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Happy Retirement Wishes and Messages

Retirement is a big milestone in our life. It is the time when our every day life is changing. For many people is the time that they were waiting for all of their life. But for many others it is the day that they stop being productive and they lose their motivations.

Anyway, retirement day is a unique day and a special celebration! And every celebration goes together with wishes and presents. In this article you can find many suggestions of Happy Retirement Wishes for a friend, family member or co-worker who is close to you!

As we always suggest, combine two or more wishes and add your own words to make it more personal.  Enjoy!

Happy retirement wishes and messages for a coworker

  • Thanks for your advice, dedication, and helpfulness. We will miss you.
  • I don’t like to see you go, but I’m happy for your new adventure in retirement.
  • Congratulations, but we will miss seeing your face.
  • Appreciate all your kind words and teachings. We will miss you.
  • You have taught me so much. I hate to see you go, but am so happy for you and your family’s new life. Enjoy!
  • Wishing you the best through retirement, but please come back to visit periodically.
  • While you are out having a good time and living the great life, think of us here back at work.
  • Excited to watch you go and live the life you always dreamed of!
  • Happy, Happy retirement day. You have earned it!
  • Thankful for the time we all shared together. Congratulations!
  • Wishing you the best, but wishing it was me.
  • So jealous you get to leave this place, but guess you earned it! Congratulations.
  • Thankful for all we shared.
  • Retirement Wishes and Sentiments For Your Boss
  • Hope to see you soon, even though you will not miss us one bit!
  • You were more than just a coworker, you were my friend.
  • Already missing you, but now you have to go!
  • Happy day of retirement!

Retirement wishes and messages for a friend

  • You finally are here! Welcome to retirement! Let’s have some fun!
  • Ready to go fishing?
  • Welcome to the land of the free!
  • You earned your retirement, but now it is time to have some fun!
  • Wishing you happiness and peace for the rest of your life.
  • Excited to see you fulfill your lifelong dreams.
  • Now that you have the time available, do you think we can hang out?
  • Happy day of retirement! Let’s go wet a hook!
  • Who is bringing the beer on the boat? Let’s celebrate!
  • To my best friend, I watched you work so hard over the years. Congrats on retiring…you have certainly earned it and more!
  • After seeing you accomplish so much, I have a massive respect for you, my friend. Congratulations.
  • Sweet & Funny Retirement Wishes For Friends
  • Wishing you only the best! Happy day!
  • With the warmest of wishes and the warmest of hearts, so excited for your new adventure!
  • Congratulations on your huge accomplishments! You deserve everything and more. Congrats, my friend!
  • Best wishes on adventures, fun, and love during your retirement.
  • Excited for additional time with you during this retirement! Congratulations!
  • To my dearest friend, excited to watch you during this time of freedom.
  • Wishing you the best the retirement years of your life!

Sincere retirement wishes and messages

  • Sincerest wishes on your retirement!
  • Congratulations on your retirement and good luck!
  • We have enjoyed you! Now, it is time to enjoy yourself!
  • Happy retirement day!
  • Good luck retiring!
  • Enjoy your golden years!
  • Praying you have a lovely retirement!
  • Hope you and your spouse enjoy each others company during retirement!
  • Thank you for your dedication!
  • Thanks for all your hard work through your working years!
  • Wishing you well through retirement!
  • Retiring is your new key to success!
  • You’ve earned it!
  • Congrats on your retirement…wishing you lots of love, peace, good health, wealth and happiness!
  • Welcome to retired life!
  • Live it up during retirement!
  • Great job! Enjoy retiring!
  • Happy, happy retirement!
  • You have taught us so much. We will miss you!
  • May retirement be what you dreamed of!
  • So grateful for your commitment through the years. Congratulations!
  • Congrats, congrats, congrats on the many years of service.
  • You will be missed, but happy for your new adventure!
  • Retiring is the start of a new life.
  • Enjoy this new journey!
  • Wishing you well during your retirement and travels.
  • Safe travels, good luck, and congrats on your retirement.
  • With retirement, you can dedicate your life to your family and fun.
  • Wishing you all the best during your retirement days!

Funny retirement wishes and messages

  • 😉 Do not get to gray during your retirement years!
  • 😉 It is all downhill from here, fella!
  • 😉 Try not to get bored or go crazy.
  • 😉 Time to get golfing!
  • 😉 Ready to wet a hook?
  • 😉 Fishing for a new job or just retiring?
  • 😉 At your age, you are probably retiring in the bathroom, heh right?
  • 😉 Over the hill and through the woods to retirement?
  • 😉 Enjoy your retirement with your old lady!
  • 😉 Good luck dealing with all this new time…you and your wife will need it!
  • 😉 The two best days of your life? Buying the boat and then selling it!
  • 😉 You are officially old now.
  • 😉 Enjoy your golden years…before you go silver.
  • 😉 So glad you are finally gone! Enjoy your retirement because we sure will!
  • 😉 Good riddance you old man!
  • 😉 Happy retirement! Can’t believe you made it this long!
  • 😉 What will we do without you? Oh, yea, the same thing we did with you!
  • 😉 Enjoy retiring in doctor’s offices and your grand-kid’s houses.
  • 😉 Happy day of excessive medical insurance use.
  • 😉 When your body grows older and your heart grows fonder, it is time to retire!
  • 😉 Congrats on your recent promotion to doing nothing.
  • 😉 Congrats. Better late than never!
  • 😉 It is official, gardening, fishing, and tinkering are all new job duties.

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