50 Father’s Day Wishes for Amazing Dads

The third Sunday of June each year, is the most special day for all fathers. It’s the Father’s Day celebration.

Surprise your Dad with a special gift and a special wish. If you can’t find the right words to wish him, keep on reading and you will find many Father’s day wishes and pick the right one for him.

This celebration is about fatherhood, so don’t forget your grandfathers…they are fathers too!

50 Father’s day wishes to amazing Dads

  • Dear father, from the first little adventure to the last biggest problems, you’ve always been there. No number of words can tell to describe my love for you.
  • Hey Dad! I just found out about that super hero from my childhood. All this time, it was you! Happy father’s day!
  • Like a lighthouse in the middle of the sea, you’ve guided me always. Like a shade in the sun, you’ve protected me always. The man that you are has taught me to live life. Happy father’s day!
  • To the world you are just a father, but to our family you are the whole world! Happy father’s day dad!
  • Honesty and fair play, strength and courage, kindness and good will. Nobody could have shown it all better than you Dad! Love you always
  • This day is the day to nominate someone who has been kind and considerate at all times, loved me unconditionally and showed me how to live in the face of life. No one else but you father! Blessed to have you.

Happy Fathers day to the Worlds best Dad - Father’s day wishes

  • No matter how old do I grow up, you would always guide me like the first time I got in a problem. How do you do it dad! Best dad in the world!
  • The most perfect combination of compassion and strength, it’s you DAD! You’re someone I’m unconditionally proud of in my life! Happy father’s day.
  • From the moments I could see everything sitting on your shoulders to the times I was down, you’ve taught me to live and meet the world! Happy father’s day.
  • Mum brought me to this world and you held my hand and taught me how to live in here! You’re the best dad!
  • You’re an awesome person minus the parenthood too! Happy father’s day to the World’s best dad!
  • To the coolest dad in the world! Still remember the times my friends and buddies would love having you around. There’s no friend better than you I have in my life. Thanks for being there, dad.
  • One of the other reasons for you being awesome is you saving me from mum’s scolding! Thank you for being my dad.
  • Dear Father, I wish to thank you for the firm hand with which you guided my steps in this restless world, making sure I didn’t stray.
  • I may never be able to put it in words but no person has ever inspired me the way you do, I hope when I grow up, I’d be just like you. Happy father’s day!
  • Of all those times you never said dad, I knew you loved me the best. And of those times you could never tell, I knew I was the most precious to you. Happy father’s day papa!

Happy Father's Day to the most Amazing Dad - Father’s day wishes

  • Thank you Dad messages.
  • From you repairing my teddy cycle to my broken heart as I grew up from the little girl you could lift up high to the woman I’ve turned into today. I owe you my life dad! Thanks for being there for me.
    Happy father’s day.
  • Raise a toast to the best dad in the world! This is to pay tribute to the man who has such wonderfully been able to deal with the most annoying kids ever! Happy father’s day dad!

Never blame your father for not giving you all you wanted. If he had more, certainly he would have given you all of it.

  • Dear Father, you are my best friend and support, and I am grateful every day for having you around, as it is a real blessing.
  • Now I realize why you basted me for things that appeared unimportant. You were offering me a valuable lesson for which I am thankful. Happy father’s day!

Happy Fathers day wishes messages

  • When I have no one to turn to, regardless of what I did, I turned to you my father, as you will always be there for me.
  • A slap in the face from my father, turned into a great achievement later in my life, so never I will never be upset with you again. I love you Dad!
  • I cherish the time spent with you, my father, since it always enriches my existence with your kind thoughts and valuable advice.
  • Father, you taught me what I know today and showed me what kind of person I wanted to be. I wish to thank you for that and all the things you have offered me. Happy father’s day!
  • I wish I had you around as much as possible since your loss, would be a greater loss for what I am.
  • Dear Father, you are the pillar on which my entire existence stands, without you the wind would have shattered all my dreams. Happy Father’s Day to the most amazing Dad!


Fathers day wishes

  • Dear dad, you were always more severe with the ones you love the most, and I can see that now, it’s reflecting on the life I have. Thank you for loving me!
  • I would have never been the successful person I am today, without the support and understanding of you, Dad. You always stood by me. Happy father’s day!
  • You understood my late night outings, a stubborn way of being, and never lost hope in me, giving me the trust I needed. I am very lucky to have a Father like you!
  • The wisdom of a father is an endless spring of knowledge for his children, steadily guiding their steps out in the world. You did exactly this to me! Happy father’s day!
  • The world can be a treacherous ground for inexperienced youngsters, but you Dad you were always there to catch me in my falls. Happy father’s day!
  • The words of a father can enlighten an untrained mind. I certainly know it did enlightened mine, always showing the right direction.
  • Dad, there were many times that I was too angry with you. But I was definitely wrong, because I learned later on that whatever you did or said, was for my benefit and safeguard. Happy father’s day!
  • Dear Father, you were always working too hard to offer to me things you never had. I have to thank you for offering me a great life!

Listening to your father is the best thing you can do, if you want to have a safe road in life.

  • Dad you did much and gave me even more. I will always take advantage of your words and advice, as they may be of great value later on. Happy father’s day!
  • I am extremely lucky to have a Dad who will always tell you what he did well and what he did wrong. Sharing your knowledge with me and letting me learn from your mistakes.

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