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50 Birthday Wishes For Son and Daughter

The day your kids were born is unique and memorable. There is no parent that will ever forget this day. As a parent, sending or presenting a birthday wish to your child makes them feel appreciated, loved and cared for; what everyone is looking for. Trying to find the right words for that day, is not always an easy task. So, keep reading to get some heart touching birthday wishes for son or daughter. Choose the one that describe your feelings best and share it with your child.

Birthday Wishes For Son

  • You always remain my little charming baby boy no matter how young or old you are. Let’s celebrate this day together. Hugs, kisses and my warmest birthday wishes to my son!
  • Every time you smile at me, you always make me a proud parent with your blessing. Now I want to make you feel proud child with mine. Happy birthday son!
  • From the cries of joy to the cries of sorrow, may your special day bring you a better tomorrow. Happy birthday my son!
  • Sit back and think of all the times that we have together as this birthday reminds that there are more memories to be mad. Happy birthday kid!
  • I wish you wealth, good health, joy and happiness on your day of days. Have a wonderful happy birthday Son.
  • Your mom and I shall make a toast to celebrate your day of days: your birthday. Happy birthday to a very special son of mine.
  • From the day you first talked until the day you first walked, I always felt blessed to have you. Happy birthday!
  • Son, when you make a wish today, keep in mind that Dad and Mom are here to support you. May you have a great life ahead.
  • Every time you smile at me my son, a certain feeling overwhelms me and gives me a thousand reasons to live. Enjoy your birthday.
  • You ever heard the term, “Work hard, play hard?” You’ve already worked too hard to get where you are now. Remember that you should play hard too. Happy birthday!
  • You are living proof that age is not just a number, but also a matter of wisdom. I wish you Happy birthday, may this day bring you joy and happiness.
  • I know life gets harder to understand as we get older, yet with every birthday, we get wiser to help us through it all. Be strong son!
  • You are only as old as you think you are, so today being your birthday proves you to be another day wiser. Happy birthday Son!
  • The bitter truth is that the day that we will be very old is close. We pray every day that you will also reach Dad’s and Mom’s age. Celebrate your Birthday and never stop praying for good health!
  • You know that your awesome right? Every birthday is another reminder of how awesome your are. Today is no different. Happy birthday to my awesome son.
  • Every smile you give to us is a blessing we receive everyday. We wish the same for you for the rest of your life, especially today. Happy birthday!
  • You’re growing. Evolving right before my eyes and every day I’m blessed. I’m blessed to have you. Happy birthday and may this blessing be given to you.
  • Even though you’re old enough to drive, I can still remember when you first walked. Happy birthday big guy! May every year bring your cheer and health.
  • Happy birthday son! May love, happiness, and beautiful memories become a part of your life as you have become a part of mine.
  • I will feel incomplete and guilty if this day passes without me saying this ” son, you are a treasured gift in my life.” Happy Birthday my son!
  • Blow the candles as hard as you can. As your parent we wish you a thousand-year life full of joy, health and success.
  • Every day that I see you walk into manhood, I still remember you learning to walk when you were just a little baby. Happy birthday son!
  • Since I first laid my eyes on you, every year after has been a blessing. This year will bring even more joy; happy birthday son!
  • Another year has come and passed. Another day you’ve gained in wisdom and spirit. Happy birthday my son. May today continue to give you happiness.

Birthday Wishes For Daughter

  • It felt like it was just yesterday when the doctor said that it’s going be a girl. Now your becoming a woman. Happy birthday my beautiful daughter!
  • You are in your teens now and I never would’ve have imagined that time flies by so fast. I still see you as my little lady. Happy birthday girl!
  • I can still remember us playing with your toys, and now today you’re all grown up. Happy birthday to a very special woman: my daughter.
  • Even though today is your birthday and you’ll receive gifts, you’re still my favorite gift. Happy birthday my daughter!
  • Whatever you wish for today, always remember that you’re blessed, as I always remember that I’m blessed to have a child like you. Happy birthday!
  • Whenever I look straight into your eyes, I see the future of a determined and prominent lady.
  • I remember when you were in preschool. Soon you’ll graduate school and blossom in to a young lady. Happy birthday to my little girl, my lovely daughter!
  • I know being humble is a good trait to have but today is your birthday. Live it up! Happy birthday sweetie!
  • When you were born, we didn’t cry, but we just found ourselves smiling from the moment you gave us that first sharp cry. That’s why I wish, you have a great life. Enjoy your birthday my princess!
  • Since you were only an infant, I feel that joy that you bring to everyone who loves you. Happy birthday sweetie, may this day bring the same joy to you.
  • My baby, the best I can do to wish you for this day, is pray you have a great life ahead for thousands healthy years.
  • Happy birthday to my favorite little princess! May your days bring you joy and happiness for the years to come.
  • Out of all the days in the calendar, this day is my favorite. It’s your day. Happy birthday my little daughter!
  • We are happy to have a healthy and beautiful daughter and we are proud that we are celebrating your birthday together.
  • Everyday is a blessing to have you in our life, but today is even more special. Happy birthday to our beloved daughter. May you be blessed as much as you’ve blessed us.
  • Another year older means another year better for you. May your birthday today bring another blessing to my favorite little girl.
  • Always remember that you are the best gift for us in this world. When you were born, we saw a light of happiness in you’re eyes. Today we see that same light. Happy birthday.
  • As I walk to my workplace, I can’t hold the joy and happiness, to join you, my precious daughter, in celebrating this day. From the depth of my heart I wish you happy birthday!
  • Let today be the start of a great year for you. You’re a year older now and a year wiser. You’re blessed. Happy birthday my daughter.


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