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Baby’s 1st Birthday Wishes to Parents

Send the parents your warmest wishes for the first birthday of their baby.

Find unique ideas of heartfelt and cute wishes to make the parents proud and happy of their baby.

Boy’s 1st Birthday Wishes to Parents

  • 💡 Hugs and kisses and first birthday wishes! Congratulations, Mom and Dad, on your son’s birthday!
  • 💡 Your lives have changed and time has flown by but you’ve done a great job your first year with your sweet little guy!
  • 💡 May the celebration of a first year of parenthood be the beginning of joyous years ahead with your son
  • 💡 Happy first birthday to your little buckaroo! You’ve done a fabulous job you two!
  • 💡 Look who’s one! Congratulations to you for your son!
  • 💡 Happy first birthday to your little man!
  • 💡 May your future years be as adventurous as the first one has been with your special little boy.
  • 💡 Happy 1st Birthday Wishes For Baby Girls and Boys
  • 💡 The first year is just a stepping stone to many memories yet to make. Congrats on the first milestone birthday!
  • 💡 You made it, mom and dad! The first year is here and it’s time to celebrate all of you!
  • 💡 From tiny toes to toy trucks, your little boy is special and you’ve been blessed with a lot of luck! Congrats on your son’s first birthday!
  • 💡 He may be still tiny and small but he’s stolen the hearts of us all. Congrats on your son turning one!
  • 💡 Happy first birthday to your little guy! He seems to certainly be the apple of your eye!
  • 💡 Can you believe the first year with your baby boy has gone so fast? Wishing you a great birthday bash!
  • 💡 May the moments of smiles and joy continue to grow in years to come as you celebrate your son turning one!
  • 💡 May baby boy giggles and smiles fill your special day as you celebrate the first of many!
  • 💡 Happy birthday blessings to your sweet boy as he turns one!
  • 💡 Happy first birthday to a precious little bundle of blue! I hope he will have the best qualities of you!
  • 💡 Life has just begun as you celebrate your baby boy turning one!
  • 💡 Here’s one of another bunch of special firsts! Congratulations on your son’s first birthday!
  • 💡 Your life will never be the same because your sweet baby was born and today may you celebrate a happy first!
  • 💡 Happy first birthday to a sweet baby boy and to his parents, I wish you continued joy!
  • 💡 Happy Birthday Wishes For Kids
  • 💡 Congratulations on the first birthday of your little superhero!
  • 💡 Laugh at the first birthday cake smash as you celebrate your son on his first birthday bash!
  • 💡 In just a year your life turned upside down and you found more courage than you even knew you had! Happy first birthday to our son!
  • 💡 Wishing you years of laughter and happiness as you celebrate your precious boy’s first birthday!
  • 💡 Your son is one and it is so much fun but the party has only just begun. Congratulations!
  • 💡 Your son will outgrow your lap but never your heart. Congratulations to you on your baby’s first happy birthday!
  • 💡 Watching your son grow has been a wonderful delight! Here’s wishing you the best on your son’s first birthday.
  • 💡 God sent you a special angel son just one year ago who has filled your heart with such happiness!
  • 💡 Happy first birthday to your sweet baby boy! May it be filled with laughter and joy!
  • 💡 Your son is still tiny but his first birthday is so big! Congrats mom and dad! Have a fun shin-dig!

Girl’s 1st Birthday Wishes to Parents

  • You have survived a joyful year with your bundle of love! Happy first birthday to your little one!
  • May your daughter have the kindness of her mother’s heart and the softness of her father’s touch. Happy first birthday to your little girl!
  • Pink ribbons and bows, 10 fingers and toes. Hoping that your daughter’s first birthday is a joyous occasion!
  • It’s the first birthday of such a special little girl. May you embrace her and love her today and always.
  • May your little rosebud blossom in the years to come. Happy birthday on her first birthday!
  • Happy first birthday to a special little girl and a big congratulations to her parents!
  • She is so cute and cuddly with her mother’s heart and her daddy wrapped around her finger. Here’s to a blessed first year for your family.
  • Congratulations on the first of many birthdays for your beautiful daughter and you while she grows
  • A daughter like yours will continue to make parenthood your most rewarding endeavor. Happy first birthday to your little one!
  • May your beautiful journey with your special little 1-year-old daughter continue throughout the years.
  • Parenthood is the biggest accomplishment of your past year. Congratulations on your daughter’s first birthday!
  • My best and warmest wishes to the parents of a beautiful one year old princess!
  • One sweet little baby cry has changed your life for the past year. May you enjoy this first birthday and many to come.
  • May pink wrapping paper and bows riddle your house as you kiss her sweet nose. Happy first birthday to your baby girl!
  • She came into your lives and gave you one of the best years of your life. Here’s to many more!
  • Lace and bottles go together well and on her first birthday, parents, you’ve done swell!
  • May your baby girl continue to bring smiles to your faces for her first birthday and many to come.
  • Your lives have changed and time has flown by but you’ve done a great job with your sweet little guy!
  • Your face lights up every time you speak her name and may the future years do the same!
  • Congratulations as you celebrate your first year with your pretty pink precious tiny gift!
  • It may be her first birthday though she is your gift. Congratulations to a year of being proud parents!
  • Blankets and bottles, teddy bears and tiny toes, may you enjoy your daughter’s first birthday the very most!
  • The future of your baby girl is in your hands and today as you celebrate her 1st birthday, remember how blessed you are!
  • From being into your arms to being into everything, may you enjoy the first year of your daughter’s life!
  • Here’s to celebrate a year of being wonderful parents to such a precious little girl!
  • Enjoy your sweet little girl on her first birthday.
  • Congratulations on your pink little precious turning a year old!
  • Here’s to a year of no sleep and dirty diapers! It has all been worth celebrating the life of your baby girl.
  • Celebrating a pretty pink princess and Perfect Parents on her first birthday.

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