50 Cute Birthday Love Messages

You want to say it, but you are not sure how? On your partners birthday, you should find a special and cute way to say “I Love you“.

Find out below many Birthday Love Messages and pick the best for you! Make this day special and unique with a unique birthday love message!

50 Cute Birthday Love Messages

Happy birthday to the one who changed my life, to the one who makes me smile, to the one I love!

Who needs gifts and flowers when I can say nothing but how much I Love you on your birthday.

You make everyday so much better, but I hope your birthday is the best. Love you!

It might be impossible, but I can only hope to give you a gift that means as much as you do to me for your special day. Happy birthday, baby.

I love you so much everyday- maybe a little more on your special day.

One more birthday down, one more in the book of us and our happily ever after!

Can we just be simple and honest on your special day? I love you and want you to have an extra special birthday, simple as that!

Break out the cake and candles, maybe even some champagne. Happy birthday, babe!

We may celebrate our life together everyday but here’s to celebrating you today.

Do you know how much I love you? Take infinity, multiply that times a zillion and that’s the answer for every day, not just on your birthday.

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Happy, happy birthday baby! - Birthday Love Messages

Happy, happy birthday baby! – Birthday Love Messages

It’s your birthday, so I must say it again- I love you so much!

The years feel like minutes when we are together, but I can’t let this one pass without saying it: happy birthday!

The days feel like minutes when we are together, but I can’t let this one pass without saying it: happy birthday!

We have been together through so much and you have been my rock the whole time. Happy birthday!

It’s your birthday, so it’s your time to shine. I’m so glad you are here to light up my life.

Everyday we are together is a gift to me, so I’ll be showering you in all of the love I have and a little extra on your special day!

All that you want and all that you need, let me give it to you on your birthday

I want to make you smile while we sing and dance and celebrate you on your special day

Here we are, on this special day, let’s celebrate and sing and share our special love today and every day after this one. Happy birthday!

No matter where we are, together or apart, you’ll always be the one on my mind. Happy birthday to you!

Let’s celebrate it, scream and shout it, happy birthday to you, my love.

My love, my darling, my special one that makes life worth living, happy birthday to you.

How many ways do I love you? Let’s count the ways on your birthday. The answer? Infinity

This day comes around only once a year, so do not let me delay in saying, happy birthday to you, my beloved one!

Happy birthday to you, my love. I hope it’s filled with love and special memories.

Strike up the band and start the parade so I can let you know how special you are to me, especially on your birthday.

I carry your love with me every day and can’t wait to give you even extra back today. Happy birthday!

Happy birthday, love. I look forward to another year together (and another after that and another after that and another after that…).

Happy birthday to you, my special one. I cherish each day we are together and cannot wait to start another year together!

Life really started when we met, so here’s to another year of really living. Happy birthday, love!

Even though you can read me like a book, here’s a surprise- happy birthday! (insert money/gift card)

You might have had a hard time telling me a birthday gift you want, but I do know that you’ll have my love forever.

One more birthday down, one more in our journey to forever together!

Here’s to another stop on our quest to forever together! Happy birthday, babe.

I can’t help it- I want to scream it from the rooftops- happy birthday to you, my one and only!

Our time together has flown by and been the best-let me shower you in love on your special day!

You make me smile and I make you dance. Happy birthday to someone who makes life together so fun and so perfect.

It’s your birthday and little do you know it’s I who wins- you keep getting better and better with age!

Love Birthday Messages for Her

We can do anything you want today. It’s your special day. Happy birthday, baby.

If you want to travel, let’s go. If you want a fancy dinner, let’s have it. As long I get to treat you special, it’s your day! Happy birthday to you.

Happy birthday to the person who completes me- you make life worth living even on the rough days.

If I had to walk, run or sprint, I’d make it to you to tell you Happy Birthday. Have an amazing day, love.

If you want it, I’ll buy it. You have given me something that money can’t buy but I’ll try and repay you as much as I can on your birthday

I count myself lucky to have found you, baby. I count myself even luckier to be here for another birthday celebration for you!

You have carried me through hard spots we have endured so now let’s celebrate on your special day! Happy birthday to my number one supporter!

You make me smile and laugh, so let’s do nothing else but that on your birthday!

Happy birthday to my one and only- I smile when I think of calling you that for the rest of our lives.

Happy birthday, sweet darling. Thank you for making my life so much fuller, happier and more exciting since you entered it.

I love you more and more everyday- even more so every year, too. Happy birthday and here’s to even more love!

birthday love messages

Birthday Love Messages

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