubbled in every detail,
The laughs and the joy that we shared with all,
Seemed right, and I knew we would not fail.

Then came the day I heard you say,
“We’re going to have a child.”
New fountains of joy flowed deep within,
As advice we gleaned, mostly good–some wild.

Life in our family is a source of great pride,
Though our youth had to make way for real life.
Your strength and your humor is intact still today,
Just as on that first day, when you came to be my wife.

I love your tender, compassionate heart,
Not hardened, no matter how stressed,
I lean on your love, and count on your faith,
As we face life together, I am so blessed.

No matter how often I think it, or say,
I love you with all of my heart,
Your love and our children give me reason to live,
With thankfulness in whole – not just in part.

Thank you for our family!

Mother’s Day Wishes and Poems For Grandmas

Grandma is a Mother, Too

Some Grandmothers are thin, some Grandmas are pretty,
Many Moms and Grannies don’t care.
While each Grandmother is different, none exactly the same,
The love they bring into our life, nothing can compare.

So, Grandmother, dear, whatever your name,
One thing about you is a fact.
I have nothing but pride in holding you high,
In nothing do I find you to lack.

While I could go on for an hour or two,
About all the gifts you bestow,
All the things you give cannot even compare
To the love I felt as you watched me grow.

One great thing about you, my dear,
That, sometimes I forget to remember.
Where would I be now, much less back then,
If you were not, yourself, a mother.

My parents taught me many life lessons
But, they had to have learned them from you,
So, here’s to the parent, and the grandmothers,
Thanks to you, life looks great from my view.

I loved you when I was little,
Even when I did bad things and got caught.
You loved me no matter what I said and did,
Now I love you even more—no, a lot.

Have a Wonderful Grandmother-Style Mother’s Day!


The mother of your mother or dad,
May be called Grandma or Grannie,
But, the mother of my parent who shines in my life,
Is my Mom, and she is wonderful to me.

She told me stories when I was young
Setting me straight when I did not do things right.
Mom fixed such great meals, and sneaked me some snacks,
Tucked me in when I stayed with her at night.

I love my Mom, and she loves me,
She passed my test, and I have no doubt.
Who but Mom would have patience galore,
Loving me when I cried and would pout.

Mom was born such a long time ago,
She’s old, by the gauge others’ score.
But, my Mom lives in perpetual youth,
For she keeps teaching me more and more.

I love my Mom from youth ‘till today,
She is with me when I bake her recipe.
And, although the cookies won’t taste quite the same,
They will smell great, like the love Mom gave me.


Mother’s Day Poems and Messages For Friends


You’re my friend, and I’m proud as I can be,
You’re a mother, a great example, as everyone can see.
Both of these titles say nothing about you,
A beauty of heart that love brings into view.

I can just sit back and remember our fun,
Sharing times of laughter, and days in the sun.
Then, I stop and think of shared moments of sorrow,
When it hurt to think of others’ long tomorrow.

But, the moments I cherish most of all,
Rising proudly and standing tall,
Is the knowledge that you were always there,
Selflessly showing me unconditional love and care.

Your children will thank you on this special day,
As they should, for you are their shining ray.
I thank you in turn, for the treasure you are,
No one better I’ve found, near or far.



You’re really a Mother?
How exciting for you.
Great timing, too.
Right at Mother’s Day.
Your child is lucky,
He or She gets to claim you.
They deserve the best,
And it is obviously, YOU!



I know some people who I can call friends,
But, the truth of this word often falls short.
For many are those who I trust with my heart,
Yet fade away when our friend ship leaves port.

Friends are not true if there is not a deep faith,
That the best in each other is seen.
The trust in a friend can be measured over time,
When trust and caring love is supreme.

A friend is there, no matter the day,
No matter the hour or how deep the need.
My friend will be there and stand by my side,
As will I, for we carefully planted the seed.

The seed of our friendship grew slowly at first,
Just as does all well-planted seed.
But, watered with tears, and fed with our love,
Our friendship now fills a great need.

No matter if others stand by us, or flee,
We each know the other is there,
To help us grow strong, stand firm and have fun,
Showing our families and others we care.


Mothers Day Wishes and Poems
Mothers Day Wishes and Poems