21st Birthday Wishes

21st birthdays are not the same comparing to other birthdays. In America being 21 means you have more legal rights. You can now legally drink, but you can also apply for a regular driving license (ninety days after 21st birthday). In some states like Mississippi, you can apply for a marriage license without parental consent. They are not actually major changes in your life, but most people believe that this the day that you become a real adult. So, 21st birthday wishes are more about these legal rights. Below you can find many awesome ideas of wishes to send to your beloved persons.

Wishes for 21st birthday

The time has come to plan your future as an adult. Work hard to make your dreams come true, because someday, someone will hire you to make his dreams come true.

Congratulations, you hit 21! Celebrate as much as you can. From now on new responsibilities are coming!

Wishing you all the best for this milestone of your life! Happy 21st birthday!

From now on you have your life in your own hands! There are no excuses for your mistakes.

21st birthday is the last day of your life as a child! Now you are adult officially! Happy birthday!

21 years passed from your birth. Twenty-one years of happy memories and full of lessons learned. I hope you never stop learning and smiling! Health, Love and Joy!

Funny Birthday Wishes

Believe me, this is the last birthday you’ll ever have with no concerns and responsibilities! Enjoy this unique day as much as you can!

I can’t believe how fast you reached 21. For me you will be always my loving child! Happy BDay!

Wishing you a very special happy birthday. Chase your dreams and work hard to make them come true.

Hey man you are now allowed to drink alcohol! Hurray! Get ready to welcome your first hangover. Cheers!

At twenty-one, there is no need to worry about the years passed. Live your life as you dreamed. Happy 21st birthday!

21st birthday is the most special birthday of your life! Enjoy this day as much as you can!

The time has come to learn how a cocktail tastes like! Happy birthday!

Funny SMS Birthday Wishes

You are a special person and I’m very happy to see you reaching 21. May your 21st birthday be the start of a special life!

Welcome to the world of adults! A world full of thrills, but also full of responsibilities! Happy birthday!

When I was young I was eager to become 21. Now that I’m much older I know that it was the best year of my life! May this year be unforgettable to you, full of joy and happiness!

It’s obviously a unique day for you. You can officially order your first drink! Happy 21st birthday.

You should better be responsible with your new privileges. Happy birthday and never go of the rail.

Birthday Wishes For Friends

I brought you a bottle of wine to celebrate you first day of drinking legally! Happy Birthday!

Hey! You became a man/woman finally! You are no more boy/girl. You just changed the first page of you your adult life.

Do you believe it? You are already 21. I remember when you were sitting on my knees! May you have health and joy in your life!

Twenty one birthday is only once in a lifetime. Try to make it, a day you will never forget! My best wishes.

Happy 1st Birthday Wishes

Growing old, doesn’t mean that you should lose your hobbies and fun moments! Chase your dreams and never become too serious. I love you buddy!

I am very proud and happy of all the moments we shared together! May this never stop! More excitement and fun is about to come.

There is no meaning in how many candles you have to blow today, instead all the meaning is hiding inside your birthday cake :). Happy 21st birthday.

Don’t count your life in years; instead count your loving friends and happy moments.

Happy Birthday Wishes For Son and Daughter

For your 21st birthday I am wishing you, not to drink and drive! This is something you’re going to hear very often from now on!

May you have many joyful moments without getting into trouble. Enjoy your 21st birthday!

May your next 21 years will be just as awesome as the first was; just take your time to enjoy everything. Happy birthday darling!

Congratulations dude! You did it; you’ve reached another milestone of your life. Enjoy your 21st birthday.

Have fun this day. Give your best to blow all those candles out. Happy 21st birthday!

May your days are filled with health, happiness, and great friends.

May you have the most memorable birthday. All my best and heartfelt wishes, for your 21st year of life.

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21st Birthday Wishes


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