18th Birthday Wishes

Last updated on May 18th, 2017

Eighteenth birthday is when a kid turns to an adult. It’s a unique and special day and you should celebrate it like that. In many countries stepping in the 18th year of your life, is giving you the right to vote, have a driving license or even drink alcohol legally.  So if you need to write 18th birthday wishes to people you love, consider to mention how special is this day for him or her.

You can write funny or inspirational birthday wishes but it’s not that easy to think unique ones. A simple Happy Birthday can do the job, but it’s not enough.

Write something from your heart and something inspirational that he/she will remember for the rest of his/her life! Bellow you will read unique and special wishes for this unique and special day!

18th Birthday Wishes for Son or Daughter

  • Send There is life after 18 which is called reality.
  • Send Maturity comes with age so do wrinkles and responsibility. It’s your turn to buy lunch.
  • Send Your birthday is a time to reflect on what you have achieved in your life so far. Look at all you have left to achieve.
  • Send On the day you were born I couldn’t wait to see you grow, now you are 18 and I want you to be little again. Enjoy your maturity, I will remember the first time you said mommy. Love you always.
  • Send Yesterday I carried you in my arms; today you walk to a new adventure. Tomorrow you can push my wheelchair. Happy birthday son!
  • Send Looking at you today all I see are the possibilities for you tomorrow. I am proud of the woman/man you have become. The possibilities promise to be fantastic. Enjoy your future.
  • Send Today your father and I celebrate with you, no more allowance.
  • Send Your brother wanted to be here to celebrate with you today, but he is measuring your room.
  • Send I no longer look at you and see a child I see a beautiful person full of love and maturity. May life take you on many adventures and give you all that you dream.
  • Send My child is now a man; I hope the next woman in your life loves you as much as I do, Happy Birthday son.
  • Send In many cultures you are now an adult, this is true. In our family you will always be our child.
  • Send Life is always changing I have enjoyed watching your changes and look forward to the changes yet to come.
  • Send God gave me a son/daughter; today I give the world a man/woman.
  • Send The day you waited for is here, now your 18, well are you ready to do all those things you threatened to do once you turned 18. I’ve got the bail money for you. Have fun.
  • Send We have grown so much first you are my child now I hope we are friends. Let’s plan a fun day.
  • Send The years have flown since you were born. I gave you birth to you now I give to you, wisdom for the future think before you act. Act with caution, and fly with your dreams. Happy birthday!
  • Send Your future is before like a blank page in a book. Here is a pen to record the new chapters in your life, will it be a mystery or a romance the choice is yours may it be filled with happiness.
  • Send Today you have reached a milestone in your life. We have given you guidance and love. May you find your way to the next milestone in your life with our love to continued guiding your way?
  • Send Remember when you leave the nest and start your life as an adult, Daddy and I will always be there for you.
  • Send Two years past “sweet sixteen” but what a difference in maturity. I’m so proud of you!
  • Send Now is the time for serious decisions to be made so no more excuses like “hey I’m just a kid”! Darn it! Happy Birthday!
  • Send Did you know that the hope of the free world officially rests on your shoulders now! Don’t screw it up!
  • Send I’ve watched you grow up from a feisty little kid to a young adult with a passion for life. This is an exciting time in your life and I know you’ll make a difference!
  • Send I’m so very proud of you as my child and I consider it an honor to be your parent! Happy 18th Birthday.
  • Send I know I don’t always take the time to stop and tell you how I feel about being your parent. I just want you to know its one of the best experiences of my life!


18th Birthday Wishes for Best Friends

  • Send If you were a tree you just added a new ring. Happy Birthday and have a great day.
  • Send You’re not older just more experienced. Happy birthday!
  • Send Don’t be afraid of turning 18, you are closer to 21. May you have a joyful life!
  • Send They say size doesn’t matter but age does so go and vote. Happy Birthday!
  • Send Time to put away the dolls and start looking at real cars! Welcome to Man’s World!
  • Send If wishes were gold on your birthday I would wish you a pound.
  • Send Your new life begins today; I wish you happiness in your future. Success in life and the joy you deserve.
  • Send Life is like the seasons you have just left spring and are now in summer may all your days be sunny and bright.
  • Send There are many things I wish for you on this day I wish you joy and happiness. Go on and enjoy this special day.
  • Send Remember today with cheer, look to tomorrow with caution and live each day to the fullest with excitement and wonder.
  • Send There are no limits on where you go after today, find happiness in all you do. Happy Birthday enjoy your journey.
  • Send I have always wanted pictures of you as you grew. I do not want a picture from the police so have fun but be careful.
  • Send You’re officially 18! Wow,and up until The last 16 years you couldn’t even count that high!


Heartfelt 18th Birthday Wishes

  • Send If I can give you one constant gift in your life it will be to always help you know just how special you are and how very much your loved by me. Have a Happy 18th Birthday!
  • Send The beginning of adulthood starts today. May it be the perfect beginning of a lifelong journey of accomplishments. Happy Birthday!
  • Send Finally your 18, now the adults have to start listening to what you’re saying. This can be a good thing and a bad thing. I hope it’s almost always a good thing!
  • Send Dream big, remember your roots, don’t be afraid of expressing yourself and always do your best. Happy first day of adulthood.
  • Send Great news! You’re officially an adult, haven’t lived even half your life yet and still young enough to not have heavy taxes to pay! Live it up!
  • Send You’ve been a great kid and I’m certain you’ll be a fabulous adult. Happy 18th Birthday!
  • Send At 16 you thought you knew everything at 18 your sure you know everything! The good news is you have the rest of your adult life to learn about everything you want to learn!
  • Send You’ve been talking about this moment for like at least the last week! Hope it’s everything you want it to be and more!
  • Send I know you may be worried about being an adult now, but I have every confidence you’ll be a great one!
  • Send Have I told you lately how proud I am of you? Well, if not I’m putting it in writing alongside a note to say, ” I love you!” Happy 18th Birthday!


Funny 18th Birthday Wishes

  • Send Happy eighteenth birthday. Just remember now is when the candles start taking over the cake! LOL!
  • Send Now that the days of your pre-adult youth have passed, you’ll have to think of a new excuse to be rowdy!
  • Send Today’s the beginning of the rest of your adult life– don’t worry you can still act insane sometimes, just look at Adam Sandler! Happy Birthday!
  • Send Celebrate!!! Now you can finally vote and uhhhmmm, errrrr what else? Oh yeah,make other important decisions for yourself.
  • Send Today, I’m officially calling you a liar! You said you’d never grow up! Oh well, Happy Birthday!
  • Send Eighteen and never been kissed– by a gargantuan fire breathing dragon. Time’s a wasting! Happy Birthday!
  • Send OK time to stop that annoying habit of having to blow out all the candles! Pretty soon you’ll need a supersonic fan just to help you blow them all out!
  • Send Time for math class. If you ever wake up during the next year and feel as if you’ve been abducted by aliens and you’re trying to remember how old you are, just remember your half a yard old! Got it!
  • Send This little piggy went to market, this little piggy went to school– uhh, oh sorry your 18 years old not 18 months. Happy 18th!
  • Send Don’t let them fool you, adulthood is full of hardship, work, broken dreams and crying kids- you sure you’re really 18?
  • Send OK at 18, your first lesson is voting. Advice-don’t vote for the wrong one!
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18th happy birthday wishes

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