Birthday Wishes For Sister

Your sister is one of the most important persons in your life. Make her smile and let her know how much important is to you! Sent her a wish that will help you express your feelings to her.

Say Happy Birthday to your Sister with one of our suggested “Birthday Wishes For Sister” listed below. Enjoy!

Happy Birthday Wishes for Sister

  • Family might have made us sisters, but life made us best friends. Enjoy your birthday! I wish you the best!
  • To a wonderful sister, the only place where my secrets and weaknesses are kept secure. You deserve the best! Happy Birthday!
  • Did somebody say party! It’s your birthday, let’s paint the town tonight. Happy Birthday to my favorite party girl.
  • You are not only the best sister but also a great friend. Everyone should have a sister like you! Wishing you a sweet and joy-filled Birthday!
  • Life changes through happiness and tears, but a sister’s love lasts for years. Happy Birthday!
  • On this awesome day, let’s make a promise to look out for each other, no matter what. Happy Birthday to my sister and best friend.
  • Happy birthday to my funny, sweet and beautiful sister!
  • Through the arguments and sorrow, you are a sister. I am so glad you’re mine! Happy Birthday to the best sister in the universe.
  • A sister is someone with whom you share life’s greatest moments with. Thank you for such great memories! Happy Birthday!
  • Thank you for making my childhood so special. May you achieve everything you desire in life. Enjoy your Birthday!
  • You are my strength, my support, my guide and everything in between. I am so proud to have you sister like you. Happy Birthday!
  • Remembering you on your special day and wishing you happiness forever. May your day be filled with sunshine!
  • You’re the best buddy in the world. What would I have done if not for all the fights we’ve had. Happy Birthday, Sis!
  • You’ve been there for everything, to help me stay grounded, to keep me from trouble, to make me laugh and to offer the right advice. You’ve been my sister forever, and I wish you the best.
  • You stood by me every time I caved under pressure. It’s because of you that I believe in myself. Thank you for helping me stay strong. Happy Birthday, my beloved sister!
  • You have been the longest friend I’ve ever had. Thank you for being there for me. Happy Birthday, Sweetie!
  • I am so excited to celebrate another year with you. May you have an incredible life ahead.
  • I could never miss an opportunity to make you smile. Thank you for caring about my happiness. Happy Birthday to a great sis!
  • If there’s anything more reliable than rising gas prices, it’s you standing up for me. Happy Birthday, Sis. May our bond last a lifetime.
  • If I had to count my blessings, I would count the number of times you understood. Happy Birthday to such an awesome sister.
  • If I was rich, I would hire a parade to celebrate your day. But since I’m not rich, please accept my deepest and humblest wishes. Happy Birthday, my dearest sister.
  • You make life unforgettable. I am so thankful you are a part of my life, sister. I wish you Happy Birthday and many super years to come.
  • To my awesome sister, my biggest birthday wish is that you stay the same and never change.
  • People who have never shared their lives with a sister like you, have no idea how beautiful the world is. I’m so glad to have you in my life.
  • For your birthday, wishing you the best of everything the world has to offer. May you have a unique birthday!
  • Birthdays will never stop, and you will never stop being my sister. Both wonderful things! Happy Birthday!
  • If I had a dollar for each moment of happiness you’ve brought into my life, I would have enough to buy you the world. You deserve it!
  • Your love and shelter has helped me grow. A gift isn’t enough for the appreciation and love you’ve shown me. Happy Birthday, Sis. I love you from the depths of my heart.
  • Despite our differences, you are the most beloved person in my whole life. Happy Birthday!
  • I hope your special day is filled with as much fortune and happiness as you’ve given me. Happy B-day sis!


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Birthday Wishes For Sister

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